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An Epic Road Trip Itinerary For Switzerland

Posted by on 1 Feb, 2018 in Road Trip, Switzerland, Wheres | 0 comments

Idyllic pastures, iconic mountain peaks, scenic chalets, quaint villages blanketed with snow, hand-crafted cheeses, bespoke chocolates,...

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5 Travel Annoyances: A Rant

Posted by on 2 Feb, 2017 in Egypt, Everything, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Savi-Vid-Bruised-Passports, Switzerland | 22 comments

Couleur locale has been responsible for many hasty appreciations and local colour is not a fast colour           -Nobokov   Images...

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5 Best Cold Weather Holidays for your bucket list

Posted by on 8 Aug, 2016 in City Breaks, Czech Republic, England, Europe, Everything, finland, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Switzerland, Wheres | 82 comments

Say ‘holiday’ and the first thing that comes to mind are beaches, palm trees, and pina coladas.   I’ll be honest...

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The SMELL of travel – 10 reasons why you should get off that couch and travel NOW

Posted by on 20 Aug, 2015 in Asia, Cambodia, Europe, Everything, Featured, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Mauritius, Mediterranean, Morocco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, Wheres | 58 comments

The internet is a crazy place – there’s nothing you can’t find on it! From countless reviews of hotels to detailed...

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La Gruyere – The Perfect Day Trip from Geneva

Posted by on 3 Jul, 2014 in Everything, Featured, Food, Switzerland, Wheres | 24 comments

  Glistening green alpine pastures stretch out as far as the eye can see. All around us cows graze on picturesque slopes covered in...

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6 Must See Villages on a Road Trip In Switzerland

Posted by on 19 May, 2014 in Europe, Everything, Featured, Switzerland, Wheres | 38 comments

The mention of Switzerland evokes hyperbolic images of expansive grasslands, wooden chalets, tiny villages, and picturesque skiing slopes...

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Fabulous Finds – Chez Vrony, Zermatt, Switzerland

Posted by on 10 May, 2014 in Europe, Everything, Fabulous Finds, Food, Switzerland | 11 comments

We don’t take the task of searching for restaurants for our ‘Fabulous Finds‘ section lightly. That might explain why...

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Zermatt, Switzerland – A Fairy-Tale Village in pictures

Posted by on 4 May, 2014 in Everything, Switzerland, Wheres, Winter Sports | 19 comments

It was picture-perfect panoramas featuring the Matterhorn, glaciers, and sunny meadows in Alpine villages that first seduced us into...

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The Enchanted Chalet – Switzerland on a budget

Posted by on 1 May, 2014 in Country Retreats, Europe, Everything, Featured, Switzerland, Where To Stay, Wheres | 17 comments

As most of you would know the words Switzerland and budget don’t go well together. In a country where the cheapest takeaway pizza...

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Packing for skiing holidays and winter sports

Posted by on 27 Apr, 2014 in Everything, Featured, Switzerland, Switzerland1, Wears | 19 comments

Do you know that we shirked from going on Winter Holidays for years because the thought of extreme cold would scare us. We would just veer...

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