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Our Favourite Casinos

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We have been travelling for over five years now, and I have some sort of a tradition – if I am in a city that has a well-established casino, I make it a point to spend a couple of hours there. It’s more of a ‘ticking the checkbox’ ritual, and doesn’t last more than a couple of hours in any city’s casino. However, for people who enjoy gambling regularly, online casinos like JackpotCity iphone casino games provide an easy alternative to land-based casinos. But for me, it’s more about experiencing the grandeur, architecture, the ornate staircases, the opulence, and in some cases, forging new friendships. Here are my favourite casinos:


#1 Marina Bay Sands Casino, Singapore

It comes as no surprise that Singapore has one of the best casinos in the world – the government does all it can to attract visitors from all over the world. In 2010, Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort opened its doors to the millions of tourists that throng the island nation every year. If you get bored of playing in the casino, you can always go up to the terrace to enjoy the view from the infinity pool and the expansive Singapore skyline. I haven’t been to Las Vegas yet, but this casino takes the cake!


World's best casinos
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (Credit)



#2 Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Nestled among the Maritime Alps in the French Riviera, lies one of the oldest and prettiest casinos in the world. The Monte Carlo Casino began its operations in mid-nineteenth century. Even though it was riddled with problems in the beginning, it soon began to draw crowds and make huge profits. To this day, it’s a popular destination for tourists who visit the French Riviera. It’s difficult to get a place in the casino in busy periods, especially during the Monaco Grand Prix. An evening spent in Monte Carlo is a perfect end to a day trip from Nice.


World's best casinos
Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco (Credit)


 #3 Casino On A Cruise Ship

I’m sure you are bewildered by this choice. Cruise ships are usually associated with lounging on sun-decks and devouring scrumptious food. Let’s be honest – casinos on a cruise ship are small and do not offer the variety that land-based casinos do. However, what they do offer is a slightly more relaxed atmosphere, where people enjoy meeting other people. Playing is interspersed with casual conversations, hysterical laughs, and interesting tales of travellers from all over the world. In fact, some of the people I met on a casino table in cruise ships are some of my closest friends till date. As more young adventure seekers take to cruises, casinos on cruise ships turn into a melting pot of interesting and fun loving people.


worlds best casinos
Casinos on cruise ships



There you have it – my top three experiences with casinos around the world. I am sure I will be adding many more to this list in the coming years, starting with Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Sydney.




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