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Written by Savi, 30 Comments

Part 3 of our 4 part series on the little Spanish island, Lanzarote. You can read and Part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 4 here 

Both of us love beaches but there is nothing we hate more than overcrowded and commercial beaches. Sunbeds and ugly umbrellas crammed on a small stretch of sand is definitely not our idea of a good day. Fortunately Lanzarote is full of secluded beaches and hidden coves.

If you, like us, enjoy gorgeous beaches, we would highly recommend renting a car in Lanzarote. A number of rental companies have booths at the Arrecife airport, and offer convenient and reasonable rates to tourists visiting the island. Having a car makes it much easier to uncover hidden gems.

Here are what we feel are the best beaches in Lanzarote:


On Christmas day we drove to the southern tip of Lanzarote to explore some of the more cloistered beaches of the island.

The Punta de Papagayo is a crescent of sandy beaches sheltered by cliffs, hidden in a protected area called the Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches. I’ve spoken of the gorgeous drive to the beaches here. The entry to the Monumento Natural de Los Ajaches is €3, and there is a dirt track that leads to the five beaches.

The beaches are surrounded by volcanic hills and are a fifteen-minute walk away from the car park. Many tourists are put off by this but trust us when we say this- you will be rewarded with the most pristine beaches and gorgeous views if you do make the trek.

Papagayo Beach LanzaroteThe dirt-track that leads to the Papagayo beaches

Azure waters at Papagayo beachesPristine Papagayo beaches

Best Beach LanzaroteAzure waters at Papagayo Beaches


Once you’re at the beach, pick an enclove for yourself- cliffs have segregated the beaches into little sections, and you will be spoilt for choice. Make sure you get your umbrellas and sunscreens. There are barely any shacks or kiosks selling touristy knick-knacks and it can get very hot.


Lanzarote Best beachThe only shack at Papagayo beaches

Papagayo LanzaroteWe packed some local wine and grapes for our day at Papagayo

Papagayo BeachVid at the Papagayo beaches- this is how we celebrated Christmas ’12


Located at the northern end of Lanzarote, this 4 km long beach is situated at the base of the Famara mountains. The dramatic landscape provides a perfect backdrop for an idyllic day at the beach.

It can get very windy (we’re talking gales that covet your sunscreen bottles, umbrellas, and sunglasses :-(), so this is not the place for a picnic or a swim. However, it is the perfect beach if you want to relax or surf. There are a number of surfing schools for beginners and it is easy to rent surfing gear.

We spent the morning unwinding at the rugged beach and walked down to Famara village for lunch. It has a number of beach-side restaurants overlooking the stunning and unspoilt Famara beach.

Lunch at Famara Beach - Lanzarote best beachesLunch at a beach-side restaurant at Famara Beach

Famara Beach Lanzarote Best BeachesSunset at Famara Beach


Bruised Passports’ Tips

  • Rent a car to explore Lanzarote’s hidden beaches
  • Pack a picnic for your day at Papagayo- once you’re there you will not want to move. We suggest packing some local Canarian wine, grapes, and cheese.
  • Do not pack a picnic for your day at Famara- it is very windy at all times. Instead enjoy a languorous meal at one of the beach-side tapas bars.


Need help planning a trip to Lanzarote? We have some sample itineraries here


30 thoughts on “Lanzarote: Hidden Beaches

  1. Before I visited La Gomera, Lanzarote was probably my favourite Canarian Island. Its beaches are incredible, including La Graciosa’s Las Conchas. Oh, and if you’re ever over on Gran Canaria, I think you’ll like this one:

    1. Lanzarote’s beaches are indeed incredible Matthew-I couldn’t get enough of the golden sand. You comment has tempted me to look up flights to La Gomera 🙂

  2. Lovely article… although you might wish to find a different car park next time you visit Papagayo, as it is a 15 second walk at most from the main car park. It was our back garden for our last 4 years of living in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote… stunning!!

