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7 Island Getaways with pros and cons – choose one that is right for YOU

Posted by on 17 Jan, 2018 in Asia, Australia, Beaches, Canary Islands, Ecuador, Europe, Everything, Featured, Fiji, Honeymoons, Indonesia, inspiration, inspirations, Maldives, Mediterranean, Oceania, Road Trip, Seychelles, Spain, Wheres | 6 comments

It’s easy to get swept up with visions of idyllic beaches and dreamy sunsets but one always ends up confused when it comes to...

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The SMELL of travel – 10 reasons why you should get off that couch and travel NOW

Posted by on 20 Aug, 2015 in Asia, Cambodia, Europe, Everything, Featured, Iceland, Italy, Jordan, Mauritius, Mediterranean, Morocco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Switzerland, Wheres | 58 comments

The internet is a crazy place – there’s nothing you can’t find on it! From countless reviews of hotels to detailed...

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Offbeat Venice – 5 Things To Do in Venice

Posted by on 28 Sep, 2014 in Europe, Everything, Featured, Italy, Mediterranean, Wheres | 42 comments

Anybody who has been to Venice will tell you that the vision of Gondolas sliding down calm waters and gondoliers serenading passengers...

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A week in the Mediterranean on MSC Preziosa

Posted by on 23 Sep, 2014 in Cruises, Europe, Everything, Featured, Food, Italy, Mediterranean, Turkey, Where To Stay, Wheres | 46 comments

I remember the first time I walked into a cruise ship six years ago – my eyes widened with wonder. Gilded staircases, ornate elevators,...

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5 Easy Ways To Explore Countries On Your Cruise Holiday

Posted by on 27 Jul, 2014 in Cruises, Europe, Everything, Greece, Italy, Mediterranean, Spain, Turkey, Wheres | 6 comments

One of our very first articles on Bruised Passports, Cruises for Young Adventure Seekers, dwelt on our love for Cruise holidays. Cruises...

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Smell, Savour, Devour: A Food Tour of Southern Spain

Posted by on 27 Jan, 2014 in Europe, Everything, Featured, Food, Mediterranean, Spain, Wheres | 16 comments

  Spain – the name brings to mind the white villages of Andalucia, beaches lit by the ochre glow of the setting sun, medieval...

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Balearic Musings – Palma De Mallorca In One Day

Posted by on 12 Dec, 2013 in Beaches, City Breaks, Europe, Everything, Featured, Food, Mediterranean, Spain, Wheres | 15 comments

Let’s face it. Spain has some incredibly gorgeous beaches. It is tough to tear oneself away from them, even for a day. Every year,...

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Cruises for Young Adventure-Seekers

Posted by on 10 Apr, 2013 in Cruises, Europe, Everything, Featured, Food, Greece, Italy, Mediterranean, Wheres | 28 comments

Do you think the title of the blog-post is an oxymoron? Three years back, so did we. Vid and Savi, circa 2009, would have scoffed at...

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