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5 Travel Annoyances: A Rant

Posted by on 2 Feb, 2017 in Egypt, Everything, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Savi-Vid-Bruised-Passports, Switzerland | 22 comments

Couleur locale has been responsible for many hasty appreciations and local colour is not a fast colour           -Nobokov   Images...

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The SMELL of travel – 10 reasons why you should get off that couch and travel NOW

Posted by on 20 Aug, 2015 in Asia, Cambodia, Europe, Everything, Featured, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Mauritius, Mediterranean, Morocco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, Wheres | 58 comments

The internet is a crazy place – there’s nothing you can’t find on it! From countless reviews of hotels to detailed...

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The Street Food of Marrakech

Posted by on 31 Aug, 2014 in Africa, Everything, Featured, Food, Morocco, Wheres | 23 comments

If you’ve read our Guide to the Souks of Marrakech, you would know that Marrakech is an assault to the senses like no other place in...

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Wonderfully Bizarre Travel Experiences

Posted by on 9 Oct, 2013 in City Breaks, Czech Republic, Europe, Everything, Featured, Food, France, Morocco, Portugal, Wheres | 24 comments

We’ve been travelling for over five years now. Over the years, we’ve developed a distinctive travel style. We enjoy exploring...

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Morocco: Top 10 things to do in Marrakech

Posted by on 15 Jul, 2013 in Africa, City Breaks, Everything, Featured, Morocco, Wheres | 81 comments

  This week we’re on a bit of a mission to tempt you to put Marrakech on your bucket list. Why, you ask? Only because...

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Morocco: The Ultimate Guide to Marrakech’s Souks

Posted by on 3 Jul, 2013 in Africa, City Breaks, Everything, Featured, Morocco, Wheres | 85 comments

Did the thought provoking sunset in Egypt get too pensive for your liking? Well then, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the...

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