    Good advice with Famara as it is usually windy… although it is definitely worth braving it and grabbing a little “zoco” there for some shelter.

    You’ve picked my 2 favourite beaches on the island… which, although are far from “hidden”, must be visited by anyone going to Lanzarote.

    Thanks for making me miss my old home today 😉

    1. Elle we did park our car at the main car-park at Papagayo. Puerto Muelas is close to the car-park, but the rest of the beaches are a bit of a walk isn’t it?

      Couldn’t have agreed more- Papagayo and Famara need to be visited by anyone going to Lanzarote. But you’d be surprised at the number of people we met who had spent all their time in Lanzarote at the beach at Playa Blanca. The lack of umbrellas and kiosks seems to deter a lot of tourists- thus the ‘hidden’ tag.

      Need to go back to Famara for the ‘zoco’ experience 🙂

      1. Sadly I wouldn’t be surprised at how many people don’t leave their resorts and explore. It’s a shame as they’re really missing out. We lived there for 6 years and still didn’t see everything – so there are always new things to discover on a holiday.

        Next time you visit Lanzarote… head to the white sand beach on the road between Jameos del Agua and Orzola. The lagoon there is sheltered and warm. It can busy with Spanish families but is stil very much a “hidden” beach. You can’t miss it – it’s on the right hand side as you head North. Enjoy! xxx

        1. Elle we’re bookmarking your comment because we’ll definitely be back in Lanzarote soon 🙂 Thank you. Just drop us a line if you think of any more hidden spots in Lanzarote. Cheers

          1. Oh I could give you plenty of little gems. I’ve done a fair amount of walking whilst living there. Contact me nearer the time and I’ll direct you to a hidden beach. It’s not really for sunbathing (well, I guess you could if you liked) but there’s a big surprise waiting for you. Very pretty!! Drop me a line nearer the time. I’m back again in the spring, so if you guys happen to coincide – we’ll meet up if you like? xxx

          2. Elle a house next to Papagayo – you should’ve never left 😉 Would love to meet you, will drop a line once we finalise plans

        2. Hi Ella, I and my husband are flying to Lanzarote next week and since its high season, we are looking for hidden beach locations etc, as neither of us is a big fan of crowds. I have made a note of all the spots mentioned by Bruisedpassports (thanks guys!) but considering that you were a local for sometime, it would be great if you could share some tips and secrets of Lanzarote 😉

  3. Great post guys, lots of info here 🙂

    We’re the same way, we love finding exclusive beaches and hidden coves all for ourselves. Renting a car and finding your own piece of paradise is a must…oh, and so is wine and fruit.


    1. Hey Dariece,

      To be honest, Lanzarote was a great surprise for us – we had gone there expecting overcrowded beaches (there were a few ;)) but were pleasantly surprised to find places where we could just unwind with a glass of wine, fruit and a good book 🙂 Loved it and would highly recommend it to you guys given our tastes and travel styles match a lot.


  4. Nice to see you guys visited Bar Sol in Famara….a must do when here (even for us locals) Nice article about our beautiful island 🙂

    1. Hey Andrea,

      I am impressed that you could “guess” that it was Bar Sol (just by looking at the picture of the tapas) – if I remember correctly there was another bar/cafe very close to Bar Sol, isn’t it?

      We loved Lanzarote and can’t wait to go back. We stayed in Playa Blanca the last time but would definitely stay in Teguise / Famara the next time we are there 🙂

      Cheers !

  5. Jealous of you guys! I have only been to Barcelona and other port cities of Europe. Maybe, few beaches but since I’m a beach bum I intend to explore Europe more when I come back. Love your photos!

    1. Thanks Lyndsay- Just drop us a line whenever you plan your next Euro-trip- will help you put Europe’s best beaches on your itinerary 🙂

    1. Andrea they were- It’s so easy to spend a couple of languorous weeks in Lanzarote and not get bored 🙂

    1. Hope you do – waiting to read all about Lanzarote on your blog 🙂 Are you thinking of renting a car there?

  6. Hey Guys,
    Great series of articles about Lanzarote.. It can be marketed as a trashy package holiday spot to Irish and English and I am sure the main areas are, but you did a great job of getting around the island and showing the real beauty of this place..

