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Glamping is the answer (whatever the question may be!)

luxury camp at V resorts Sariska weekend getaway from delhi
Waking up in the wilderness – this is why we love glamping 🙂


luxury camp at V resorts Sariska weekend getaway from delhi
V Resorts Sariska is an ideal weekend getaway from Delhi


A Weekend Getaway: V Resorts’ Utsav Camp Sariska at a glance

  • V Resorts Utsav Camp makes for a perfect weekend getaway from New Delhi. It is a comfortable 4.5 hour drive away from New Delhi, India.
  • It is a short drive away from both Jaipur and Agra. This makes it easy to combine it with your trip to the Golden Triangle if you are in India for a short time.
  • Comfortable canvas tents are well-equipped with amenities such as hot showers, electric sockets, proper beds and wooden wardrobes, and large patios.
  • The resort is ideal for a short weekend getaway with a group of friends or family. We would suggest staying for 2-3 nights.
  • There is an infinity pool and restaurant that serves scrumptious Indian food on site.
  • Mobile connectivity is limited.
  • The campsite is a stone’s throw away from Sariska National Park and Tiger Reserve. Don’t forget to go for a safari – you’ll spot spotted deer, antelopes, peacocks, partridges, monkeys, leopards, and even tigers (if you’re lucky)
  • The hotel offers some amazing excursions. We would highly recommend off-roading to visit a couple of offbeat cultural sites in the area (details below)
  • Carry your own toiletries as in-house toiletries can be a bit lacklustre
  • Prices start from £100/INR 9,000. This includes accommodation and all meals. More information and booking details on


luxury camp at V resorts Sariska weekend getaway from delhi
Evenings at V Resorts Sariska


food at V resorts Sariska weekend getaway from delhi
Scrumptious Indian thalis (tasting platters) prepared from scratch at every meal


V Resorts’ Utsav Camp, Sariska – Tents and Resort


I wrap the flannel throw tighter around myself – there’s a nip in the air, heralding the onset of winter in North India. I stumble out of our comfortably-appointed tent. To my surprise, Vid’s already up clicking the sunrise. We can’t help chuckling. 5 months in the US, followed by a long flight across multiple time zones has left us terribly jet-lagged. We’re wide-eyed, awake, and hungry at an unearthly hour! It might be 5 am in India but it is dinner time in the US.


As if by magic, an attendant appears out of nowhere to ask us if we’d like some tea or coffee. Vid jokes about hunger pangs and he insists on taking us to the in-house restaurant. Within minutes, we’re facing a table full of steaming hot food and beverages. Aah Indian hospitality – you’ve been missed!


I’ve said this on multiple occasions in the past but Asian hospitality is truly outstanding. V Resorts Sariska is no exception – elaborate Indian thalis (sampling platters) are prepared from scratch at mealtimes, meals are tailored to visitors’ requirements, and tea and coffee is plentiful. The scrumptious food pays homage to local cuisine and the ambience of the restaurant amplifies the experience. It is dotted with bright cushions, cheery furnishings, and kitschy lamps. This is the kind of outdoorsy camping where you won’t have to lift a finger – instead you can concentrate on being pampered and relishing the wilderness 🙂


food at V resorts Sariska weekend getaway from delhi
This is India – there’s no shortage of finger-licking food or colour 🙂


restaurant at V resorts Sariska weekend getaway from delhi
The in-house restaurant at V Resorts Sariska


Terrace at Utsav Camp V Resorts Sariska
Terrace at V Resorts Sariska – perfect for a cuppa while watching the sun go down


The Aravallis, one of India’s oldest mountain ranges, is in close proximity. But it’s easy to be be lulled into forgetting you’re camping in the great outdoors. A roomy lounge, strewn with cushions is flanked by a mini infinity pool. We spent our evenings here, munching on hot pakoras (vegetable fritters) and spiced Indian chai (tea) as we watched the sun go down.


