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Written by Savi, 19 Comments

Do you know that we shirked from going on Winter Holidays for years because the thought of extreme cold would scare us. We would just veer towards warmer climes (it’s hard to resist visions of turquoise beaches, chilled beers, and tropical gardens) but when we got the opportunity to stay in an igloo right out of our childhood dreams, it was hard to say no 🙂


We began preparing for our holiday in sub-zero temperatures with great gusto but we didn’t know where to start. That’s a conundrum faced by most people who’ve grown up in warm countries, isn’t it?! What is one to pack for skiing holidays and winter sports? Where does one start? Well we can tell you one thing – having the right clothes makes all the difference. Warm and snuggly = happy 🙂


Packing for skiing holidays and winter sports
It’s a no-brainer – You need to be warm and snuggly to truly enjoy the snow 🙂


We hit Zalando’s ski section – a one-stop shop winter sports’ apparel and footwear. They have winter gear from some of the most renowned brands in one place, so we picked some really cool stuff from varied brands including Jack Wolfskin and Adidas and got it delivered to our doorstep. We must’ve done something right because we slept on an ice-bed and managed to stay cosy all night. In fact, we were so warm that we’re already planning another holiday to a super-cold country – want to venture a guess where we’re going next? 🙂




Vid Wears

Down Jacket – c/0 Jack Wolfskin via Zalando

Jeans – H&M

Snow Boots – c/o Adidas via Zalando


Savi Wears

Jacket – c/o Zalando

Ski Trousers and Thermal Gloves – Ebay

Trapper Hat – H&M

Snow Boots – c/o Kangaroos via Zalando


Packing for skiing and winter holidays
You can truly enjoy your winter holiday only when you are toasty 🙂


One of our Norwegian friends once told us about a popular Scandinavian Proverb  ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing’. Never has a truer word been said!! If you’re well clothed, sub-zero temperatures and inches of snow can’t do anything to spoil your mood. Here’s what you should be packing for your skiing or winter sports holiday


  1. Thermal tops and thermal trousers for the base layer
  2. Cosy jumpers to layer on thermal tops
  3. Waterproof down jackets to keep the heat locked in
  4. Thermal Gloves to keep your hands snug
  5. Waterproof pants to layer on top of thermal trousers so you can roll around in the snow as much as you want 🙂
  6. Good quality Snow Boots



Packing for skiing and winter holidays
Down Jackets are saviours in extreme weather


Packing for skiing and winter holidays
We were so warm that we opted to sit outside during a snow storm – score!!


Packing for skiing and winter holidays
Al-fresco dining in extreme weather – bring it on


Packing for skiing and winter holidays
Invest in a good quality pair of gloves so you can play with snow as much as you want to 🙂


packing for skiing and winter holidays
Yep play with all the snow you want


packing for skiing and winter holidays
Gloves with tiger cubs on them and a trapper hat might be the short road to happy in sub zero temperatures


packing for skiing and winter holidays
Don’t scrimp and save while shopping for snow boots – they need to be sturdy, warm, and waterproof


packing for skiing and winter holidays
Snow times are happy times 🙂


packing for skiing and winter holidays
An Ice bed needs waterproof clothes


That’s all you need – our 6 point checklist will keep you warm, cozy, and snuggly. It’s time to start planning your winter getaway. Now where do you want to go? How about The Artic Circle? 😉


packing for skiing and winter holidays
Have we tempted you to plan a winter holiday soon?



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19 thoughts on “Packing for skiing holidays and winter sports

  1. OMG, u guys are seriously THE BEST! U managed to keep yourselves warm in all that snow (and on an ice bed!!) AND look great! 🙂 I read the igloo post and all I can say is, I’ve never been a fan of the cold weather (am a beach person) but after reading that post I totally want to holiday in cold weather 🙂 🙂
    Keep rocking! 🙂 Cant wait for ur next post 🙂

    1. Hey Ramya, we’re beach bums too but winter holidays have a magical quality about them. But you’re right one can enjoy only if one is warm and wearing good-quality outerwear 🙂

  2. I always have this fixed smile on my face when I read your posts – savi you are so playful in front of that camera ! Love the cub gloves – loved the video !!!! Bring out more 🙂

  3. wow, you both look amazing in those outfits. Skiing holidays are something that have never tempted me. I have enough trouble not tripping over my feet at the best of times. I can’t imagine me+skiing ending anything but badly 😉

  4. Great pictures 🙂 I am a regular Skier and love this area of Switzerland. Totally agree with you on the fact that the warmer you are the more you enjoy the snow. Had never heard of Zalando but their collection looks great.

    Next time you guys should visit the Italian side of the Alps.

    1. Hey Mike, Zalando has some great stuff. As a traveller, I just like the convenience of having all outdoor brands in one place instead of ordering from individual websites 🙂

  5. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for this informative post. I will definitely refer to it as I am planning a ski holiday towards the end of this year.

  6. Really awesome pics………you guys make things so much simpler for us-we know what is to be packed for such a holiday.I especially loved the snow boots that Vid is wearing………….plan to buy a pair myself.Thanks for the info…. 🙂

  7. You guys are so great with packing all necessary things for winter. I love to ski, but I always take too many things with me. Next time I’ll follow your advice!

  8. Useful info. Just what I needed. What material and brand were the base layers and mid layers??
    Any links would be helpful too.

  9. Hi guys

    It is awesome reading your posts. The igloo post just made me fall in love with it. Switzerland is now definitely on!!
    Planning for June. It would be great if you could share an itinerary.


    1. Hey Anshul – please look under the Switzerland section in the ‘Destinations’ menu. We have our favourite itinerary for a roadtrip in Switzerland there 🙂

  10. Great tips. I’ve been skiing in Alpes couple of times and i’ve noticed that the fIirst layer is important. So try merino wool. It’s super warm for winter. I’ve got some clothes from and i love for skiing 🙂

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