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Let’s face it. Spain has some incredibly gorgeous beaches. It is tough to tear oneself away from them, even for a day.

Every year, thousands of holiday-makers flock to the beaches of the largest Balearic island, Mallorca, for sun, sand, and cocktails. Once suitably tanned, they venture to the capital city, Palma De Mallorca, for a spot of sightseeing. With just a day to absorb the culture and history of the capital city, they are left suitably befuddled.

Sharing their confusion are hundreds of cruise passengers, who alight sparkly-eyed at the port of Palma De Mallorca, for they wish to ‘see everything’. Who can blame them?

The capital city of Mallorca has so much to offer. Greed is natural.


mallorca in one day
Palma Bay


What can we say?! We empathise. On our recent holiday to Majorca with Thomas Cook, we spent our first few hours in the city running around like headless chickens. A few deep breaths later, we decided to absorb the sights and sounds instead of crossing everything off a checklist. After all, who wants their day to revolve around endless maps, hurried photos, overpriced food, and expensive entry tickets?


Here’s our 2 cents:

Researching beforehand is key to exploring Palma De Mallorca in one day. Unplanned adventures and time constraints don’t go hand-in-hand. Make the best of your time in Palma De Mallorca by researching beforehand. The city has a number of attractions and landmarks. It is impossible to visit the Museum of Dolls, the Palma Acquarium, and the Museum of Spanish Contemporary Art in a day. Choose the ones that tickle your fancy.

We highly recommend visiting the La Seu Cathedral and Parc De La Mar, the open space in front of the cathedral. La Seu’s Gothic Roman architecture is fascinating, but its location is truly breathtaking. The cathedral’s intricate facade against the twinkling turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea and Mallorca’s mountain ranges offers a sight to behold.


mallorca in one day itinerary 2
La Seu Cathedral with the Mediterranean sea in the foreground


palma de mallorca in one day
Intricate architecture at the La Seu Cathedral


Hop over to the Arab Baths and Castell De Belver, a 14th century fortress, once you manage to peel yourself away from the La Seu Cathedral.

Absorb the atmosphere as you stroll along the Placa Major, Palma’s main square. There are dozens of restaurants and street artists and entertainers at every step.


mallorca in one day things to do
Placa Major


Once you’ve worked up an appetite, tiptoe into the quaint alleyways of the city. Steer clear of tourist-laden areas and search for tapas bars frequented by locals.


palma de mallorca in one day
The alley-ways of Palma de Mallorca


palma de mallorca in one day
Palma de Mallorca – Beauty in the mundane


Alternatively, buy a picnic from the colourful Olivar Market. Here fresh produce jostles with cured meats and cheeses. Different kinds of olives vie for the attention of passers-by. Smell the oranges, sample the olive oils on offer, buy fresh food off a delicatessen, or join the workers for coffee spiked with brandy at the tiny bars in the market.

A warmth is bound to envelop you – it’s not the brandy, it’s Spain 🙂


mallorca in one day local food
Sampling local food is the perfect way to gauge the pulse of a city


mallorca one day itinerary
Meats at Olivar Market


mallorca in one day 5
Happy bunnies – finally figured out the secret to exploring Mallorca in one day 🙂



Fact File :-

  • A Schengen Visa is needed to visit the Balearic Islands.
  • Mallorca is the largest Balearic Island.
  • Palma de Mallorca is Mallorca’s bustling capital city
  • Public transport is extremely efficient and it is easy to get around Palma de Mallorca using buses


Wondering what to pack for Mallorca? Of course we have a summery outfit from the alleys of Mallorca for you 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Balearic Musings – Palma De Mallorca In One Day

    1. Hi Diksha – that depends on the part of Spain you want to visit and what you’re expecting. Spain is gorgeous all year round 🙂

  1. The last time we went to the Balearics was for a week-long 21st birthday party. That was longer ago than we’d care to remember. Clearly we need to return for a more cultured visit. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I agree, the colours of Spain are quite something. No wonder Vid and I can’t stay away from Spain, however hard we try. We go back at least once a year to explore a new area of Spain 🙂

  2. Palma is on our wishlist of European cities to spent a month in at some point, so we’ll definitely be keeping these tips in mind. We visited for just an afternoon a few years ago and hardly saw anything, but still really enjoyed the vibe of the city.

  3. Yep, Mallorca is gorgeous! Palma de Mallorca is always worth a visit, each time you can explore new parts of this magnificent city. Exploring the small villages like Deia is also very interesting. However, my favorite part of Mallorca are the many fantastisc beaches.

    The last 4-5 years I tried to combine two of my hobbies, photographing and travelling, by building a website about the beaches in Mallorca. Maybe it can serve as inspiration for your next visit to Mallorca? 🙂

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