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Welcome to Jodhpur – a bustling city on the edge of the Thar Desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Its characteristic blue houses have graced many a magazine cover. Even Lonely Planet is not immune to its charms. I don’t blame them. There are so many things to do in Jodhpur. The colourful city is bound to seduce the most sceptical of travellers. Its where picturesque lakes, handsome forts, imposing palaces, and well… stray cows jostle for attention.


On that rather palatable note, let me regale you with tales of my favourite things to do in Jodhpur :-


#1 Start your day with a cup of Masala Tea at Bhati Tea Stall


Masala Chai (Spiced Tea) is intrinsic to the rhythm of life in India. Here in Jodhpur, locals love their morning cuppa. Steaming pots of tea made with milk, cardamom, cloves, sugar, ginger, and tea leaves are everywhere to be seen. No day begins without a tiny cup (or two) of spiced tea, known as cutting chai, in local parlance. It’s hard to get a bad cup of tea in Jodhpur but locals are partial to Bhati Tea Stall. There is always a crowd swarming at this tiny stall and it’s easy to see why – their brew is incredible!

Know before you go – A cup of tea at most tea stalls will set you back by £0.10 – £0.30/INR 10 – INR 30.


things to do in jodhpur
We loved our hotel’s kitschy take on Indian cutting chai



#2 Opt for a Desert Experience like no other with Overlander Safaris

Exploring the little-known hamlets and hutments of rural Rajasthan with Overlander Safaris was one of the highlights of our trip to Jodhpur. This is nothing like a typical desert safari – there were no sand-dunes or touristy destinations in sight on our day out with Overlander. Instead we drove deep into the rural hinterland of Rajasthan.


WelcomHotel Jodhpur arranged a day trip with Overlander Safaris and it was an experience like no other – we drove through the arid landscape and spotted black bucks, dozens of graceful migratory birds, and colourful local birds. But we loved the experience so much because it offered a nuanced insight into the lives of villagers and communities in Rajasthan. We met a family of Bishnois, a niche sect of Hinduism that promotes an environmentally-friendly lifestyle; visited a primary school in a tiny village and spent the afternoon chatting with little kids ; and were treated to bajra rotis smeared with desi ghee (local breads served with freshly-made butter) by a group of Rajasthani women. We vlogged the day too – check out the video below  🙂


Know before you go – Overlander Safaris offer custom-made itineraries for day trips and longer trips. Prices vary accordingly. Prices include the cost of meals and camping. All proceeds go to local communities, supplying energy to villages that have none.




things to do in jodhpur
Meeting kids in rural Rajasthan with Overlander Safaris



Desert Safari things to do in jodhpur
Off-the-beaten path in Rajasthan with Overlander Safaris



things to do in jodhpur black buck
Spot a black buck? Look at those horns!



#3 Explore Mehrangarh Fort

No list of things to do in Jodhpur is complete without a mention of the mighty Mehrangarh Fort. One of the largest forts in India, it stands tall atop a perpendicular cliff. It’s easy to spend the better part of a day exploring the sprawling complex and listening to colourful stories on your audio guide.

There are a number of fascinating rooms, royal apartments, and balconies but our favourite room was the Phool Mahal – unsurprisingly it’s a room dedicated to hedonism and pleasure. Its gold filigree ceiling and stained glass windows epitomize oriental opulence and decadence. Here poets would recite their latest verses and dancers would dance all night to please their King. Today, light bounces off its colourful windows and lends an aura of magic to the room.

Once you have explored the fort complex, make sure you walk towards the compound at the back of the Mehrangarh Fort to drink in panoramic views of the city of Jodhpur. On the drive back to your hotel, don’t forget to stop at Jaswant Thada, a memorial made of white marble for King Jaswant Singh.

Know before you go – The entrance fee is £4/INR 400 for international tourists and £0.60/INR 60 for Indian nationals as of December 2014. This includes an audio guide to the fort.


things to do in jodhpur
The corridors of Mehrangarh Fort



things to do in jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort
The Phool Mahal – Mehrangarh Fort



things to do in jodhpur Mehrangarh Fort
A panoramic view of the city of Jodhpur from Mehrangarh Fort



Things to do in Jodhpur Jaswant
Don’t forget to stop at Jaswant Thada, a gorgeous memorial made entirely of white marble



#4 Dine at Indique Restaurant, Pal Haveli

The handsome Mehrangarh Fort is bathed in the most gorgeous light at sunset and Indique Restaurant at Pal Haveli provides the perfect vantage point from which to view this spectacle. The food isn’t spectacular but the view definitely is – don’t miss it for the world.

