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What’s the first thing one does before booking hotels in today’s day and age? Check the mammoth that is Trip Advisor – over the years we’ve learnt to take both good and bad reviews on Trip Advisor with a pinch of salt. But what if a hotel has hundreds of reviews (all positive!) and has won a number of Trip Advisor awards as well? You nod in astonishment, book yourself a room, and decide to check it out for yourself? Well that’s what we did anyway….


On reading more about Casa Del Mar, Langkawi, we found out about the La Luna experience – it comprises a dreamy meal with a specially designed menu on a deserted beach. It seemed to be perfect for a romantic night out on our anniversary and expectations were high!


Casa Del Mar, Langkawi
La Luna – an amazing way to celebrate a special occasion (Photo – Casa Del Mar)


We arrived in the island paradise of Langkawi, Malaysia late one night and were greeted by a big smile at the airport. Casa Del Mar’s representative immediately ushered us into a waiting car. Once at the hotel, we were checked in over glasses of refreshing lemongrass tea. We took a walk around the hotel to get a ‘feel’ of the property – it’s a ritual we’ve come to cherish over the years and one that helps us settle in quickly. Look at the views that greeted us – needless to say, we didn’t have to try to hard to feel at home here 😉


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review
The pool at Casa Del Mar, Langkawi


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  bar
The bar at Casa Del Mar, Langkawi


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review
The beach at Casa Del Mar, Langkawi at night


We were shown our beach-facing room – I remember marvelling at it, not because of the size of the room (incredibly spacious!) or the bathroom (very large) but the amazing attention to detail – organic bath salts next to the bath tub, bars of the most scrumptious smelling cinnamon soap, a coffee-machine with plenty of coffee-capsules next to it, loose-leaf black tea (no bog-standard tea-bags here!), jazz playing on the radio, and my personal favourite – a scented bookmark and a sachet of potpourri from the Spa Team by our pillows 🙂


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  room
Our room at Casa Del Mar, Langkawi


Casa Del Mar Langkawi room
The view from our room at Casa Del Mar, Langkawi


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  beach
Outside our room at Casa Del Mar, Langkawi


Next morning we woke up with rumbling tummies – jet lags and skipping meals don’t bode well with us. We were at the breakfast buffet at 7 am, before anyone else. There is a wide array of home-made preserves, pastries, breads, sushi, cold-cuts, and freshly-squeezed juices. But I confess I let out a squeal of delight when I saw a whole section dedicated to healthy juices. Now you know how much I love my green juices – I’ve even confessed to lugging around my Nutri-bullet on longer holidays (it’s an addiction, what can I say?!), so you can imagine how happy I was on seeing entire bottles full of cucumber and celery juices. If green is not your colour, there’s also sparkling wine and Bellinis – who can say no to bubbles at breakfast? 🙂


But wait we aren’t done with the breakfast spread just yet – there is an array of hot Malaysian and Continental dishes to choose from – we’ve written an entire article about how Malaysian breakfast food – Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng – does all sorts of crazy things to us, so we were all over Casa Del Mar’s breakfast menu.


Casa Del Mar Langkawi
Green juices and fresh fruit – breakfast at Casa Del Mar is perfect


Casa Del Mar Langkawi breakfast
Breakfast buffet


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review-46
View at breakfast – seriously!!


Despite what you might think, we weren’t there just to eat. Casa Del Mar is an intimate property with just 34 rooms, over 32 of which are reserved only for adults. So there’s never more than 50-60 guests on their expansive beach. This is the part we were most excited about – turns out, all those Trip Advisor reviews were right! Casa Del Mar is just perfect for a lazy romantic holiday in Langkawi.


The limited number of guests meant that we were always addressed by our first names -a  little touch that made us feel immediately comfortable. It also meant that we were on first name basis with all the staff members by the end of our first day at the hotel – Patrick must be the friendliest manager in town, Hidayah at the reception told us about all the local street-food gems, Halim was always around with a smile at the restaurant, and the bartender Mo (who has some serious swag and likes calling himself Jack Sparrow!) ensured we got tipsy each night. He likes to keep serving potent cocktails with his punchline ‘You’re on hoooooliday’ – we’re not complaining!!


