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I must confess I’ve never understood fawning over shoes (Jimmy Choos, Louboutins, Manolo Bhahniks – the lot). The way I see it- I’d rather treat myself to a holiday (or two). But then I saw a pair of shoes and fell in love. Seriously, how can you resist these?



Moustache loafers

Anyone who knows me knows of my unhealthy obsession with moustache motifs on tees, necklaces, totes, mugs, anything, everything! So when I saw moustaches on loafers- I had to have them. What’s more, I might have been cheeky and worn them everyday since I bought them 😉

I wore this outfit on the day Vid and I went hunting for street-art pieces in alleys, warehouses, and abandoned squat-houses in Berlin. We started with the mainstream East Side Gallery but ended up in a warehouse in Berlin’s most eclectic area, Kreuzberg.

Naturally I wanted to wear something comfortable- I chose an oversized slogan tee with high-waisted scalloped black shorts. The tee has ‘Nerd’ emblazoned across it- Vid bought it for me as a joke, but the geek in me loves it. I couldn’t resist pairing it with a pair of oversized geeky glasses. I pulled the outfit together with a beanie and an oversized denim shirt, with DIY gold studs on the shoulders.

I suppose this is the look trending as ‘Geek Chic’ these days- wonder if it still counts as a ‘look’ when an actual bookworm dons it?

Slogan Tee: Primark

Shorts: New Look

Arm Candy: New Look

Loafers: Zara (these are now sold out, but Boohoo have a similar pair here)

Oversized Glasses: Topshop

Denim Shirt: H&M, Gold Studs: DIY (available here)


Geek Chic

Geek Chic

Gold Studs

Arm Candy



Do you share my love for moustaches on shoes? What is your recipe for a comfortable outfit? Tell me in the comments below 🙂

25 thoughts on “They call it ‘Geek Chic’

    1. Thank you- the denim shirt is special because it’s sprinkled with some DIY magic 🙂

  1. I like fake mustaches on my face. I’ve yet to branch into fashion but I can see that on my horizon 😉

  2. Hi Savi!! Love the entire look..going by your moustache love u must come to Bombay now. Colaba is flooded with moustaches. There are Moustache double finger rings, t’s, neckpieces, etc.

      1. Umm… Could u post a pic of it..If u dont mind savi.. Im all gaga over wrist tattoos planning to get one 🙂

  3. Lov ur blog, u r so pretty savi, ur blog is so colrful, ful of advntures nd vry wel designd. We cn see d world sitng at hme thru ur captures 🙂

  4. Super geeky and super lovely too! N what do you mean by DIY gold studs? You put them on yourself? How? Do you take orders..;)

    1. Thanks Aditi – three cheers for geekiness eh 😉 Hehe- I bought the studs off ebay (I’ve included the link of the seller I bought them from in this blog post). They are super easy to tack on – no sewing or glue-guns needed 🙂

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