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Packing for India – a lookbook



There is something really seductive about travelling in Rajasthan (India) at the beginning of winter. Central heating is rare, so everyone relies on woollen jumpers for warmth and electric geysers for warm water. Pots of chai bubble away merrily in busy kitchens, the perfect opening act for foggy days. As the day progresses, the sun comes up, one little bit at a time. By mid-day, the nip in the air has given way to sunshine and warmth. If you’re planning a trip to Rajasthan, December really is the best month to travel. You won’t have to brave the sweltering summer sun as you explore the stunning landscape or enjoy al-fresco meals 🙂


When it comes to packing for Rajasthan, don’t forget to pack your brightest clothes. I was so excited at the thought of dressing up in the brightest of colours that I had rummaged through most of the markets in New Delhi to find the most vibrant of colours. If you don’t feel like venturing out, you can always make use of online shopping coupons to shop from the comfort of your home. The state of Rajasthan is literally saturated with colour. Rajasthani women love rich fabrics, eye-searingly bright colours, and heavy ornaments. The global wanderer in me loves exploring the fine linkages between textiles and cultural heritage (remember this post?) and there’s nothing I love more than colour. No wonder, I went a bit overboard and packed some of the most colourful clothes in my wardrobe for my city break in Jodhpur.


This Lookbook is purely meant to provide some inspiration – pack your most colourful clothes, gypsy trinkets, bodystamps and bindis. Of course, you can tone it down or take it a step further – the choice is entirely yours.


Outfit #1


I love maxi dresses. They’re perfect for conservative countries and ruddy comfortable. It got really hot during the day, so I just plaited my hair with a colourful Rajasthani tie & dye dupatta (scarf) to keep it out of the way. I layered a couple of bohemian silver necklaces to complete the outfit. The long necklace is vintage – it’s actually made from really old Indian coins strung together on a heavy chain – le perfect!

Silver coin necklace – Vintage

Maxi Dress – H&M ( I wore it here in Cambodia last)

Tie-dye scarf (worn as headwrap) – local market in Rajasthan

Sandals – ASOS


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Outfit #2


Rajasthani women love wearing long skirts with a scarf tucked in at the waist. I though I’d incorporate a bit of local fashion into my outfit and give it a go. I don’t know about anything else but this style is perfect for hiding food babies 😉 This nose ring, which I was wearing throughout my trip to India, is from my friend Caitlin’s Etsy shop. She has a gorgeous array of trinkets, perfect if you’re a flower child at heart.  I love ’em

Midi Skirt – Etsy

Black Crop Top – ASOS

Fuchsia pink scarf and bangles – local markets in India

Sunglasses – still available on OASAP

Nosering – Etsy (Use code BRUISEDPASSPORTS2015 for free worldwide shipping over £15 – yay 🙂 )


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Outfit #3


Same crop top, similar skirt and similar scarf. Can you tell I was taken in by Rajasthani costumes? I picked up the gold-coloured head chain from a local market in Rajasthan and just had to wear it with this outfit.


Women’s fashion wasn’t the only thing I had my eye on. I loved Rajasthani men’s multi-hued turbans, which might explain the headgear in that last photo 😉

Black crop top – ASOS

Maxi Skirt and green scarf – India

Earrings – The Rainbow Trunk (there’s a story behind them, read more here)

Sunglasses – still available on OASAP


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Outfit #4


Churidars (Skinny cotton pants) are usually worn with long tunics in India but I love wearing them with shirts and tees. It’s the perfect way to incorporate local accents without letting the entire outfit get too costume-y. A white shirt didn’t quite go with the theme of this trip (err colour?!), so I threw on a bright purple waistcoat on top.


I have no outfit photos from the day. Bad blogger? Aah well, no regrets – I was too busy having fun 🙂

Churidar Pants – Fab India

White shirt – OASAP

Waistcoat – Monsoon

Bright shoes – local market in Rajasthan, India

Coin Necklace – Vintage


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29 thoughts on “The colours of Rajasthan, India – A Lookbook

    1. Hey Sayali – it’s a long scarf that I first tied as a headband and then plaited what was left with my hair in a regular plait – perfect to keep hair outa the way on a hot summer’s day 🙂 🙂

  1. Love this! You look absolutely stunning in all the outfits, but I particularly love no. 3 with all the jewellery. And the colours are amazing throughout, I love wearing bright colours; they really cheer me up even if it’s horrible weather or if I have to do dull tasks throughout the day…

  2. Oh you have presented the Rajasthani look in such beautiful look in different attires. I am from Rajasthan ut never thought Rajasthani touch could be so beautiful.

    1. Hey Prerna – thanks a ton for your compliment. Rajasthan has such a wealth of colours and fabrics, I can never get enough of them 🙂

  3. Loved all the outfits – especially the way you styled the maxi skirt and crop top. It looks similar to what we call down south a half-saree :). You look stunning in the pics.

  4. I love how the outfits of people in Rajasthan are always bursting with colors. Walking down the streets there is a lively experience in itself. Plus the people here are very courteous and friendly.

  5. Nice combo…..jus went through …..instagarm ….fb ….n this toooo……totally inspiring …..n full enthu u n ur blog ….

    1. Thanks so much for liking our post and we are glad that you enjoyed going through it 🙂

  6. I travelled to rajasthan last month Udaipur and Jaipur. It was really awesome experience. People of Rajasthan actually respect the tourists and are very helpful. State of Rich colours with Rich History. Monuments at Rajasthan are really amazing.

    1. Hi Rahul, we are so glad to hear that you had a great time in Rajasthan. Yes it is one of the most colorful states of India and has a lot of architectural and natural beauty.The people are warm and hospitable too and that adds to the charm of travelling there.

  7. I love u guys.. u r so amazing, so inspiring, I also wanna travel lyk u someday !! 🙁
    but one thing I wanna suggest u… ur journey in Rajasthan is incomplete if u have not visited UDAIPUR (the city of lakes ) and nearby areas. Wish to see you guys here and would love to host u. :* 🙂

    1. Hi Chaitri,

      Thanks for your message 🙂 Yes, you are right, a journey in Rajasthan is incomplete without a visit to Udaipur – we are soon going to work on that 😉

  8. Rajasthan is the place where the heritage talks everything. Food, dress design, lifestyle everything has an aroma of earth and your dresses are just like that, elegant, beautiful but the tradition of Rajasthan. I bought several dresses like lehenga, kurti, ornament from Udaipur local market. I love Rajasthan the place, the tradition, food everything.

  9. I am a huge huge fan of bruised passports. Nothing fills my heart with joy than seeing you both together and so genuinely happy – not just in pictures, but, in real life too. My husband and I are planning a trip to Rajasthan next month, and I knew exactly where to look for ideas ;). I went over your entire blog in quest of some clothing inspiration. However, the pictures on this particular blog aren’t visible 🙁 Could you please resolve this problem? It’s something that’s sorely needed at the moment.
    Thank you so much!

  10. The history of Rajasthan speaks for itself. There’s a certain earthiness to everything from the cuisine to the clothing to the way of life in Rajasthan, and your outfits are no exception.

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