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Written by Savi, 17 Comments

Ever thought of that one item in your wardrobe that could transport you to your happy place – that place with golden beaches, turquoise waters, brightly coloured hammocks, warm air, and overstuffed ottomans? For me it’s a soft, gauzy white maxi dress. Paeans have been written about the ubiquitous Little Black Dress, but my wardrobe staple is the not-so-little white dress. A classic summer style, it can be worn in an endless number of ways for travelling, picnicking, and everything in between.

I wore this one to explore the local Sunday market in Lanzarote and saunter in the bluebell fields that populate the villages of the Spanish island. Since the dress is lightweight and simple, I added some neon ethnic accessories to lend interest to the ensemble. I love the neon tones of the hand-painted wooden bangles and the embellishment on the bright fuchsia bag. There you have it, an ethnic spin on the white maxi for spring.

We shot these photos on a very windy day (my gravity-defying hair tell that story well ;-)), but all that commotion in the photos makes me feel like I’m breathing the air of new places, faraway places, right now.

Maxi Dress: Jane Norman

Bangles: Monsoon/Accessorize

Bag: Monsoon/Accessorize


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17 thoughts on “Channeling Your Inner Gypsy

  1. Gorgeous you…
    Loved reading it…The white flowing,abundant energy…and your unruly locks…loved this gypsy look….amazing


    1. Thanks hon 🙂 Hope you continue to enjoy reading the blog- subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss a post

  2. Free flowing white maxi is just so perfectly summer!!loved the wind effect as well :)would love to visit Spain !!

    1. Thanks- haha it was crazy windy that day. You should totally put Spain on your wish-list- It’s one of my favourite countries 🙂

  3. your dress is lovely.. bt wat steal my heart away are d bangels n d bag…. dey r awsomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..:) drool drool…< 3 <3

    1. Thanks a ton for saying that Surabhi. Writing is the bit I enjoy the most, so it’s nice to see it appreciated 🙂 Hope you continue to enjoy Bruised Passports

  4. awww…u soo pretty…angel in white in sea of blue bell….the last 2 clicks are just so awesome….and beautiful Lanzarote, did u even feel like coming back??

    1. Anu you got it – we were so bummed on getting back from Lanzarote. I can’t wait to go back 🙂

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