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Packing for Lapland, Finland : Staying warm in the Arctic

Posted by on 1 Apr, 2015 in Europe, Europe1, Everything, Featured, finland, Finland1, Wears | 23 comments

This article is Part 2 of our 4 part series on planning the ultimate trip to Lapland, Finland  Read Part 1 The Ultimate Itinerary for...

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Lookbook – Packing For Cruise Holidays

Posted by on 14 Oct, 2014 in Croatia1, Cruise 1, Cruises, Europe1, Everything, Featured, Italy 1, Morocco1, Spain1, Wears | 18 comments

It’s not everyday that one packs for a holiday that involves lazy days by the pool, walks around cities, black-tie dinners, and...

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Black Tie kinda night + staying healthy on the go

Posted by on 2 Oct, 2014 in Cruise 1, Europe1, Italy 1, Wears | 18 comments

  Most days you’ll find us bumming around in beach shorts, maxi dresses, wild unruly hair, loose cotton trousers, and bohemian...

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Travel Fashion – A Day in Pisa, Italy

Posted by on 18 Sep, 2014 in City Breaks, Country Retreats, Europe, Europe1, Everything, Featured, Italy, Italy 1, Wears | 24 comments

    The Tuscan Countryside – it’s a sensual wonderland steeped in the vineyards, rolling hills lined with endless olive groves,...

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Travel Fashion in Switzerland

Posted by on 13 May, 2014 in Europe1, Everything, Switzerland1, Wears | 16 comments

How is the summer treating you guys? It might be May but it’s still winter in our part of the world – last week was spent...

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City Break – Men’s Travel Fashion

Posted by on 31 Jan, 2014 in England1, Europe1, Everything, Featured, Germany1, Wears | 5 comments

    Well hello, look who is posing for the camera today 🙂   It’s been a while since our last post on Men’s...

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Some of our favourite things :-)

Posted by on 21 Jan, 2014 in England, England1, Europe1, Everything, Featured, France 1, Wears, Wheres | 43 comments

    One of the reasons we love writing a travel blog is because we get to meet new people and fun entrepreneurs all the time and...

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Travel Fashion #101

Posted by on 16 Jan, 2014 in England1, Europe1, Everything, Featured, Wears | 20 comments

    As it happens, it continues to be wet and dreary in London. I can see you shaking your heads – don’t worry, I...

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London Reds

Posted by on 7 Jan, 2014 in City Breaks, England1, Europe1, Everything, Featured, Wears | 14 comments

London – It’s home to the Big Ben, the mighty Tower Bridge, hidden lavender farms, colourful Christmas Markets, and decadent...

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Maxi Dresses – The Travellers’ Staple

Posted by on 20 Dec, 2013 in Africa1, Asia1, Dubai1, Europe1, Everything, India1, Jordan1, Mauritius1, MiddleEast1, Spain1, Turkey1, Wears | 27 comments

  Hola Earthlings! Today’s post has been long time coming. It’s no secret that I love a good maxi dress. We’ve been...

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