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Written by Savi, 12 Comments

Back in September ’15, we spent a month in fairy-tale villages, historical cities that remain unchanged since Soviet times, and picturesque national parks in 4 countries – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland – on a complete whim. I wasn’t even going to post any outfits from the Baltics on the blog. That’s because we dumped our suitcases in London on getting back from South America and threw together just a small bag for our Baltic road trip at the very last minute. But then I thought why the heck not?!


There’s a Japanese idiom, ichi-go ichi-e, which roughly means  ‘never again’ or ‘just once in a lifetime’. It recognizes the importance of every encounter because each moment is unique and fleeting. So I put together this post in the spirit of relishing the crazy unplanned month we spent in the Baltics. This lookbook might not be perfect but who knows when I’ll get to prance in Latvian woodlands or explore Estonian cities again. Besides it’s fun to embrace imperfection while travelling right?!
But let me warn you – there is truly no thematic pattern to this madness (except wanderlust, the overarching pattern of my life!). This mélange of outfits just celebrates the surge of exquisite freedom that accompanies every road trip! This road trip is special because the Baltics are littered with storybook landscapes. I packed a mish-mash of oversized tees and slouchy off-shoulder dresses for days on the road and afternoons spent flitting around magical woodlands, collecting wild berries and snatching kisses.


Next some swimwear and Nike sliders for the spa town of Jurmala. Swimwear or not, dreamcatchers are a no-brainer for me! I picked this huge one at a local market in Peru and it spends a lot of time strung around my neck 🙂 Both Vid and I packed metallic loafers, woollies, and smart casual outfits for the cities of Riga and Tallinn. The long navy blue trench coat came along for unexpectedly cold or rainy days. Finally I threw an opulent party frock into the mix because I knew we would be dining at some of the nicer restaurants in Riga.



baltic road trip itinerary pitstop in Jurmala Latvia
Jurmala is famous for its beaches and spas


Jurmala beach swimwear travel fashion
Aah sun 🙂


Packing for a baltic roadtrip - dreamcatcher
Any excuse to wear a dreamcatcher 🙂


Packing for a roadtrip to Latvia - maxi dress at beach in Jurmala
Nike sliders and a scarf with pineapples on it – perfect for a beach day!


Travel fashion riga latvia
Riga is perfect for urban hipsters!


Vid at Riga's hipster meca Miera Iela
Vid at Riga’s hipster mecca Miera Iela


Travel fashion baltic roadtrip
Pack smart casual outfits for edgy Baltic cities


t-shirt dress travel fashion
Yep the same oversized tee for exploring the outskirts of Tallinn, Estonia


Kemeri National Park travel fashion
Pack some woollies even during summer because some days can get chilly


Travel fashion packing for latvia
Don’t forget to pack a formal dress for an evening out


travel fashion Latvia maxi dress
Close up: Lacy numbers for evenings out in the city


Packing for baltic road trip
A giant bathrobe for evenings when you just want to snuggle in bed with a mug of coffee 😉


Couple kissing in Latvia Kemeri National Park
Comfy clothes for gathering wild berries and snatching kisses in woodlands 🙂


Couple in Kemeri National Park
Roadtrip essentials: Aztec capes, fedora hats, and off-shoulder dresses 🙂


Packing for a roadtrip in Baltics - off shoulder dress
Slouchy silhouettes are perfect for long days on the road


Hope you enjoyed the photos! 🙂

If you’re going on a road trip in the Baltics don’t forget to pack a picnic blanket & mosquito repellent. For a detailed itinerary and loads of tips, check out our article on driving through Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia

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12 thoughts on “Lookbook: A summer road trip in the Baltics

  1. Not just enjoyed, I LOVED these photos. I could go up and down, scrolling the page over and again looking at your fresh smile and Vid’s creative pictures. You guys are my favorit-est! And here I declare that more than Vid, I LOVE SAVI 😀

    1. Aww thanks Surabhi, you’re VERY generous. So happy you enjoyed this impromptu Lookbook – I’m glad I put it together 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton 🙂 We have a detailed itinerary of the Baltics in case you’re interested. Such a fab part of the world

  2. I love the attitude and style! The best thing about travelling sometimes, is having to improvise with limited clothing, making it a style and then when you’re home, it has a rap sentimental value to it! X

    1. Thanks Laura – you’re absolutely right. Long-term travellers don’t have an option but to be low maintenance 🙂

    1. Hi Upender,

      Baltic countries are covered under the Schengen visa 🙂

      If you don’t have one already, then you can apply at the Latvian or Estonian consulate depending on which country you’ll spend longer in + which will be your first port of entry.

  3. Thanks for the interesting and comprehensive narrative . Did you have a place in your Tallinn you would recommend ?


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