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Off the top of my head, I can count over a dozen posts that I’ve written on cruise holidays. Despite that I was confounded when I had to pack for our recent cruise to the Norwegian Fjords. I might have written a detailed guide on packing for a Mediterranean Cruise Holiday but those clothes just wouldn’t do for a colder cruise vacation. Our guide on packing for skiing and winter sports had too many sensible clothes for a glitzy cruise holiday in Scandinavia. Packing for Scandinavian weather can be quite the conundrum – it’s cold but Scandinavians are terribly fashionable.


My mind was brimming with ideas – faux fur and sequins for evenings on the ship, pastel coats for days out in Norwegian ports, statement loafers for walking around new towns and cities,  and oversized beanies. Suddenly, I had this packing malarkey all figured out. I stuck to these ideas and managed to swim through the week with clothes to spare! Score 🙂


Here’s some of what I packed:

Gold Loafers and Black Court Shoes: New Look

Trench Coat and Fedora: H&M

Down Jacket: Icewear

Crochet Playsuit: H&M

Maxi Dress: ASOS (similar ASOS Maxi Dress)

Faux Fur Coat: Vintage


I layered oversized smock dresses with pastel coats for excursions in the Norwegian countryside. I added a warm pink beanie to complete the outfit. Of course, I didn’t want to resemble a giant cupcake in my all-pink ensemble.  The rose gold aviators and metallic gold loafers make the outfit edgier.


Pastel knits and coats are perfect for the Scandinavian summer
Pastel knits and coats are perfect for the Scandinavian summer



Packing for Cruise Holidays
Gorgeous summer’s day in Norway – it might not seem like it, but it was freezing!


The metallic loafers stayed on my feet all week. They’re perfect to dress up an outfit while still being comfortable. I walked miles in them, without once feeling the need to change into more sensible shoes. On our day out in the gorgeous town of Alesund, I paired them with a white crochet playsuit, metallic sunglasses, and a black fedora.


Packing for Cruise Holidays
Hats are perfect for windy Norwegian days



Packing for Cruise Holidays
For evenings out, I just threw on a necklace and some heels with the same playsuit


Of course, I had to resort to hardcore outwear and comfy sneakers on the days we went climbing glaciers or hiking in the Norwegian Fjords. I never stray from my Icewear down jacket (Scandinavian brands make the BEST outerwear, so pick one up for yourself while you’re there!) which can me toasty in sub-zero temperatures. I love it!


Packing for Cruise Holidays
Don’t go to Scandinavia without a GOOD down jacket that is windproof and waterproof



We were rewarded with stunning views on hikes in Norway
We were rewarded with stunning views on hikes in Norway


Dressing up for dinners probably constitutes my favourite part of cruise holidays. I find the entire ritual so much fun. I resorted to fail safe black dresses on most nights. My favourite evening dress is this glittery number from ASOS. I paired it with a faux fur jacket and basic black heels for evenings out on the ship’s deck.


Royal Caribbean Explorer Of The Seas Review_-35
Date night on the top most deck of our cruise ship 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Packing for a Norwegian Cruise Holiday

  1. Lovely post with great packing ideas! It’s very important to know how is the whether of the place you are going to. I like the detailed packing list – I do forget those stuff pretty often. Therefore I think to make a mine packing list with the basic stuff I need for traveling. Greetings

  2. Hi Savi and Vid –

    Maybe I missed it, but when did you guys visit Norway? I bought an impromptu ticket to Copenhagen for September and am trying to plan out my vacation 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Hey Apurva,

      We visited Norway on a cruise in 2015 – it’s mentioned in the first sentence of this article (and the article is also linked)

  3. Hello!! We are planning a trip to Norway next year , any pointers on applying for a Schengen Visa for Norway directly ?
    Your pictures are all gorgeous and a clear reflection of how much fun you’ll have while traveling! Cheers

    1. Hey Divya – Visa rules keep changing, so it’s best to consult the country’s embassy/Consulate directly. However as a rule of thumb advance bookings of hotels and flights along with address proof and bank statements is sufficient documentation

    1. Hi Niharika,

      We went to Norway on a cruise so not sure how many days will be enough if you’re doing a road trip there. Perhaps a week to 10 days?

  4. Hi Savi & Vid!

    Love your blog 🙂 wanted to check if this cruise started and ended within Norway? We are looking for Norway exploratory cruises once we reach there – which cruises would you recommend?

    1. Hey Kasturi nope – this one started in UK. Just google for exploratory cruises in Norway – but do read reviews thoroughly before booking 🙂

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