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Disclosure Policy


Bruised Passports is an independent travel and fashion blog. We continue to spend our own hard-earned money on travelling the world. Some people like to save, some like to splash on cars, some like to party, we love travelling. It’s really as simple as that!


We work very hard on maintaining this website and spend hundreds of hours making sure tiny elves run our website seamlessly. We also spend dozens of hours writing extremely detailed guides, clicking high-quality photographs answering all our readers’ queries and offering personalised itineraries to them, without charging a penny. That’s just the way we like it 🙂 As travel professionals, we are occasionally offered press trips by tourism boards and hotels to help acquaint us with a country or hotel or click photographs for their websites and brochures. These sponsorships help us maintain the website and bring amazing content to you – yay.


Our readers are like our friends. So we are very selective about the brands we choose to work with. Bruised Passports is read by almost 2 million travel enthusiasts every year. As a result we receive a number of requests for collaborations and campaigns every day but we turn down over 85% of the proposals we get just because they don’t fit the demographic of Bruised Passports. We feature only those brands that suit the aesthetic of Bruised Passports and its readers.We would never put something on our website or social media that we wouldn’t recommend to our own friends or family!


We’re extremely opinionated people and find ourselves unable to recommend a product or place that we didn’t like. We recommend something only if it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside – y’get the idea 🙂


Disclosure Policy
We take reviews very seriously 😉


Sustaining ourselves on the road:

We were both born in middle-class professional families, so we’ve spent most of our lives educating ourselves as much as we can and working hard. In 2015, we quit our jobs to become full-time travel bloggers. Full time travel blogging is an extremely demanding, yet fruitful, job. We spend over 8 hours every day penning detailed destination guides, clicking high-quality photographs, answering all our readers’ queries and responding to every comment on social media. It’s time-consuming but we love every bit of it because we are passionate about travelling, writing, and sharing our experiences 🙂


We work as a travel photographer and travel writer duo to sustain ourselves while we are on the road. Our articles and photos are published in a number of renowned magazines, newspapers, and online portals. We also have longstanding relationships with brands, who occasionally host us while we travel. Some of the ways in which we earn money include:

  • Travel writing for websites, newspapers, and magazines
  • Travel photography for hospitality brands and tourism boards
  • Public appearances
  • Public speaking
  • Social media consultations


All the money we earn goes back into financing our travels. Some people like to save to buy a house, some like to splash on cars, some like to party, we love travelling. It’s really as simple as that. If you want to read more about our lifestyle, check out these 2 articles for some leads:


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  1. Can you send me the discount code for Icelandic Farm Tours? I really like your blog and am planning a two-week trip similar to yours. Thanks,


  2. Great work – we just got back from a cruise that included Iceland. We want to go back next summer and do a luxury around island 14 day trip. Can you please email me the 5% code. Do you think it will be accepted for a summer 2016 trip if booked now?

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