As for the bohemian canvas tents, they are spacious and well-equipped with amenities such as hot showers, air-conditioners, electric sockets, and wooden beds and traditional wardrobes. Sturdy wooden doors full of character welcome guests to the tents and bright stained-glass lanterns adorn each room. Cane stools and cots line every tent’s private patio. It isn’t lavish or opulent like Chamba Camp Thiksey. Instead it provides a glamping option at a much lower price point. V Resorts Sariska is an affordable yet sumptuous option to escape the hustle bustle of New Delhi. Visit for 2-3 nights with a group of friends or your family for an off-the-grid break you will remember for a long time.


 tent at V Resort Sariska weekend getaway from Delhi
Our tent at V Resorts Sariska – comfortable, spacious, and equipped with creature comforts 🙂


 tent at V Resort Sariska weekend getaway from Delhi
Relaxing outside our tent at V Resorts Sariska


girl at V Resort Sariska weekend getaway from Delhi
Waking up in our tent at V Resort Sariska


Things to do around V Resorts Sariska

This is Rajasthan, one of the most colourful states of India. Naturally there is no shortage of things to do in the area but here are a couple of our favourites:


  • Safari at Sariska Tiger Reserve

Less than 20 minutes away from V Resorts Sariska lies the Sariska National Park. It’s a popular tourist attraction and tourists throng to the park every year in search of its elusive residents – the tigers! We didn’t spot a tiger (spotted the ever-elusive Indian leopard though :-)) but we weren’t disappointed at all! We loved the entire experience of driving through the park at sunrise and staring at flared sunbeams making their way through trees where dozens of spotted deer and nimble antelopes congregate. These animals sightings coupled with the early-morning air disperse magic in the air. Can not complain!

Know before you go – Private vehicles aren’t allowed at Sariska National Park. However guided safaris are extremely affordable and start at £50 (INR 5000) for a group of 4 if you book at the resort itself.


Safari at sariska tiger reserve - weekend getaway from delhi India
Spotting deer and antelopes at sunrise at Sariska Tiger Reserve – priceless!!


Safari at sariska tiger reserve - weekend getaway from delhi India
Driving into the wilderness at Sariska National Park


A spotted deer at Sariska National Park weekend getaway from Delhi
O hey gorgeous 🙂 A spotted deer at Sariska National Park


  • Go Off-roading: Kankwadi Fort and Neelkanth Temple

Most tourists turn back once they’ve spotted their fair share of animals. But we’d suggest opting for a longer safari that allows visitors to explore the multi-faceted wilderness of the area. Soon enough, dense foliage will give way to barren areas populated with palm trees. A short bout of off-roading over gravel, shallow water bodies, and rubble will lead you to the magnificent ruins of the Kankwadi Fort. Now there’s only one thing better than a sprawling ornate Rajasthani fort! Getting it all to oneself!!


Yes that’s right – Kankwadi Fort is a bit of an offbeat gem. This might explain why we had the fort all to ourselves on the day we visited. As always curiosity got the better of us and we ended up spending the better part of an hour exploring its nooks and crannies. Next up – Neelkanth Temple. A steep winding road leads to this ancient temple, located on an isolated hilltop near Sariska National Park. The temple site is steeped in local history and is a sight to behold.


Know before you go –  It’s possible to combine this off-roading experience with tea at a local villagers’ house. This offers a culturally immersive experience second to none. Just make sure you request for this while booking the safari to Sariska Tiger Reserve.


Kankwadi Fort Sariska National Park - short drive from Delhi
Kankwadi Fort – A magnificent Indian fort hidden deep in the wilderness


Kankwari Fort at sariska tiger reserve - weekend getaway from delhi India
Going off-the-beaten path is sometimes truly worth it – we had the whole fort to ourselves


Neelkanth Temple near the Sariska National Park
Neelkanth Temple near the Sariska National Park


  • Indulge in a spot of yoga (or relaxation) atop pre-historical boulders

Animals and forts apart, Sariska is home to a series of boulders older than The Himalayas. They are revered by locals and are perfect for a spot of yoga. They’re also ideal for catching sunrise and sunset. You can request the camp staff to pack you a small picnic – sip on spiced Indian tea and nibble on appetisers as you watch the sun go down.


  • Visit the colourful markets of Alwar and devour some milk cake!

No weekend getaway is complete without a spot of shopping is it? The state of Rajasthan is famous for its fondness for eye-searingly bright clothes and tribal jewellery (No wonder we love it so! ). Consequently local markets offer an array of photographic and shopping opportunities – try to stop at a local market on your way back to New Delhi. The main market of Alwar is the perfect place to sample this kaleidoscope of colours – from brightly-coloured scarves and glass bangles to sweetmeats and jewellery, there’s nothing you won’t find here!


Know before you go – Alwar makes for the perfect pit stop between New Delhi and Sariska. Don’t forget to sample the local speciality – milk cake, a calorie-laden sweetmeat made from condensed milk and sugar. This also makes for the perfect present for friends and family.