Know before you go  – Make sure you reserve a table – the restaurant can get very crowded in the evenings. Request for a table on the terrace overlooking the Mehrangarh Fort. A meal at Indique Restaurant will set you back by £10/INR1000 as of December 2014.


things to do in jodhpur Indique restaurant
Mehrangarh Fort seen from Indique Restaurant at sunset



things to do in jodhpur Indique Restaurant
Mehrangarh Fort seen from Indique Restaurant at night



#5 Participate in an Amal Sabha, a traditional Opium Ceremony

This might be a bit controversial but we’ll roll with it. Opium is banned in India but authorities turn a blind eye to it in the state of Rajasthan because it is intrinsic to the culture in this part of the country. The Amal Sabha, a traditional Opium ceremony, is said to be over a 1000 years old. It’s a ritual gathering that celebrates friendship. Who are we to say no to reverred tradition? 😉


The Amal Sabha comprises a small gathering of men. Traditionally women aren’t supposed to participate in the ceremony, but I sneaked my way in. Filtered opiate is watered and first offered to Lord Shiva. Following this, all visitors drink opiate from the palm of the eldest member of the gathering.


things to do in jodhpur Amal Sabha
Vid at an Amal Sabha



#6 Have a glass of Makhani Lassi at Mishrilal Hotel

It’s India – there’s no getting away from street food. Every city in India has a few legendary street-food joints. Mishrilal Hotel is one of those treasures. Everywhere you go, you will be told about the ambrosial lassi served at this little restaurant near Jodhpur’s clock tower. It is very popular with the locals.


Is it worth the hype? Yes and no! If you’re looking for a refreshing beverage, this isn’t it. The Lassi in question is a thick, syrupy concoction made with yogurt, whipped cream, sugar, and saffron. It’s tasty but it works better as dessert than a pick-me-up on a hot summer’s day

Know before you go – 1 glass of Makhaniya Lassi at Mishrilal Hotel costs £ 0.30/INR 30 as of December 2014.


things to do in jodhpur Mishrilal hotel lassi
Is it dessert? Is it lassi? Mmmmmm



#7 Sample mouth-watering snacks at Janta Sweet Home

On the subject of food, you can’t leave Jodhpur without sampling an array of local delicacies at Janta Sweet Home. Come hungry – this legendary sweet shop is bound to satiate you. There’s a host of Indian sweetmeats and snacks on offer, but its most famous offerings include Jodhpuri Mirchi vada (Breaded and fried green peppers stuffed with potatoes) and Pyaaz ki Kachori (crisp pastry with a spicy onion stuffing). Both calorie-laden Rajasthani delicacies are served with a sweet tamarind chutney, the perfect antidote to the spiciness of the snacks. Wrap up your meal with Mawe ki Kachori (puff pastry stuffed with milk solids and dried fruits and coated with sugar syrup).

Know before you go – Sampling all 3 snacks at Janta Sweet Home will set you back by £2/INR 200 as of December 2014.


things to do in jodhpur
Make sure you sample Mirchi Vada and Pyaaz Kachori in Jodhpur



 #8 Hunt for THE Blue Houses

We don’t blame you for thinking Blue Houses are ubiquitous in Jodhpur if you have been researching online about your trip to the city. In reality, they’re a lot tougher to find.They might be all over the internet but they’re almost as elusive as The Faraway Tree (any other Enid Blyton fans out there?). Ok not really, but you get the idea! Delve deep into the serpentine markets crammed around the Clock Tower and you’ll find a lot of blue houses hiding in quiet alleyways. If you’re lost, just ask local shopkeepers for directions. They’re friendly and they know the area well.

