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Written by Savi, 64 Comments

You have showered us with love and support since the day we started Bruised Passports. This is just our way of saying thank you for all the messages, e-mails, tweets, comments, and everything in between.

Savi has been shopping for you guys. We have a HUGE giveaway hamper full of bohemian jewellery – it’s crammed with statement necklaces, collar necklaces, cuffs, and earrings. Read on to find out how to win it for yourself.


There’s 7 necklaces, 4 earrings, and 1 cuff to be won. Take a look:

HUGE GiveawayOrange and Red Statement Necklaces

HUGE GiveawayOrange and Red Statement Necklaces

HUGE GiveawayTwo Collar Necklaces

DSC_0006Two Collar Necklaces

Red NecklaceRed Necklace, Beaded Hoop Earrings, and Ethnic Wrist Cuff

HUGE GiveawayBronze Bib Necklace

Statement Earrings

DSC_0018Silver Collar Necklace 


It couldn’t be simpler to enter the giveaway. Just complete these 3 steps and your name will automatically be entered in the draw. Just do the following:

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[learn_more caption=”2. Share this giveaway on your Facebook timeline” state=”open”] Click the “like” button, add a comment in the box and click the “post” button – this will share this page on your Facebook timeline

[/learn_more] [learn_more caption=”3. Subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven’t already)” state=”open”]


Once you’ve done all 3 things, just leave a comment below telling us what kind of posts you enjoy most on Bruised Passports. That’s it- you will automatically be entered in the draw. Good Luck 🙂

This giveaway will run till 15 June 2013, and we will announce the winner in the June issue of our Newsletter.


64 thoughts on “HUGE Giveaway

  1. To be honest_ i love each one of them. but because I am a compulsive shopaholic-I will have to say-‘The Wears’ 😉

  2. Love the wheres esp when it speaks about the local culture!! Love the information you share!!

  3. I usually enjoy all the posts but i really find the photographs that accompany really attractive. Great photography!

  4. Love the wheres. Especially the off-beat ones. I always thought you had to live in a country to experience it like the locals. You have shown me that while that might be fun there are ways to experience the culture on a short trip as well!

  5. Savi no guesses here. i love the wears section the most.. when i have to travel you guys will be my e guide for sure.. i hate taking travel tours no fun in that.. love to discovered the local way.. No one dare tell me you have 30 mins to enjoy the beauty or shop before the bus leaves.. HATE THAT..

  6. hello, your page is awesome. Thumbs up for your “wheres and wears” post. You guys have really inspired me. Keep up the wonderful work, would love to see more!! 🙂

  7. I love the travel and photography posts the most. Your blog feels like a long dream vacation. And I must say you both look gorgeous, all the best to you.. 🙂

  8. I like each and everything, just cannot choose! I love travelling, though I haven’t been to many places, but I know, someday I will. Thanks to you guys for introducing such a unique concept – you have definitely made other people’s choices easier. Now I know where to eat, where to hangout and other such details, if I go abroad. Also – I love your dresses Savi and Vid’s photography is just awesome! I always look forward to your awesome blog posts. The pictures come out so alive that I can actually imagine myself doing the stuff you guys probably did at *that* time. Kudos to both of you!! Keep the awesome posts coming. 🙂

  9. ok i think i NEED that pink necklace! 😉 i enjoy reading about new discoveries & amazing things that happen when people travel. it changes you!!

  10. i am an armchair traveller your posts are so tempting making me want to go to all the places featured and enjoy the sights and the food and ofcourse the clothes and jewellery are exotic

  11. I love all the bright and cheerful pictures on the blog and the way your adventures are penned down~!
    Apart from that,to be specific I love the posts on food discoveries and Savi’s outfit posts the most~!

  12. i love to go through the places and destinations u post…its like visiting them…the description and the photographs …say it all!

  13. The website itself is an excellent concept. I love the idea that I don’t have to struggle through thousand websites just to plan a vacation.
    All your posts are lovely and the snaps are breath taking. Keep up the good work.

  14. I love your travel posts..the fab finds, the fab pics and ofcourse the fab locations – which are very different from the cliched! Ofcourse your fab dresses are to die for but I’m more of a wanderlust struck gal than a shop-a-holic 🙂

  15. I love discovering new places via your blog.Places that I haven’t even heard of to be very frank.And more than anything love your theme 🙂

  16. Savi, I will come and pick up everything from your doorstep, easy and convenient for you! Just give me everything :p

  17. You guys are really inspiring, especially to people who love to travel and that too off beat travel..I am totally hooked on to” where” section but to miss “wear” section is also impossible 😛

  18. Love the colours of every single picture, and the beautiful writing that goes with it. Makes me want to travel every day xx

  19. Discovered your blog through the Mumbai Mirror; went through so many of your posts already!

    I love how you guys are not just about the travel, but also WHAT the place is about 🙂

    I liked both the ‘wheres’ and the ‘wears’ coz they go hand in hand!

  20. I’ve just discovered your blog and I’ve been poring over it all day! I loved the article about Spain’s hidden beaches, and your sense of fashion is so refreshingly unique. The food just makes my mouth water, and you’re totally inspiring my blog, my outfits and my future travels. What I love most about your blog is that you’ve given me the reassurance that I can go to university, study what I love and then spend my life doing what I love: seeing the whole wide world. You break the norms and do what everyone dreams of doing, so hats off to both of you <3 well done, thank you and please don't ever stop.

  21. I had hear about u guys..but when I read ur article in Mumbai mirror..I jus couldn’t resist…I love travelling to new place n trying new cuisines n whooping till I drop…so I’m really excited by ur website !!!

  22. The blog is of course very well written and the pictures teleport you to places unknown. What I like the most is the “gypsy” feel which this blog has. And Savi I heart your outfits and accessories.

    Cheers to the lust list. Hope you cover it all.


  23. It is like reading a friend’s travel diary; sharing great pictures and notes on what’s best there. The fabulous finds and itineraries are my fav.

  24. I like the entire concept of ‘Bruised Passports’ not because its a travel and fashion blog(of course I like that both travel and fashion) but I like ‘Bruised Passports’ because of the philosophy of exploring world(and in turn exploring life) which “Bruised Passports’ brings to its readers.
    I love the posts where there is bohemian fashion , hatke clothes teamed with eye-catching accessories , simple , no-fuss and good make up . I love the food posts during your travels . I would like to see following stuff : some good hair styles from places you visit and some good easy-to-do-at-home beauty therapies from different places you visit.

  25. The whole “Bruised passports” concept is soo rich and enticing. In addition love the colors , writing and pix 🙂 all perfect!!

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