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The Nouveau Ambition: Our TEDx Talk :)

Posted by on 3 Mar, 2018 in Everything, Savi-Vid-Bruised-Passports | 29 comments

Hi guys ever since we posted an update about our TEDx Talk on Instagram and Facebook, we’ve been flooded with messages about it. It was a closed event, so we thought we’d write down our talk just for...

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10 Things To Do On Your Honeymoon in Seychelles

Posted by on 13 Feb, 2018 in Seychelles, Wheres | 36 comments

Seychelles is the promised land. Sparkling blue waters, verdant plantations, and scenic hikes, bustling markets, water sports, and plenty of private island getaways make it ideal for honeymoons and romantic...

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A Middle Eastern Rendezvous – An Itinerary for Oman

Posted by on 2 Feb, 2018 in Asia, Everything, Oman, Wheres | 7 comments

A trip to The Sultanate of Oman was a great end to an overall exciting 2017...

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A Winter Road Trip in Iceland: What to do and where to stay

Posted by on 2 Feb, 2018 in Europe, Featured, Iceland, Road Trip, Wheres | 2 comments

  Winter in Iceland is surreal – there are windstorms one minute...

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6 Reasons for visiting Oman – tempted yet? :)

Posted by on 1 Feb, 2018 in Asia, Everything, Oman, Wheres | 0 comments

Oman surprised us in so many ways.   We went expecting the deserts, but...

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A City Break at Grand Hyatt Mumbai

Posted by on 1 Feb, 2018 in India, Where To Stay | 0 comments

A luxurious hotel, located in the midst of greenery, but close to...

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An Epic Road Trip Itinerary For Switzerland

Posted by on 1 Feb, 2018 in Road Trip, Switzerland, Wheres | 0 comments

Idyllic pastures, iconic mountain peaks, scenic chalets, quaint villages...

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8 Best Day Trips and Excursions in Bali

Posted by on 1 Feb, 2018 in Asia, Beaches, Everything, Indonesia, Wheres | 0 comments

  We’ve spent over 6 months in Bali in the past 3 years or so. Over...

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10 Tips For Planning A Winter Road Trip in Iceland and Seeing the Northern Lights

Posted by on 26 Jan, 2018 in Europe, Everything, Iceland, Road Trip, Wheres | 0 comments

Iceland – the land of myths and folklore, scenic drives, and magnificent...

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5 Reasons To Visit The Faroe Islands (in photos!)

Posted by on 25 Jan, 2018 in Europe, Everything, Faroe Islands, Wheres | 0 comments

Think of city breaks in Scandinavia and the bustling capitals of Denmark and...

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Offbeat Paradise : A Road Trip In Faroe Islands

Posted by on 25 Jan, 2018 in Europe, Faroe Islands, Featured, Wheres | 6 comments

Wild, handsome, rugged – these are the words that spring to mind when...

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Planning The Ultimate Honeymoon or Romantic Getaway in Paris

Posted by on 23 Jan, 2018 in France, Wheres | 21 comments

A honeymoon in Paris? Why not! Paris – it’s where words...

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