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It’s that time of the year – There’s a chill in the air, gingerbread houses pepper the landscape, carol singers spring, as if from nowhere, eggnog lattes are the order of the day, and indulgent treats are everywhere to be found.

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s Christmas in Europe.

One of our favourite things to do at this time of the year is to wrap warm and visit traditional Christmas markets that spring up all over Europe. After all, who can argue who with quaint stalls lined with twinkling fairy lights, fairground rides, Christmas treats such as mince-pies, roast chestnuts, and eggnog, and only the prettiest stockings and gifts?!

We are convinced that li’l Christmas elves travel with the wafts of spicy mulled wine and take upon themselves the responsibility of spreading magic in the air 🙂


Christmas Markets in Europe
Christmas decorations in London


Christmas Markets in Europe
Every year, we hope for a white Christmas


London has its fair share of fascinating Christmas markets:

Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland is London’s most celebrated Christmas Market. The entire park is transformed into a veritable wonderland, complete with fairground rides and an ice-skating rink. We suggest going on a weekday as it can get extremely crowded on weekends.

 Nearest Tube Stations – Hyde Park Corner, Green Park, Marble Arch


Christmas Markets in Europe
Mulled Wine nom!


Winter Wonderland might be popular but we have a soft spot for Southbank’s German-style Christmas Market. The stalls look like rustic chalets and there’s tons of German food – Bratwurst, pretzels, Glühwein – on offer.  Yummy  !

 Nearest Tube Stations – Waterloo, Charing Cross, Embankment


Christmas Markets in Europe
German-style Christmas Market at Southbank, London


If you’re fond of Christmas decorations, Apple Market is the place to visit. The entire market is done up beautifully – think decadent Christmas trees, giant baubles, and reindeer.

Nearest Tube Stations – Covent Garden, Leicester Square


Christmas Markets in Europe
The Apple Market (credit)


Ornate decorations seem to be the recurring theme in Christmas Markets around Europe. We recently chanced upon a list of the best Christmas Markets in Europe by momondo that’s been doing rounds on the internet. Dozens of markets sprout all over Europe in December, but some of our favourites made it to the list. We love Christmas markets in Eastern Europe, especially Prague and Budapest. We’re bummed that our favourite European city didn’t make it to the list. Take a look




Which is your favourite Christmas Market in Europe? 🙂


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21 thoughts on “Christmas Markets in Europe

  1. I’m dreadful, I avoid winter markets because I don’t like crowds. But I do love Christmas so maybe I’ll brave them NEXT year!Meanwhile I can just read your post and feel inspired

    1. You MUST brave them next year Fiona because they’re amazing 🙂 Try going on a weekday, they’re relatively less crowded.

  2. Oh I love Christmas Markets, especially those in Europe – I spent a Christmas in Nice, France and it was amazing, I also love Bath (in the UK) Market which is lovely, although very very busy – I want to go to Cologne in Germany next year.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. We’ve heard such magical things about Christmas Markets in Germany Sara – we will try and go there next year 🙂

      1. Yeah I agree with Sara. Weihnachtsmarkt as they are called in German. Also try “Der Esslinger Mittelaltermarkt” in Esslingen near Stuttgart. It transports you directly in medieval era, straight from Harry Potter’s movie.. oh how much I miss it! (sigh)

  3. I love Christmas markets and nothing makes me feel more festive! I recently visited a few in Austria and Germany and cannot recommend Vienna’s highly enough – I’ve been to Winter Wonderland a few times but notice it getting more and more crowded in recent years – think I’ll take your advice of going on a weekday next year!

    1. I agree – Winter Wonderland is getting more touristy and crowded with each passing year. I’ve never heard anyone speak so highly of Vienna’s Christmas markets – Vid and I will definitely check them out next December 🙂

  4. I loved it but I think the excitement was partly because I’d never been to any of the European Christmas markets (except London) and was blown away by all the lights, smells and colours – made me feel so festive! Look forward to reading about whichever one/ones you make it next Christmas!

  5. I came across your posts after I had planned my Eastern European trip for December. Your post was a huge motivation and inspiration to enjoy Europe in winters and helped calm my initial jitters I had to visit Europe during an off-peak period. I definitely look forward to visiting Europe during early December and for sure look up to your blog to plan my itinerary and my own blog. Here is my travel diary on Christmas market we visited in Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, Budapest, Vienna and Salzburg.

    Carry on traveling and writing Sid and Savi!! Kudos!

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