Things to do in jodhpur Sardar Market
Rajasthan has the most colourful markets


  • Give back (in whatever way you deem fit)

I feel the need to add this to all our articles on India.

We get a lot of questions about the tipping culture in India and truth be told, most daily wage earners such as naturalist guides or drivers on the safari earn meagre sums of money, sometimes less than £100 a month. Consequently, tips go a long way.

In addition to this, try to give back in some way while travelling in India. If you read this post on Ladakh, you’d know we love carrying lots of stationery- notebooks, crayons, paints, pens – to donate it to the local schools that could use a helping hand or two!! We’d love it if you could give back in some way while travelling in India. It DOES NOT have to be an earth-shattering endeavour because every little helps. You could teach less-priveleged kids while travelling, take 1 child under your wing, volunteer at a local orphanage, or donate wherever you deem fit. It’s so rewarding and SO much fun.


girl running to school in Rajasthan
Precious smiles in villages in Rajasthan 🙂


You can find more details on We always recommend comparing prices before booking.

Travelling to/within India? Read all about our adventures in India.

Love offbeat accommodation? Check out some of our favourite hotels from around the world 🙂



We visited this glamping site in Sariska as part of an ongoing project with V Resorts. We are 2 extremely opinionated ninjas, so all opinions (good, bad, and hyperbolic) are our own. Read our Disclosure Policy for further information.

78 thoughts on “V Resorts Sariska, India: The Perfect Weekend Getaway from Delhi

    1. Hey Nikki – Rajasthan is special indeed. I do myself a local market too, especially one that’s bursting with colour 🙂

    1. I know right? Glamping holidays are some of our favourites – great panoramas and creature comforts all at once 🙂

  1. This seems like a perfect little weekend outing! The sights are gorgeous and the clamping experience looks fantastic. Definitely will keep this place in mind when my boyfriend and I visit his family in New Delhi!

    1. Hey Lottie – hope you make it to India soon. You can combine this weekend getaway with a visit to The Golden Triangle 🙂

  2. You had me at resort and glamping, I have never thought much about visiting India but you’ve certainly opened my mind

  3. india is always a place i would love to visit and of course, delhi but, this has opened my eyes to as to what is else india has to bring 😀 it’s beautiful!

    1. Thanks a ton Jemma. India is a crazy place and it takes some time to soak it all in but exploring it can be terribly rewarding 🙂

    1. That’s awesome Dannii – feel free to drop us an email when you’re planning your trip to India. Would be happy to help you flesh out an itinerary 🙂

  4. The safari looks AMAZING – that’s definitely on my bucket list. It must have been an incredible experience.

    1. Thanks Sarah – we had a lot of fun at the safari in Sariska National Park, India. It was very different to other safaris we’ve been on in Africa

    1. Hey Nayna – I love it when that happens. V Resorts Sariska is perfect for a weekend getaway from Delhi and it can be your introduction to Rajasthan – send us photos when you visit 🙂

  5. To give back in whatever way you can. Savi you will be happy I have been doing the same ever since I read it on your ladakh post. I did the same on my recent visit to manali & tosh. And now I carry chocolates all the time in my car to distribute to street kids. The smile I get back is indescribable

    1. Kamakshi I wish I could tell you just HOW happy I got on reading your comment – thank you so much for considering (and actually doing) something we suggested. I’m sure you’d be the recipient of plenty of good vibes for your thoughtful gestures 🙂

  6. What a stunning looking place! India is somewhere I would really like to visit one day but I don’t like crowds – this doesn’t look like a crowded place. Very relaxing, in fact!

    1. Indian cities definitely aren’t the place for you if you don’t like crowds but there are pockets of solitude to be found in the countryside 🙂

  7. Hey, planning to go there for husband’s birthday weekend. Will 2 days suffice? This looks amazing, would be an amazing surprise!

    1. Hey Ankita – that’s awesome. 2 days would definitely be sufficient if you’re going from New Delhi. Do send us photos from V Resorts Sariska 🙂

    1. Thanks Zena – as a traveller, you know just how one feels on discovering a li’l hideaway from the hustle bustle of the city 🙂

  8. This looks absolutely beautiful and just the kind of place I could retreat too. Your images and words make it sound so very inviting. I’m bookmarking this so I don’t forget

    1. That’s awesome Stephanie – glad we managed to persuade you into considering a weekend getaway from Delhi on your visit to India 🙂

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