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Written by Savi, 23 Comments

It was picture-perfect panoramas featuring the Matterhorn, glaciers, and sunny meadows in Alpine villages that first seduced us into booking our flights to Zermatt. But the weather gods had other plans. We were disappointed on reading forecasts predicting zero visibility and snow storms during our weekend in Zermatt. Little did we know what lay in store.


When we got to Zermatt snow had enveloped sloped chalets, woodlands, staircases, restaurants, twigs, trees, and everything in between. Within hours the whole village was transformed into a giant winter wonderland, straight out of a fairy tale. Low-lying clouds suspended above snow-laden trees completed the fairy-tale effect.


We didn’t even get to see the Matterhorn up close and still we fell impossibly in love with Zermatt. As the entire village descended into snow, we couldn’t stop staring at the changed landscape with childlike awe. This tiny Alpine village is stunning, irrespective of the weather. Check out our Photo Essay of Zermatt on a foggy morning if you don’t believe us! 🙂


Visit zermatt matterhorn
The mountains surrounding Zermatt


Visit zermatt matterhorn
The train to Zermatt takes visitors through gorgeous scenic stretches


Visit zermatt snow
Yep, that’s how cold it was 🙂





Chalet in Zermatt with a view of Matterhorn
One of the many chalets with stunning views of Matterhorn that we found on SNO


Visit zermatt snow
Horse-drawn carriages are the only way to commute in Zermatt, a car-free village


Visit zermatt snow
Ok you can take these cute taxis too 🙂


Visit zermatt snow
Right out of a fairytale – the village of Zermatt after a snowstorm


Visit zermatt snow
Zermatt after a snow storm


Visit zermatt snow
Natural cushions – anyone?


Visit zermatt snow
Snow-laden trees right out of a winter wonderland


Visit zermatt snow
Snow-laden cottages in Zermatt


 Visit zermatt snow
Even everyday sights look magical in this village 🙂


Visit zermatt snow
How about a meal? 😉


Visit zermatt snow
The by-lanes of Zermatt


Visit zermatt snow
Zermatt – a panorama


Visit zermatt snow
Ski lifts on the slopes of Zermatt, Switzerland


Visit zermatt snow
Fine dining on the skiing slopes on Zermatt


Zermatt Gornergrat
Experiencing the magical ride on the Gornergrat Bahn from Zermatt – A Must Do


Visit zermatt snow
We stayed in an igloo in Zermatt


Visit zermatt snow
Winter Wonderland? Hell yeah!!


Visit zermatt snow
Zermatt – sheer perfection in the snow 🙂






  • Zermatt is a car free village. Switzerland is extremely well connected by train, so it is possible to take a train to Zermatt from almost every corner of the country. Expect picture-perfect landscapes from the train 🙂 More details here.
  • If you (like us) are driving, park the car at the parking lot in Tasch village and take a train to Zermatt. Return Ticket cost 16 CHF/person and parking costs 24 CHF/day. Overnight parking is also possible.



Planning a trip to Zermatt? Make sure you put sleeping in an igloo on the list :-)

Packing for Zermatt? We have a handy guide to packing for Skiing and Winter Sports which will help you !


Have you been to Zermatt or the surrounding villages? Tell us about your experiences in the comments 🙂




We were guests of Zermatt Tourism in Switzerland. We are two extremely opinionated ninjas – so all views (good and bad) are entirely our own. Click on to read our full Disclosure Policy.

23 thoughts on “Zermatt, Switzerland – A Fairy-Tale Village in pictures

  1. I must say I’m very jealous of your camera! Beautiful shots! Should of gone there for snow instead of staying in England. hope you wrapped up warm.

    1. Thanks Rachel. We don’t use a fancy camera but Vid is a professional photographer, which explains the photos 🙂

  2. I am so J after seeing the pics …..mumbai is giving Kat a run for her money in hotness , I wish to be right there.Superb shot and especially loved the third pic.The place is just out of a fairy tale ….waiting for the detailed itinerary post of your switzerland trip , so that i can plan one soon 😉

    Keep enjoying and blogging 🙂 🙂

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous pictures. You are right, this looks like a fairy-tale. Zermatt is symbolic with the image of the towering Matterhorn in the backdrop but your pictures bring out a wonderful side to Zermatt. The snow makes it better, for sure !

    Nicely captured 🙂

  4. To much snow, to much snow, to much snow for me 🙂 But it looks like an inspiring place. No more than 2 weeks, ok? :)) Just to feel the winter at its best and then run, baby, run. Congratulations for the pictures!!!

  5. Hello Savi n Vid!
    first of all thanks for inspiring to go to this amazing place!
    we were there in feb and it was right after a heaviest snow fall and i can connect to all these postcard clicks 🙂 we chose to stay in Italian alps (domodossola) and have no idea about Simplon pass! so happy that have we drove through the craziest mountains and the big walls of snow alongside roads! also had a totally crazy, unique experience of the Simplon Train pass (where they use train tunnel to transport vehicle with you) in return journey from Brig!! just wanted to share the experience and say a big thanks for this inspiring trip to Zermatt, want to go again and again. much love and all da best for future to you guys!! <3

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