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It’s hard to explain the ways in which London metamorphosizes during the summer. Everything radiates a warmth that is hard to put into words, everyday landscapes exude a sepia-tinted glow, it’s not unusual to catch complete strangers smiling on the tube (if you’re a Londoner, you know how big of a deal THAT is!). Perhaps it’s the unpredictable nature of the infamous English summer that forces us locals to grab it with both hands.


There are endless concerts, music festivals, beer festivals, open-air cinemas, hammocks, even artificial beaches sprouting at every corner. But most importantly, this heat-induced celebratory fervour gives the mind space to unravel. It’s the season of relishing idle moments, twirling on the way to work (anybody else do that?), immersing yourself in your favourite kind of music, going on impromptu dates and midnight walks by the Thames – it’s the season of happiness and grins 🙂


There is no dearth of things to do in London during the summer but here are our favourite ways to enjoy the Great British Summer. Soak it all in – it will be time to bundle into overcoats, sip on giant mugs of hot chocolate, and be surgically attached to your duvet before you know it 🙂


#1 Lunch at Amaranto, Four Seasons

Four Seasons’ in-house restaurant Amaranto is one of our favourite places for an al-fresco meal in London. The restaurant has a large outdoor seating area that is perfect for brunch on a lazy Saturday afternoon.


We have to give a shoutout to Sebastian, the restaurant’s manager, who is a complete star. He lavishes his attention on the restaurant’s guests and is always happy to help customise everything from a cheese platter to cocktails. Such individual attention to detail is what makes Amaranto special. Everything from the cocktails to the main course is par excellence but one wouldn’t expect anything less than that from Four Seasons. Then there’s the dessert platter – crumbly jammy dodgers and gooey chocolate brownies are recommended but it is their melon mousse with basil jelly that is the real star of the show. Its nuanced flavours cast a spell on us – we’ll be back very soon 🙂


What’s more Amaranto at Four Seasons has great deals on brunch that make the experience even yummier. A three-course meal for £27 in such gorgeous surroundings in the middle of London – who can argue with that? More information on


Things to do in London summer
A sneak peak at the set menu at Amaranto, Four Seasons. Of course, you can opt to order à la carte too


London is the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon
The selection of Italian cheeses at Amaranto is exceptional


Things to do in London summer
Dessert at Amaranto, Four Seasons looks something like this 🙂



#2 The Luna Cinema’s Open-Air Cinemas 

Watching an old Hollywood classic while sitting on a picnic blanket under a carpet of twinkling stars – that’s the dream isn’t it?


Fortunately for us, the folks at Luna Cinema have taken it upon themselves to make that dream come true. They have a series of venues across UK, including parks, castle grounds, and open-air theatres which are converted into open-air cinemas every summer. But that’s not the end of it – it’s their selection of films that make our hearts skip a beat. Old-school favourites such as The Graduate and The Birds and contemporary hits such as The Great Gatsby and Wolf of Wall Street are just few of the treats on offer. We couldn’t have picked better films if we tried 🙂


We went to watch The Graduate at the open-air cinema in Holland Park just last night and it excited us to no end. Seriously, why can’t it be summer all year round? Movie listings and details on


things to do in London summer
Open-air cinemas top our list of Things to do in London during the summer (photo courtesy – The Luna Cinema)



#3 Wilderness Festival 

Now those who read our blog regularly know we’re hippies at heart. If you, like us, enjoy all things bohemian, then Wilderness Festival is the place to be. If you follow Bruised Passports on Instagram, you would know just how much we enjoyed the festival this year.


This music festival takes place in Oxfordshire, just 2 hours away from London. It’s different from every other music festival out there because it’s a lot more laid-back and indulgent – expect theatre workshops, indie music, gourmet dining halls, clean toilets (yay!), early morning raves, flower crowns, busking stages (perfect for discovering new music), and crazy festival fashion. Basically it’s everything we like in one place. We can’t think of a better way to spend a summer weekend 🙂 More information on their website


Things to do in London summer
Dancing to amazing music under the glorious full moon (Photo – Wilderness Festival)


things to do in London summer
Revelry at Wilderness Festival (photo – Wilderness Festival)


things to do in London summer
We love ourselves a bit of festival fashion – flower crowns are always welcome 🙂



#4 A meal at The Dissenting Academy

The Dissenting Academy is located in Newington Green, an area which has long been associated with non-conformity and intellectual debate. The pub indulges the bohemian history of the area and celebrates unconventional music, art, and food.


We love the ambience of The Dissenting Academy but the highlight is Chef James Tomlinson’s pop-up ‘Feast’ menu. James Tomlinson is a bit of a magician when it comes to food- he uses everything from edible flowers to foam to conjure food that looks like art and tastes delectable. Try Tomlinson’s ‘London Mess Burger’ with his trademark bacon ketchup – summer or winter, you’ll want to go back every week. More information on (Chef James Tomlinson) (Dissenting Academy).


things to do in London summer
Dessert à la Tomlinson -Prosecco and strawberry jelly, rhubarb crumble, custard, brownies, and ewe’s yogurt. It’s not dessert, it’s food art!!


What are you favourite things to do in London during the summer months? 🙂




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27 thoughts on “A Love Letter To The Great British Summer

  1. That outdoor movie amphitheatre looks pretty sweet … was it built from scratch like that, or was it incorporated from an ancient Roman ruin (because looks a lot like that)?

    1. Hey David – that is the open air theatre at Regent’s Park. It’s a bit of a cultural hub in London. The folks at Luna Cinema convert it to an open-air cinema for a couple of nights every summer 🙂

  2. Great post! And definitely agree: the British summer is so fickle, that while it’s nice, you have to grab every chance you get at spending time in the sunshine. Outdoor cinema is always a good one. Do you know Picnic Cinema? They run screenings with camping all over the country. I love outdoor live performance as well. Basically, I love anything that involves sunshine and a picnic!

    1. Hey Katie – so glad you enjoyed reading the post. We hadn’t heard of picnic cinema but will definitely check it out 🙂

  3. Love these quirky tips!! The Dissenting Academy sounds like something I would love so must try that out! I’d never heard of Wilderness festival till this year (is it new?) but saw lots of photos from friends of mine who had gone and it sounds totally mad in a fun, offbeat and free-spirited kind of a way – these early morning raves seem to be all the rage at the moment!

    1. Hey Shikha – Wilderness is in its fourth year now but its grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of years. Early morning raves are such fun – we attended one in Dalston, which was crazy but Wilderness took it to a new level altogether 🙂

  4. Open air cinema is one of my favourite things about summer! I’ve only been able to catch one this summer, but it was a classic – Ghostbusters. 😉

  5. On Gran Canaria, we have Europe’s only all-year-round outdoor cinema. But London Parks are arguably a more special setting than Meloneras. One to do next time we’re in the Big Smoke. Thanks for the recommendations, guys.

    1. London is magical during summers Katie – you’re right, nothing beats the feeling of munching on a meal while sitting by the Thames 🙂

  6. Great choices! Have wanted to go to Wilderness festival since I first heard of it a couple of years ago, sounds so much more laid back than most other festivals!

    1. Wilderness really was different from other festivals Catherine – artisan coffee, gourmet dining, book clubs, and clean loos – how can you argue with that 🙂

    1. Hey Alana – London is gorgeous even during the winter. There’s Christmas markets, ice skating rinks, and twinkly lights everywhere 🙂

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