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I don’t know about you but here are the things  I look for in my tropical paradise :- crisp white coconut flesh, crumpled white sheets, sparkling sun, tall palms, and bare feet on sand.


When it comes to packing for this idyllic paradise it’s all about prints – after all who doesn’t like a smattering of parrots, pineapples, palm trees, or bright tropical flowers on their clothes?! I dug out this tropical jumpsuit from the depths of my wardrobe for our recent trip to Langkawi, Malaysia. I don’t know if it was the fact that I went from hibernating under my duvet in London to 40°C in Malaysia or the magic of its tropical print but this jumpsuit is responsible for the onset of what I like to call Island Fever. Symptoms include an incurable attraction to hammocks and an overwhelming need to prance around to one’s favourite songs on the beach and everywhere else.


I was swaying to a bunch of Pink Floyd classics playing on my computer as I got dressed – that might have had something to do with the rock-chick vibe of the accessories – a black gypsy hat and a clutch bag studded with gold rivets. Hair? Err unkempt as always – can’t even blame it on the music!! 😉


Tropical prints and then some 🙂


travel fashion langkawi


If you ever find yourself in Langkawi, Malaysia, make sure you carry tons of insect repellent. The rain forests on the island ensure there is no area (hotel, restaurant, or beach!) truly devoid of them. It can get really hot and humid, so make sure you’re protected. I was sent this Vichy tanner and I’ve been mixing it with my sun cream to get extra sun protection. Sun protection aside, I’ve gone through bottles and bottles of Hugo Boss Deep Red, so that had to come along – it’s the kind of deep, sensual fragrance that reminds me of the tropics 🙂 Here are some of my island essentials :-


Outfit Details 

Tropical jumpsuit – Dorothy Perkins

Studded bag – Chicnova

Hat – Vintage

Sunglasses – Rayban

Bikini – ASOS



travel fashion malaysia
Island essentials + crumpled white sheets = perfect holiday 🙂


Don’t forget mosquito repellent if you ever visit Langkawi


travel fashion langkawi
Islands cry for tropical playsuits yes?



What are your island essentials? I’d love to know!



I always love tropical prints. Check out this bralet I wore in Italy back when we’d just started Bruised Passports

Looking for a place to stay in Langkawi?  Check out this piece of paradise 🙂

14 thoughts on “Tropicana

  1. You look stunning in that jumpsuit!

    I have never been to a tropical island but if I ever go, then probably my must haves would be a bikini, a bright lipstick, tinted moisturiser, some spf and loads of good books 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! I really want to take a couple of these on my trip to Morocco! I think they’re really versatile and take up much less space than separate tops and trousers.

    1. They do take up little space and printed jumpsuits are perfect for a pop of colour. They’ll also keep your arms and legs covered in Morocco 🙂

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