    Been to Spain 14 times and Gran Canaria once but never Lanzarote.. My girlfriend and I always toss around the idea of going to Tenerife or Lanzarote to live but don’t know of we could handle all the drunken larger louts anymore!

    Can you recommend a nice place to live? How was internet? Up to Digital Nomad standards?

    1. Thanks a ton Adam- so glad you enjoyed reading our posts on Lanzarote. It’s easy to steer clear of the drunken louts- haha. I’d love to live by Papagayo, but there aren’t too many options in the area. Unfortunately, most of the economically viable options are in/around Playa Blanca- opt for a resort with individual ‘bungalow’ style rooms instead of a standard hotel.

      We’ve had better internet connections, but wi-fi in Lanzarote was fast enough – nothing to complain about on that front 🙂

      1. Next time… have a look at Apartamentos Rubimar. A lot closer than the Corbeta… as it’s right on the Marina. Great value for money. Iberostar have a hotel right on the edge of Papagayo too! Not sure of the pricing there though.

        Our old house almost backed onto Papagayo. It was very close.

        Elle x

      2. Thank you guys.. That is the dilema.. The only place to find work is usually in the middle of the madness. I worked in Torremolinos and Salou for a season in both and they were crazy times.. Trying to take a more professional approach to life at the minute and avoid these places… Otherwise I would be in San Antonio, Ibiza 🙂

  7. The Papagayo beach looks so pristine..I have read so much about Lanzarote and its beaches on your blog that this place is etched in my mind and a must on my itinerary when I make a trip there. Love reading your ‘whears’ and congrats on featuring in the ‘Mumbai Mirror’ twice!

    1. Thanks a ton Shireen- it’s always so good to hear from readers who follow Bruised Passports so closely. Do send us photos from Lanzarote when you make it there 🙂

  8. Hi, I love all the comments i anm going on the 30th of november and if there are any hints or tips as I would like to show my fiance the joys of travelling. Quiet romantic spots to the busy markets i want to try and do it all (although I only have just over a week) I also would like to know about travelling arround and the costs as i would like to explore the island. Also is there a way to hop onto the closer islands I would like to maybe take a boat over for a day trip thanks in advance for the replys ☺

    1. Hey Phil – you’re going to have an absolutely amazing time in Lanzarote, it’s such a gorgeous island. We’ve written about our favourite romantic beaches and secluded spots in our series on Lanzarote. We’ve included a lot of information and directions but please feel free to drop us a message if you need any more information. You can checkout all our articles on Lanzarote by clicking on the link below 🙂 :-

  9. Found this post while looking for secret beaches in Lanzarote and was really helpful but while I was there I was told to go to one that in my opinion is better than the ones mention here: Bajo El Risco. It’s right below Mirador del Rio and you need to walk down the mountain to get there (there is a path from Ye) but it’s totally worth it. Beautiful empty bay with views over Graciosa. It’s an unique experience (just don’t tell anyone :p )

  10. I used to live in Playa Blanca and was amazed by Papagayo every time I visited (which was very often, usually on my day off, if I wasn´t catching waves in Famara!).

    If you don´t have a car, you can also catch the number 30 local Playa Blanca bus to Las Coloradas and walk up behind the Sandos Papagayo Hotel. There is no charge if you enter the Los Ajaches Natural Park on foot.

    As you say Famara, as stunning as it may be, is hardly a great sunbathing beach due to the high winds. If you arrive early enough, head to your right, and look for Zoccos (little semi-circular stone shelters), which offer some protection from the sandblasting (although free exfoliation is not to be sniffed at 🙂 )

    1. Thanks for your valuable feedback Kate..we will keep this in mind when we next plan a trip there:)

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