Know before you go – For more photos and details, read our article on the blue houses of Jodhpur (opens in new tab)


packing for rajasthan india
Jodhpur’s blue houses in the old quarters are a photographer’s delight



#9 Talk to the people

Everywhere you go, you will find smiling faces in Jodhpur. The city is not touristy enough (well not yet anyway!) to boast of shopkeepers with jaded eyes or locals out to seduce tourists into a scam or two. The markets here are very different from the central souks of Marrakech or the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Shopkeepers still have a twinkle in their eye and locals are open to long, rambly conversations. You can meet some amazing people in Jodhpur if you go armed with curiosity and a little patience. Knowing the local language always helps but most people can understand and even speak basic English 🙂


things to do in jodhpur
Vid with a bunch of mischievous kids in Jodhpur 🙂


# 10 Shop

Sardar Market comprises the labyrinthine bazaars surrounding the Clock Tower in Jodhpur. You can find everything from colourful shoes and pottery to spices and teas here. It’s akin to a colourful reverie – just be prepared to bargain.


If you, like me, find bargaining a tad tedious, then The National Handloom Cooperation on Nai Sarak is the perfect place for you. The shop offers a great array of clothes and accessories at fixed prices. This will also give you an idea of the prices you should actually be paying for things in local markets.


The National Handloom Cooperation is just a few shops away from Janta Sweet Home. You can easily combine the two if you’re checking everything off our list of things to do in Jodhpur 🙂


Know before you go :- You will be VERY tempted to shop a lot in Jodhpur. This is because Rajasthani men and women wear stunning silver jewellery with tribal accents and gorgeous brightly-coloured clothes. One thing’s for sure, you’ll want to buy everything 🙂


things to do in jodhpur Sardar Market
Local markets surround the Clock Tower in Jodhpur



Things to do in jodhpur Sardar Market
Colourful bangles in Sardar Market, Jodhpur


#11 Indulge in a six-course Rajasthani Feast at WelcomHotel Jodhpur

WelcomHotel Jodhpur is an ideal place to stay if you want to escape the madness of Jodhpur’s city centre and its bazaars during the evenings. Even if you aren’t staying at the hotel, you must drop by to experience their six-course Rajasthani meal. The meal, akin to a Royal feast, offers a perfect introduction to local Rajasthani cuisine. It’s a delectable admixture of molecular gastronomy and rustic flavours. The meal starts off with a bang – chakki (spicy flour cubes) served with garlic chutney pearls is followed by exquisite mutton kebabs. A traditional Rajasthani thali (platter) follows. Make sure you save place for dessert – a luscious rose pudding.


Know before you go :- We stayed at Welcomhotel Jodhpur for 5 nights and sampled a LOT of food while we were there. For more photos and details, read our detailed review of WelcomHotel Jodhpur (opens in new tab) 🙂


WelcomHotel Jodhpur Food
A six-course Rajasthani feast at WelcomHotel Jodhpur



Things to do in Jodhpur eat
Meals are an experience at WelcomHotel Jodhpur



If you’ve explored Jodhpur to your heart’s content and want to head out of the city for a day trip, head to Mandore Gardens (8 kms), Osian Temples (70 kms), or the Khimsar sand dunes (100 kms). Have fun 🙂


Have you been to Jodhpur? What are your favourite things to do in Jodhpur? Would you add anything to this list? 🙂



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122 thoughts on “11 Things To Do In Jodhpur, India

    1. Michelle we hope you can make it there in 2015 🙂 India is an assault to the senses, but well worth it. There is so much history and culture at every step

  1. Thanks for this great post!
    Heading back to Rajasthan in about 5 weeks, and Johdpur is new to me, so that is a great help.
    I hadn’t expected that much to do & see.
    Cheers, Gilles

    1. Gilles we’re so glad we could help. We’d love to know what you thought of the stuff on our list of things to do in Jodhpur once you’ve visited the blue city for yourself 🙂

  2. Hey Guys,

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for information about Iceland trip and loved all the info there. Nice to see that you guys post regularly. Like the cutting chai pic 🙂

    1. Thanks Rekha – You’re now a member of the Bruised Passports family. We have a LOT of fun here, hope you enjoy the ride 😉

  3. Guys those images are amazing! Quite surreal with the blue, both during the day and especially the blue and purple play from the night shots. Haven’t quite seen images like that on any travel blogs. Brilliant! I also sense those kid’s naughty-ness but hey it’s all in good fun. Love it. India is a whole different feel up in the North compared to the Southern part we visited. As for the dessert/lassi bit I recall a similar meal on an airplane. Air India, I believe. Had no idea. A bit too thick for straight lassi, but also, a little too thin for dessert. I downed it lol.

