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Written by Savi, 21 Comments

Of all the temples in the Angkor Archaeological Complex, the ones that stole my heart were the root temples. Gigantic roots frame buildings while smaller roots flirt with cemented structures. Nature and man made structures melt into each other.


Ta Prohm, the temple where Tomb Raider was shot, is the most famous root temple. It is definitely the most spectacular but I loved the smaller ones, especially Ta Som. In all these temples, roots intertwine to form intricate patterns, hidden corridors have ochre sunlight peeking through them, shadows play games – the root temples have the trappings of a fantasy world, one you might never want to leave.


I will admit a sweeping maxi dress isn’t the ideal outfit for the temples (the floor is laden with red sand!). But some things just need to be done. This number is from H&M’s recent collection. It is incredibly simple – no embellishments, prints, or embroidery. So it can be metamorphosed with accessories. It’s perfect for a traveller’s suitcase. I wore it at our friend’s Chinese wedding with gold  accessories and a box clutch but on this day I made it more casual by throwing on Boho Gypsy’s Happy Warrior Necklace. A maxi dress and a necklace – that’s all there is to this outfit. No fiddly bits or bobs in sight 🙂


Outfit Details 

Dress – H&M

Necklace – Boho Gypsy (see our post on Travel Fashion in Cambodia for more)


What to wear to angkor wat
One of the smaller temples


What to wear to angkor wat
The Angkor Wat Archaeological Complex


What to wear to angkor wat
Surreal Temples


What to wear to angkor wat
Roots hug buildings and melt into them at Ta Prohm


What to wear to angkor wat
Unending Corridors


What to wear to angkor wat
The magnificent root temples




21 thoughts on “Chasing The Cambodian Sun

  1. Savi.!
    You are looking magnificent.!!
    The camera captured the charm of and the place.! 🙂

  2. Wow that red dress is perfect for you! It’s a lovely shade of red and the tassle belt it just a great way to break up the dress and make it a little more interesting. 2 thumbs fresh! (PS Your hair = GORGEEE!! I’m well jel) xx

    1. Awww Kate, Thanks so much hun !

      I love that red maxi dress too – it’s perfect for the weather in south east Asia

  3. Lovely dress Savi, looks so good on you. But is it not necessary to cover up your arms in these temples? Or that’s a restriction only in few places? This might just be helpful in packing for my trip next month.

    1. Hey Namrata,

      We always carry sarongs in our bags in case we are asked to cover up 🙂 You are right, it is important to cover up in a lot of temples, but the rules aren’t so strict in a lot of them

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