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We consider ourselves to be quite savvy when it comes to travelling. When it comes to spa breaks or wellness retreats, we’d always find ourselves recommending a getaway in South East Asia to readers and friends. But if you live in London, getting to that part of the world isn’t easy (or cheap) and luxurious spa getaways in Europe usually cost the world! The solution?


The tiny little spa town of Jurmala in Latvia, less than a two hour flight from London, is home to some of the most lavish and affordable spa getaways in Europe. I must admit, I can’t take credit for this recommendation. It was a chance conversation with a Russian friend that first introduced me to Jurmala. She told me about the curative mineral-enriched waters of Jurmala, which are popular amongst Russian tourists for their curative properties. Latvia is just a hop, skip, and jump away from London, so this had me intrigued.


That was how Jurmala came to be a pit-stop on our epic road trip of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.


View of sunset at Jurmala beach Latvia
Vid at sunset at Jurmala beach


baltic road trip itinerary pitstop in Jurmala Latvia
Jurmala is a bit of a hidden gem famous for its beaches and spas


Baltic Beach Hotel and Spa has won several accolades for being the best spa hotel in the area, so it was an obvious choice. We stayed in a superior room overlooking the garden – rooms at the hotel are spacious and well-equipped but don’t particularly stand out. The same goes for the beach – it’s nice to find a white sand beach in this part of the world, but it doesn’t come close to the beaches of Spain, Greece, or Italy. Besides, parasols need to be rented at an additional cost, which is a bit of a bummer.


Baltic Beach Hotel Jurmala Riga
Baltic Beach Hotel is shaped like a cruise ship


Baltic Beach Hotel Jurmala Latvia
Our room at Baltic Beach Hotel Jurmala


Baltic Beach Hotel Latvia Jurmala Beach
The beach front at Baltic Beach Hotel, Jurmala


The pièce de résistance here, without a doubt, is the sprawling three-storeyed spa – three floors choc-a-block with therapy rooms of all sorts. In addition to medicinal clay baths, healing water beds, and relaxing massage rooms, we also spotted a dental clinic, well-equipped gym, yoga centre, and a large swimming pool filled with Jurmala’s famous sea water, enriched with naturally-occurring minerals.  Everything from massages and cosmetic treatments to dental treatments and yoga consultations are on offer, so it’s easy to spend entire days in here.


Baltic Beach Hotel Jurmala
The huge swimming pool at Baltic Beach Hotel is popular with Jurmala’s residents and tourists alike


But that’s not all. The spa has a secret up its sleeve – the uber luxurious Garden Experience. The Garden at Baltic Beach hotel is a day long pampering experience that comprises of four different kinds of saunas followed by a clay body mask. The Amber Sauna began the decadent experience. This was a sauna fragranced with mandarin oil. It was our first time experiencing a fragranced sauna and we loved it. The fragrance seemed to alleviate the moisture-laden air of the sauna. A traditional Old Wood Sauna followed. Then the Hammam Sauna, which reminded us of our skirmishes with spas in Morocco. Here guests get a bucket full of bath foam and exfoliating mittens, perfect for a thorough cleanse. This entire exercise is followed by a clay body mask. Jurmala’s local warming clay was slathered all over our bodies and we were wrapped in plastic. We hung around getting a tad antsy as the clay dried. A quick shower later, we felt like new people. But we weren’t quite ready to leave just yet. So we spent the rest of the afternoon in the private pool with a rejuvenating massager.


The Garden is done up in white and gold and the luxurious colour-scheme is complemented by opulent chandeliers. While The Garden is more flamboyant, they also have a rustic Russian sauna aka Banja, which has a pool with sea water, an incredibly hot sauna, and an ice-room with eucalyptus leaves. Alternating between extreme temperatures at the Banja is a bit of a Russian tradition, but I’m not brave enough to do it!


Baltics road trip itinerary Jurmala latvia spa
The Garden is a private sanctuary at Baltic Beach Hotel, Jurmala


Baltic beach hotel riga latvia
Baltic Beach Hotel also has a traditional rustic Russian sauna aka Banja


The other highlight of our stay at Baltic Beach Hotel was dining. In addition to the regular suspects (breads, pastries, cold-cuts, cheeses), there was a large variety of moorish nibbles and drinks at breakfast, including champagne (yep!). But it’s their Italian Restaurant Il Sol that stole my heart. From the flower-laden outdoor seating area to the nuanced Italian dishes on the menu, everything here screams delectable. We tried their house salad, pan-fried fish, squid-ink pasta, and the indulgent tiramisu. In true Latvian style, all dishes were ornamented with edible flowers and wild berries which made them look like works of art, almost too good to eat – I say almost because it was hard to stop ourselves after the first mouthful 😉