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  bar
Meet Jack Sparrow – the best bartender in Langkawi 🙂


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review
Lazing at the beach – the quiet beach is perfect for a romantic getaway


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review
Beach-bumming ninja 🙂


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review-46
Or you could try reading, with this view 🙂


Casa Del Mar’s in-house restaurant, La Sal, is famous as the most romantic restaurant in Langkawi. The al-fresco restaurant overlooks Langkawi’s Pantai Cenang beach and it’s dreamy location is bound to leave you starry eyed. We never left it once to go visit any other restaurant on the island and that’s a rarity for us! Every evening we would linger at the bar and watch the sun go down and follow it up with dinner (Try the Malaysian tasting platter – it’s mind-numbingly scrumptious!!).


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review-46
Sunset from La Sal, Casa Del Mar’s in-house restaurant


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review-46
The Malaysian Tasting Platter – so yummy


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review-46
Spot our names? La Sal also offers specially designed dinner menus


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review
Fine dining at La Sal – each course comes with an accompanying cocktail 🙂


When it came time to leave – we just didn’t want to. Jazz and scented book marks every night? We could get used to that


Random things we love about Casa Del Mar, Langkawi 🙂

  • We love the turn-down service – it’s amazing to come to a room decorated with candles with jazz playing in the background after dinner every night.
  • On our first night there, a local shop-owner told us Casa Del Mar serves the best cocktails on the island. Turns out he was right. The best part? You can have them served straight to your sun-loungers while you’re chilling at the beach during the day 🙂
  • The view from La Sal Restaurant at sunset –!!
  • Its exceptional service & all the endearing smiles from the staff
  • The quiet beach and intimate ambience, which ensure an idyllic romantic getaway.


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review-46
How do you say no to tropical cocktails with this view?


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review-46
Quiet beaches make us very happy – can you tell?


Casa Del Mar Langkawi  Review
Couldn’t resist one last photo 🙂


Fact File

  • Casa Del Mar is centrally located. It is a ten minute drive from the airport and five minute walk from Pantai Cenang, where all the action is!
  • Rooms start at £80/ppn. We highly recommend the beach-front rooms.
  • More information on their website :- (you have to check out their photos of a romantic picnic on an uninhabited island – we couldn’t experience it this time around (damn you high tide!) but will definitely go back for it. It looks lush! 🙂 )





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We were guests of Casa Del Mar in Langkawi, Malaysia. We are two extremely opinionated ninjas – so all views (good and bad) are entirely our own. Click on to read our full Disclosure Policy

17 thoughts on “Casa Del Mar, Langkawi – A Romantic Haven and then some…

  1. Fantastic pictures. We just got back from a trip to Langkawi and I am very tempted to go back and stay at Casa Del Mar. Happy belated anniversary as well 🙂

  2. I love beaches, I am so envy right now. I just want to pack my bags and head toward this place. Its gorgeous. It goes top on my of beaches that I would love to see. I always find calm and lonely beaches more attractive than those crowded.
    Pics are beautiful. Wish a very happy anniversary

    1. We love beaches too – the secluded ones are always the best. We have a post on Langkawi’s secluded beaches coming up next week – make sure you read that before planning your holiday 🙂

  3. We spent a week at Casa Del Mar in August 2013 on our honeymoon and absolutely loved it – we can’t wait to go back! Thanks for sharing your love for such a beautiful place – amazing pics too!

  4. A belated happy anniversary to one of the most gorgeous, fun and spirited couples I know (of)! 🙂 And oh man, the views from Casa Del Mar are insane!

  5. Wow! Such gorgeous photos – We have been contemplating Maldives for our honeymoon in March 2015 but you might just have convinced us to spend it at Casa Del Mar instead. That meal on the beach looks amazing. Do they offer an all-inclusive package as well?

    1. Hey Rebecca – Glad you enjoyed our review of Casa Del Mar so much. It does offer an all-inclusive package. The hotel is well-suited for a honeymoon – you’ll love it -)

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