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A Foodie’s Guide to Peru

Posted by on 4 Apr, 2016 in Drink, Food, Peru, South America | 4 comments

Peru is quite the culinary paradise and we fell in love with it within days. Food in Peru is seasoned generously and tastes scrumptious to...

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10 Things To Do In Langkawi

Posted by on 4 Feb, 2015 in Asia, Beaches, Drink, Everything, Featured, Food, Malaysia, Wheres | 39 comments

THINGS TO DO IN LANGKAWI   Welcome to an Island Paradise. Here rice paddies dilly dally with lush tropical rain-forests and secluded...

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The Wonderful (and weird) Street Food Of Vietnam

Posted by on 24 Jul, 2014 in Asia, Coffee, Drink, Everything, Featured, Food, Itineraries, Vietnam, Wheres | 25 comments

It’s a very hot day in Vietnam. An old-fashioned fan circulates tepid air at an excruciatingly slow pace, as if to match the droning...

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Culinary Nirvana – A Food Tour of Northern Spain

Posted by on 11 Feb, 2014 in Beaches, City Breaks, Drink, Europe, Everything, Featured, Food, Spain, Wheres | 18 comments

  Writing Part I of the Best Things To Eat In Spain just did not satiate us. We’re gluttons, what can we do 🙂 So we are back,...

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Christmas Markets in Europe

Posted by on 23 Dec, 2013 in City Breaks, Czech Republic, Drink, England, Europe, Everything, Food, Germany, Wheres | 20 comments

  It’s that time of the year – There’s a chill in the air, gingerbread houses pepper the landscape, carol singers...

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Cafe Lomi -The Best Coffee in Paris

Posted by on 29 Aug, 2013 in City Breaks, Drink, Europe, Everything, Fabulous Finds, Featured, France | 21 comments

Last year, much before we started blogging, we discovered a gem of a cafe and roastery in Paris – the kind of place Vid would love...

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