    Thanks for the inspired share guys and keep up the great work!


    1. Hey Ryan that’s probably kheer (milky rice pudding) or rabri (condensed milk with Indian spices) that you had 🙂 India is a photographer’s delight – I had such a tough time choosing just 20 images of the thousands I clicked. I’ll share some of favourite photos from our trip to India next week – would love to hear what you think of those 🙂

    1. Sukriti – Ditto!! It was more dessert than lassi but it had to feature on our list of things to do in Jodhpur 🙂

  4. This is a good and informative post. These ‘Thing to do’ list are very exciting. Yes, Jodhpur-Rajasthan is one of the most attractive and beautiful city in India. Its famous for blue houses. So, Its also known as the “Blue City”

    Magnificent shots with great angle!

    Thank you! Keep on travelling in India.

  5. Love lists and though I did crave for some Indian food while reading your list, the view of the city of Jodhpur from Mehrangarh Fort kept my mind busy… it is one of my must take photos! I am fascinated with shot wherever and whenever I see it. Not sure how I’ll fair with the heat… was is very hot when you visited?

    1. Hey Rosemarie – I’m actually petrified of travelling to places that are too hot 😉 The weather in Jodhpur during November and December is just perfect. It’s warm during the day (never too hot!) and there’s a nip in the air at night. You’ll need to pack light woollens for the night – the best kinda weather eh?!

  6. No omelette man by the market?? Or is that complete bogus for tourists like me? hehe. I adore Jodhpur and even bargained for those bangles! Wished we knew about that 6-course meal though, looks relish.

    1. Haha Kieu – we did try the famed omelette but it didn’t quite make it to the Top 10. The four of us need to do India together (masala omlettes n all) 😉

  7. Please add to the list:

    To Eat:

    1. Mirchibada from Chaudhary Mishtan Bhandar!, Sardarpura
    2. Pyaaz ki kachori from Surya Namkeen, Jalori Gate
    3. Mawey ki kachori (it’s sweet, filled with chashni – you can get high blood sugar just by thinking about it!) from Pokar Sweets
    4. Malapda (that’s what is a Malpua in Jodhpur) from anywhere
    5. Keeti ki chakki (milk solids made into white cakes) from Chaturbhuj Mishthan

    To See:

    1. Mandore Gardens
    2. Osian – tiny dunes a few kilometres from Jodhpur, within driving distance
    3. Umaid Palace
    4. Kailana lake
    5. Masala market – the most incredible ‘hing’ can be bought here
    6. Jodhpur University (supposedly designed like Oxford, it is an oasis of calm in the middle of the city)

    1. Wow! Thanks for such a detailed list Nikhil – now we want to go back to Jodhpur for a longer time 🙂

  8. Love this article and all your gorgeous photos! We are leaving for Jodhpur in ten days and were just wondering where we go to take part in the opium ceremony!?

    1. Hey Tarun,

      That ceremony was a part of the day trip we did with Overlander Safaris – you can find their website in the article

      Hope you have a great time in Jodhpur

  9. You HAVE to add Nagaur fort to the list of places to visit around Jodhpur. A bit far (140 kms), but the sheer vastness and beauty of the place will blow your mind away and make the drive worthwhile. Best of all, being off the beaten track, it is non-touristy and affords beautiful views uncluttered by hordes of people.
    Has a great restaurant inside too.

  10. Hi guys,
    You should also test paav bhaji from Shree paav bhaji at jalori gate
    And also see night view of jodhpur from fort, otherwise from Ganesh temple(temple of lord Ganesh).. Its really awesome

  11. Jodhpur is a colorful city as it is painted with blue. You have taken great photographs, but can’t we experience cultural dance there in Jodhpur that I saw in Jaipur.

    1. Hi Suman,

      I think it might be TOO hot in July. You’re better off going between December and February 🙂

          1. It was scorchingly hot ! But nonetheless, we enjoyed the stay. Love the food, the historic places and vibrant colours all around.

  12. Hi Savi, Vid
    Just loved reading your jodphur vlog/blog
    Very personal and just want to follow your top to dos and ignore the other websites.

