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I have a confession to make – Sometimes I wonder how I got into this fashion blogging business.  I love packing light and hate following trends. As for my approach to packing, it is usually quite fuss free.


I’m often asked how I get away with packing light, so I thought I’d put together a Lookbook from our recent holiday to the tropical paradise that is Langkawi to show you how little you really need to pack for a week away. I packed a couple of dresses, beach cover-ups and kimonos, a playsuit, my Birkenstocks, and a bunch of accessories. That’s it. I’m a bit of a perfume fiend, so I never forget to pack a bottle or two for holidays. I usually veer towards Boss perfumes (you would know that if you’ve read this post 🙂 ), so I picked two handy travel sets from World Duty Free at Heathrow just before catching our flight.


Here’s the list of everything that came along. Pack light and surrender to the dreams of the sea – trust me you don’t need much when the sea is at your feet and the breeze in your hair 🙂


List of Items

  • Playsuit – More photos and details here
  • Black Beach cover-up – Primark
  • Multicolour Maxi Kimono – H&M
  • White shirt (I stole it off Vid, as per usual) and sarong – ASOS
  • Sliders – Birkenstock
  • Flash tattoos – Ebay
  • Hugo Boss Ma Vie – c/o World Duty Free
  • Hugo Boss Bottled Night – c/o World Duty Free
  • Leopard – print Bikini and black bikini – ASOS
  • Pom pom backpack – Monsoon (remember it from this post on festival fashion?)
  • Loads of bohemian trinkets – Miscellaneous


travel fashion langkawi
Islands cry for tropical playsuits yes?



Loving gold and silver flash tattoos 🙂



packing for langkawi
Don’t forget to pack a hat to shield yourself from the summer sun



packing for langkawi beach
Oversized white shirts are essential for beach holidays right?



Oversized White shirt
White shirt – take two 🙂



hammock sarong
Sarong? Yes please!



World Duty Free's travel-friendly gift sets are perfect for fragrance fiends
World Duty Free’s travel-friendly gift sets are perfect for fragrance fiends



Can you tell we are Boss fans? 😉


We shot most of these photos at the idyllic beachfront of Casa Del Mar. The hotel offers a potent combination of good rooms, this beach, and the best cocktails on the island. No wonder we spent most of our holiday vegetating on the beach for once 🙂


Oversized White shirt
The gorgeous beach at Casa Del Mar 🙂



packing for langkawi beach
Someone take me back!!



Both of us at Casa Del Mars’ beachfront


packing for langkawi beach kimono
Bright kimonos are perfect beach-coverups




Looking for a place to stay? Check out our detailed review of Casa Del Mar – it’s a li’l piece of paradise 🙂

Packing for South East Asia? Check out all our outfit posts from Cambodia – there’s bright colours and gypsy necklaces on the menu

I’ve always loved tropical prints. Check out this bralet I wore in Italy back when we’d just started Bruised Passports

10 thoughts on “Lookbook: Sunkissed Bohemia

  1. Love the bright kimono you’re wearing… and also the casual but sexy white shirt look… you and a couple of other friends bring a lot of beauty, color and pizzazz to my facebook 🙂 🙂 mwahh

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