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Written by Savi, 16 Comments

* The Final Part of our 4 part series on the little Spanish island, Lanzarote. Make sure you read about Manrique’s Brilliant Architecture, National Parks with Volcanoes, and Hidden Beaches in Lanzarote.

Warm weather and good food, both of which ensure an outstanding culinary experience, are Canarian staples. The number of al-fresco tapas bars in Lanzarote makes it hard to walk through a village without tingling ones taste-buds.

Savi loved the Boccadillo, the Spanish version of the humble French baguette. This one comes laced with garlic and a steaming fillet of meat. I am a coffee lover, so I fell in love with the Barraquito- a layered drink comprising an espresso shot, condensed milk, Licor 43, a sweet, vanilla-flavored Spanish liqueur, and a dash of cinnamon. I came away wishing I’d discovered it earlier.

We spent several evenings sipping on local beer and indulging in one of Spain’s most traditional social rituals: nibbling on a variety of tapas. This made for unhurried conversations, and well-spent evenings. Our favorites include olives, anchovies, Jamón (cured ham), tripe, prawns pil-pil (garlic prawns), tortilla española (egg and potato omlette), and albóndigas (meat-balls in a tomato sauce).


lanzarote ItineraryTapas in Teguise

lanzarote Itinerary


When we wanted to get away from the crowds, we would drive to Mirador Del Rio, a viewpoint at the northern tip of Lanzarote. We spent two memorable evenings perched on a comfortable spot on the cliffs that line the road, waiting for the sun to set. We packed some Canarian wine, so we could enjoy the wait. Watching the sunset at Mirador Del Rio was an extremely sensory experience. Fields of bluebells line the road on one side while the other side offers a panoramic view of other islands of the Canarian archipelago. As the sun set, the entire landscape was bathed in a luminescent harmony of peaches, pinks, and blues. It’s a moment both of us will remember for years to come.

lanzarote Itinerary Mirador Del RioSunset at Mirador Del Rio

lanzarote ItinerarySunset at Mirador Del Rio


Bruised Passports’ Tip

We suggest you steer clear of the over-priced touristy cafes and karaoke bars in Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen. Instead drive down to the smaller villages, each of which is a treasure trove of hidden restaurants, tapas bars, and cafes. Haria and Teguise top this list- both villages are full of quaint and unpretentious bars serving local Spanish food.


Need help planning a trip to Lanzarote? We have a sample Lanzarote itinerary here



16 thoughts on “Lanzarote: Peach Sunsets and Scrumptious Tapas

  1. Unhurried conversations are much sought after! Do you think the explorers of ancient times indulged in them?

  2. Love reading your stuff and it makes me want to travel more n more. And love the awesome photography by Vid especially those with Savi in them 🙂 keep rocking guys 😉 xoxo

  3. Just got back from our trip there and followed your itineraries, thanks so much guys! We had funny weather on 3 out of 4 days so it wasn’t quite the winter sun we were expecting but the geography was really beautiful! xxx

  4. Did you try Orzola or Arrieta – these are probably the best places to go for a wonderful fresh fish meal? If not, I would highly recommend, on your next trip.
    As you clearly prefer the quieter and more rural pace, why not stay over on La Graciosa – you can catch a ferry from Orzola and stay in the tiny villages of either Caleta de Sebo or Pedro Barba. A visit to La Graciosa is like stepping back in time – there are no tarmac roads, but you can hire bikes and cycle round, exploring the island.

    1. Hey Kate,

      Those are some excellent suggestions – we will definitely keep them in mind when we visit Lanzarote next 🙂

  5. Hey! Loved your detailed posts about Lanzarote, a total treasure since I’m planning a trip to the Canary Islands this May. Any idea if the other islands deserve a visit? We would be there for 8 days – confused whether to just do Lanzarote or to venture to one of the other islands too! Any suggestions would be welcome!

    1. Hi Aastha,

      Yes other islands are also beautiful – we wanted to take it slow and just enjoy one island, drive around at leisure etc. – didn’t want it to be rushed so spent all our time in Lanzarote 🙂

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