    Going in october mid 2016 for a wedding. Although wont have much time from the three days of activities but want to take put my wife for dinner. What place wiuld you recommend for a dinner with wife, little offset, not too crowded?

    1. Hey Paras – thanks a ton. Hope you have a great time in Jodhpur. Most restaurants overlooking the Mehrangarh Fort can get really crowded. If you want to treat your wife to a really special meal, then you could try Sholla at ITC hotel, Jodhpur. Great food and ambience 🙂

  13. Hi there. Great I came across this post. I’m getting posted there and will bookmark this for sure. And I’ll seek more details if I need to. Hope you’ll oblige.

  14. A wonderful write up along with great eye catching photos. Kudos to you and your partner.

    Wish you could include Rajasthan’s biggest adventure activity “Paragliding”. Do try the same in your next visit. It is “out of the world” experience to see the earth underneath like a bird.

  15. One of the finest post I have ever read/seen, thanks for this…
    P.S. Jodhpur is in the bucket list now… will be there in march

  16. Great info. My husband and I are traveling to Rajasthan with our daughter in December and wonder how long we should stay in Jodhpur. How many days do you recommend to really get a feel for this area?

  17. People love tea in jodhpur very much along with mirchibada. It is really a awesome city with a great food and fort.

  18. Hey , while I am an ardent follower of your blog and really appreciate your work , I want to comment that I just visited Jodhpur and sorry to say that its is one of the dirtiest cities I have ever come across.

    While I really rely on your blogs in planning , dont you feel the need to mention how dirty is the entire stretch leading to the Indique behind the Clock Tower and how your taxi wont get there and you need to take a rickshaw. And how the blue houses are not really this beautiful blue but photo shopped before we really go around in the quest to find such vibrant blue houses . While its good to look at the good parts of the city, it will do the readers a lot of good if you also point out the real picture, which is not as rosy sometimes:)
    And just an update, women can easily participate in the Opium Ceremony which is a part of the tour to Bishnoi village if you go on a Village safari.

    I hope you take it as a constructive feedback.

    Wishing you lottsa love and travel

    1. Hi Priyanka – unfortunately pollution and grubbiness is a part of daily life in India, so we don’t really see that as ‘with holding’ information. in our experience, that doesn’t detract from what a city like Jodhpur has to offer.
      Also – women aren’t allowed in traditional opium ceremonies but most tours these days are open to women participating – so no problem there

  19. Nice Blog!! All the places are amazing as well as you have mentioned the gorgeous pictures. Very significant Information for us, I have think the representation of this Information is actually superb one. 

  20. Jodhpur is in my bucket list. But, I never been in Jodhpur. Awesome article. I must say the list is a great one. #Talk to the people probably the best way to know more about the culture and history of any place. Thanks for sharing the informative article.

  21. Very nicely written and information provided is quite helpful. This is so detailed and helpful! Your photos and experience is Jaipur looks amazing! Loved the image with the local kids. I hoped you enjoyed a lot here. After reading this blog, I have decided to go to Jodhpur.

  22. your Pics describe the blue city very well. I had tasted namkeens from janta sweets, they are not so spicy as dinner provided by jodhpur restaurents. The best pic was titled “Talk to to the people”.Wow!!!!!!!!!

  23. Experiencing the culture of the Bishnoi community is a vital part of any leisure promenade, to Rajasthan. The Bishnoi Village tour comprises four villages spanned across four hours, where one can siphon and witness the authentic sequence and lifestyles of rural Rajasthan, a continuing tribute to the original way of life present in Marwar. This tour spans an average of 6 hours, allowing travellers to witness the plainness, and peace of a time forgotten. As Bishnois are staunch patron of the environment, many animals and birds are seen naturally occurring stick together in and around the areas of the villages. A rare sight in the rest of the world, it is quite delightful to look at these animal go about their daily Generic unencumbered by the worry of being hunted or run over.

  24. Hello, Savi and Vid ?
    All These People Are Now Can Be Seen Through The Heritage And Age-Old Sites In Rajasthan. Various Forts, Palaces, Havelis Are Here Spread Across The State That Is Featuring As The Major Tourist Attractions Of Jodhpur Tourism Packages.

  25. hi, I really appreciate your writing skills and the way you explain I will try to implement this on my blog This article is really helpful and informative, keep sharing Thanks

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