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Written by Savi, 8 Comments

Hey guys – how’s it going?


I know, I know. I’ve been missing in action on the outfit posts front – Vid and I have been so caught up enjoying UK’s summer that the last couple of months have just flown past.  Since this is the first outfit post in two months, it had to be an amalgam of everything I love 🙂 I’ve spent the last two months frolicking in white dresses of all shapes and sizes (maxi, midi, swing, shift – you name it!) and loads of arm candy.

festival fashion flower crown
White dresses by the dozen – I’m not even kidding!!


Of course, a white dress had to come along with me when I packed for a music festival last month. A quiz on measuring your Travel IQ at Travel Money Oz got me thinking about travel styles. If I could say one thing about my travel style, it would be that I love packing light – for instance, I’d happily wear this white dress with different accessories, a colourful throw, or light jacket a couple of days in a row. Of course, if you’re anything like me, you might want to carry a backup for the time you spill coffee (or ketchup or beer – the options are endless 😉 ) on your pristine white dress.


On this occasion, I accessorised this bohemian white dress with miscellaneous bracelets, some bindis (they’re all the rage at festivals this year!), loads of sunscreen, a bright backpack adorned with pom-poms, and an oversized denim jacket for enjoying outdoor concerts during breezy evenings. I have zero patience with hair tools, so I plaited my hair overnight for wavy hair 🙂   As I write this, I can see relentless rain pouring from grey stained skies through the window  – the weather’s turning and before I know it, it’ll be winter. Why can’t blue skies summer just stay forever?!

Outfit Details :-

White Dress – still available on Sheinside (I LOVE the sleeves!)

Denim Jacket – still available on Sheinside

Sunglasses – Zara

Backpack – Monsoon

Bindi (Body gems) – Topshop


Festival fashion white dress bindi
White kimono dress


festival fashion white dress pom pom backpack
Festival fashion à la Bruised Passports


guide to packing for a music festival kimonos
Kimonos are a staple when it comes to music festivals


festival fashion pom pom backpack
Bright pom-pom bags are perfect for festivals 🙂


Brightly-coloured bracelets are perfect for festival


festival fashion denim jacket white dress
An oversized denim jacket for breezy evenings 🙂


festival fashion oversized denim jacket
Festival fashion staples – Oversized jackets and white dresses


Wilderness festival fashion
Favourite kinda outfit


If you’re a fellow-gypsy who loves white dresses, you need to check out this outfit post from Spain 🙂

If you’re already bundling up in oversized jackets for fall, then check out one of our favourite outfit posts from London 🙂


8 thoughts on “The Little White Dress

  1. I love the dress ! And of course the accessories. Wish I could wear my hair down too but I’ll likely have another heat stroke – Bangkoks humidity is not my friend lol

    1. Thanks Natasha- I can’t imagine wearing my hair down in South East Asia. Then again, I love my top-knots for that weather 🙂

  2. loved every bit of the outfit post! 😀 i wish winters could come soon here too :\ we are dying in the hot and humid summer 🙁

    1. Thanks a ton Shivangi. Here we are complaining about the early onset of winter – the grass is always greener on the other side eh 😉

  3. Awww, you look super cute and oh-so-happy Savi! 🙂 I won’t deny it: I missed your outfit posts. There is something spontaneous and charming about you that I haven’t seen in any fashion blogger 🙂
    That white dress looks like it was made for summers.. And with the colourful backpack, it makes for a perfect summer outfit indeed. It’s monsoon here in Bangalore and I already miss summers (though Bangalore’s weather is pleasant through the year, I still have a soft spot for summer smells and breezes 🙂 )
    P.S: Who needs hair tools when you can get waves like that? 🙂

    1. Hey Ramya – aww thank you for indulging me. I’ve missed penning outfit posts too, there are tons coming up in the next month. Have you read today’s post? Think you’ll enjoy it 🙂

    1. Hi Vaidehi,

      Aww thanks a lot – I usually pick these accessories from flea markets in the countries I visit – usually South East Asia or South America. Occasionally, I order some of them online from stores like Asos or Jabong 🙂

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