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About Bruised Passports

Savi and Vid’s love story started when they met in high school. But over the past decade, they have harnessed their shared passion for travel to master the art of content creation and storytelling on social media. As pioneers of professional travel blogging, they are forerunners of the blogging and digital entrepreneurship sphere. They have visited more than 100 countries together and their writing and photography has been credited for changing the way millions of people approach travel.

Bruised Passports has won several awards by esteemed publications such as Outlook Travel and Travel & Leisure for their work in the travel blogosphere. Their work has also been featured heavily on several TV channels and newspapers, including Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CNN, The Time Of India, Hindustan Times, and BBC and delivered many TEDx Talks that focus on designing the life of one’s dreams through passion and hard work.

But Bruised Passports isn’t just about travel or fashion. It’s about love and looking at the world through rose-tinted glasses. Savi and Vid are both determined on questioning convention, chasing true happiness, and phasing out the negativity and clutter that define modern life.

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