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I laid off individual outfit posts when we started travelling full time. I carry a limited stash of clothes and usually throw together whatever takes my fancy on the day. But so many of you have been asking for outfit details on Bruised Passports’ Instagram recently, so I thought I’d talk about a wardrobe staple.


As I mentioned in my post on long-term packing, we carry 4-5 pairs of shoes each on our travels. But I have to admit I spend most of my time either in sneakers or slip ons. I wear kicks while working out and hiking. But of late, I’ve been pairing them with everything – from faux fur coats and jumpsuits to dungarees and maxi dresses. Comfort is everything when you’re on the go right?! Besides, the athleisure trend is everywhere these days, so it kind of works out well 🙂


Here are a couple of ways in which I style my sneakers:


 Sneakers – Reebok Skyscape

Dungarees – Zara

T-shirt dress – Forever 21

Faux fur coat – Vintage


girl in reebok skyscape sneakers dungarees travel fashion
Prancing about in sneakers as always 🙂


girl in reebok skyscape sneakers dungarees travel fashion
Colour and comfort 🙂


girl in reebok skyscape sneakers faux fur travel fashion
Travellers wear sneakers with everything, even faux fur 😉


girl in reebok skyscape sneakers faux fur flowers travel fashion
‘Tis the season for long-stemmed flowers and woolies 🙂


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34 thoughts on “On sneakers and travelling

  1. I’ve been pairing sneakers with everything lately too! Such a comfy fashion trend ? Love how brightly colored yours are!

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