Italian restaurant jurmala latvia
My favourite table at Il Sol – gorgeous fresh flowers are EVERYWHERE in Latvia 🙂


Dining Baltic Beach Hotel Jurmala Latvia
Dining is a highlight of staying at Baltic Beach Hotel


Al-fresco dining at Baltic Beach Hotel, Jurmala
Restaurant Il Sol – al-fresco dining at Baltic Beach Hotel, Jurmala


Food salad jurmala latvia baltic beach hotel
Salad gorgeousness at Baltic Beach Hotel


Local food jurmala latvia
Scrumptious food that resembles art at Il Sol


baltics road trip itinerary jurmala latvia
Jumala is the perfect place to sample some fresh seafood


After devouring all that food, we’d invariably head to the cute town centre of Jurmala for a saunter. Indulgent food, spa treatments, and long walks – the recipe for a perfect vacation eh?!


Jurmala Town houses
The town of Jurmala is perfect for a saunter


Jurmala latvia park
Jurmala has loads of green spaces in case you enjoy walks


Fact File:

  • The Latvian sea-side town is just a 20 minute drive from Riga Airport. Return flights from London to Riga start at £120
  • The town of Jurmala is known for its mineral-enriched healing waters.
  • Baltic Beach Hotel is perfect for a romantic getaway or pampering weekend away with your girlfriends. Prices start at £70/night. More information on
  • Make sure you book ahead if you’re visiting Jurmala during summer months as it can get very busy
  • The Garden at Baltic Beach Hotel can be reserved for a couple or a group. That way you’ll have the whole place to yourselves 🙂
  • Try to opt for a package that includes accommodation and plenty of spa treatments when you stay at the Baltic Beach Hotel. Their packages are cost effective and you’ll get the most bang for your buck.
  • Jurmala is famous for its white beach and mild climate. However the beach can get quite cold and windy at the beach between September & May. But this is, according to us, the best time to visit if you intend to spend most of your holiday getting pampered at the spa. You can avoid the crowds and get good deals – who needs the beach when there is a three-storeyed spa at hand? 😉
  • Jurmala is the perfect base for exploring the rest of Latvia – Riga and Kemeri National Park are both a short drive away.



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We were guests of Baltic Beach Hotel in Jurmala, Latvia. We are two extremely opinionated and well-travelled ninjas – so all views (hyperbolic, good, and bad) are entirely our own. Click on to read our full Disclosure Policy

44 thoughts on “Baltic Beach Hotel and Spa – A Sprawling Wellness Retreat

  1. Wow this is so beautiful! I love your ohotography and the the views and sunsets are to die for. The spa sounds amazing and it seems like it won’t break the bank either!

    1. Thanks Lirsty – Vid is a professional photographer, so that helps 🙂 Yep, Latvian seaside sunsets are quite something!

    1. I know right? We were so impressed 🙂 Didn’t realise just how affordable this part of Europe is till we actually made a trip there

    1. Hey Rhian – I’m veering more and more towards the Wellness space these days and definitely think wellness breaks afford the best kind of break 🙂

  2. What a jewel you found in Jurmala! This would be a heavenly spa experience and The Garden looks such opulent luxury. I’ve never heard of Jurmala, but it looks beautiful and the sunsets are breathtaking x

  3. I hadn’t even considered this, but spoke to someone from Romania who was shocked how expensive spas are in UK. Even the food looks heavenly! x

    1. Jodie you’re absolutely right – I’ve visited over 70 countries but UK’s spas are some of the most expensive. Boo

  4. I can’t get over how beautiful the sunsets you captured are! I’ve considering Latvia for a while and this has not done anything but make me SERIOUSLY consider it, who doesn’t want to relax in a spa that looks and sounds that good!?!?

    1. Yay – so glad to hear this. I had an incredible time on our road trip in Latvia and I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of it

  5. Jurmala sounds absolutely amazing. I may have to try and persuade my other half to take me away for a few days for my birthday this year as I’m definitely in need of some pampering!!

    Louise x

    1. Thanks Stephanie – we never thought of visiting Latvia but it was such a pleasant surprise – it’s a gorgeous country 🙂

    1. Thanks Candice – we loved the gorgeous food at Baltic Beach Hotel – too pretty to eat but it had to be devoured 😉

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