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This is Part 5 of our 5 part series on planning the ultimate road trip to Leh-Ladakh in India. We will cover every aspect – itinerary, accommodation, packing, driving – of planning an unforgettable Ladakh road trip:

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Chamba Camp Thiksey Camp
A luxury camp next to some of the most remote and spectacular panoramas of the world? Heck yes!


Luxury glamping lunch table at Nubra Valley
A lunch table like NO OTHER! ??


India’s seductive outdoors – like you’ve NEVER seen it before!!

A few weeks ago, the two of us left for a long-winded road trip of Ladakh. As we inched closer towards Ladakh, bucolic fields and orchards gave way to barren plateaux and brightly-coloured monasteries – splashes of colour in an otherwise tawny landscape. I stared at the vistas flying past the car window, waiting to arrive at our destination – The Ultimate Travelling Camp (TUTC) in Ladakh.


On reaching Leh we checked into our abode at TUTC’s Chamba Camp Thiksey. Luxurious tents kitted out with all the modern amenities one would expect of a 5 star hotel welcomed us – with one difference! Unlike most luxury hotels, the camp site allowed us the rare luxury of sleeping amidst Ladakh’s star-spangled sky, overlooking the magnificent Thiksey MonasterySlowly but surely I could see my fantasy – of experiencing some of the most remote landscapes in the world in a boho-luxe environment – come to life!


Our heated ‘tent’ had Persian rugs, hot and cold showers, decadent jasmine-scented toiletries, mini-bar, plug sockets, loungers, elaborate chandeliers, and 24 hour butler service (who can say no to coffee on call?). The long drive left us knackered, so most of the day was spent reading and napping between luxurious ivory bedspreads. Later that evening when we stepped out of our tent, I could see the warm glow of dozens of flickering lanterns. As we devoured a three-course spread while gazing at distant peaks, I could feel the disbelief creeping in.


luxury tent at Chamba Camp Thiksey ladakh
Twinkling lanterns and a star-spangled sky over our tent at Chamba Camp Thiksey


 a sneak peak inside our tent at Chamba Camp Thiksey
On the inside – a sneak peak inside our tent at Chamba Camp Thiksey 🙂


Girl sitting on bed at luxury tent at chamba camp thiksey
Sitting on our bed at Chamba Camp Thiksey – I could see snow-capped peaks, glaciers, and hundreds of wild flowers ????


The gorgeous dining room at Chamba Camp, ThikseyThe gorgeous dining room at Chamba Camp, Thiksey


We’ve been on a fair few glamorous camping escapes in Peru, Australia, and South Africa, but nobody does it like The Ultimate Travelling Camp in India – this is glamping at its most elaborate. Dining options range from authentic home-cooked Indian food to European delicacies. We loved the Indian thalis (tasting platters) and feta-laden Greek salads at Chamba Camp Thiksey. Every night, turn-down service is accompanied with chocolates and a little bedtime story based on a Ladakhi legend. Bedtime stories used to be my absolute favourite ritual growing up and I loved coming back to little scrolls every night at the campsite.


But it’s the panoramas that elevated these daily rituals to something else altogether. Living amidst Ladakh’s soundlessness with a cobalt-blue canopy above our heads, far far away from civilisation and the maddening crowds ensures a heady experience – a high like no other! It’s hard to articulate the lure of waking up to suspended clouds, sipping on coffee while admiring the sun’s glimmering rays, or staring at Thiksey Monastery at sunset.


breakfast at chamba camp thiksey luxury camping
Elaborate meals with a view to boot – nom, nom, nom


tent at chamba camp thiksey luxury camp in ladakh
Waking up to this view every single day – priceless!!


Thiksey Monastery at sunset on road trip in Ladakh
Thiksey Monastery at sunset – magical!


It's out-of-this-world beautiful :-)
An overview of the campsite at Chamba Camp Thiksey with Thiksey Monastery in the background 🙂


So taken in were we by the entire experience that we decided to sample Chamba Camp Thiksey’s sister property in the Nubra Valley as well. The landscape in Nubra Valley is surreal to say the least! The barren panoramas resemble nothing you would’ve seen before. As for Chamba Camp Diksit, this is truly as remote as it gets! Nestled in a valley overlooking the gorgeous Diskit Monastery, the campsite boasts of upscale canvas lodging with four poster beds, spacious bathrooms, decadent furnishings reminiscent of African Safari camps, butler service, and al-fresco dining.


It’s no secret – true luxury lies in slowing down. Chamba Camp Diskit offers the perfect opportunity to do just that! It’s possible to go for a variety of excursions to the sand-dunes at Hundar, the impressive Maitreya Buddha at Diskit, or Ladakhi lakes such as Tso Kar. By all means explore the area. But keep an afternoon for allowing yourself the ultimate luxury of doing nothing. Here deep in the wilderness – away from everything and everyone – you’ll wake up to magical clouds suspended over your tent, bright rainbows in the distance, and glistening lagoons at every corner. 


Breakfast at our tent in Chamba Camp, Diskit
Breakfast at our tent in Chamba Camp, Diskit 🙂


breakfast in the tent at The ultimate travelling camp
24 hour butler service and breakfast in the tent will leave you feeling pampered


Surreal rainbow over our luxury tent in Nubra Valley
Surreal rainbow over our tent in Nubra Valley – aah what a gorgeous corner of the world


we drove that road in Nubra Valley Ladakh
That road – we drove that road in Nubra Valley 🙂


We spent an entire afternoon walking around the campsite, floating and gliding in this magic land – staring at rainbows, watching the Ladakhi wind play games with our hair. Once tired, we came back to a memorable lunch of watermelon and feta salad, pan-seared scallops with cauliflower foam and sun-dried tomato concasse, lamb chops, and freshly-baked chocolate brownies. I treasure the memory of that lunch as a talisman, one that will always remind me of our sojourn in Ladakh. Look at the photo of our lunch table below – can you blame us for believing glamping adds a special sparkle to travelling to remote locations?


The thirst for experiencing new places – THIS is how it’s satiated!! 🙂


Luxury glamping lunch table at Nubra Valley
Our bespoke lunch table at The Ultimate Travelling Camp in the remote Nubra Valley. We had pan-seared scallops and a watermelon-feta salad to THIS view ??


luxury camping ladakh
Truly memorable glamping experience 🙂


Night sky at Chamba Camp Thiksey - thousands of stars and The Milky Way
Night sky at Chamba Camp Thiksey – thousands of stars and The Milky Way


Fact File

  • The Ultimate Travelling Camps at Camba Camp Thiksey and Chamba Camp Diskit are located in quiet locations with breath-taking views, away from traditional tourist trails. To us, this is what made them truly special.
  • As with most luxury hotels in India, you can expect top-notch hospitality and excellent food. The remote location does not get in the way of gastronomic delights served at the camps.
  • Book in advance as the camps run only from May- October and are usually sold out. We were there for 8 nights and it was booked to full capacity on most days.
  • We would suggest spending 3 nights at Chamba Camp Thiksey and 2 nights at Chamba Camp Diskit. Lookout for special deals and packages online before you book your stay.
  • This is camping at its most luxurious: tents boasts of four poster beds, heaters, hot showers, and decadent furnishings. It might be a camping site but expect all modern amenities of a luxury hotel.
  • The itinerary, customised by The Ultimate Travelling Camp, gives guests a chance to relish local delicacies and visit local temples and monasteries, giving them a chance to acquaint them with the locals’ way of life
  • There is no wifi in the tents but there is wifi available at the reception. Wifi in Ladakh is through satellite, so do not except super-fast speeds but it was satisfactory (even for an internet fiend like me!)
  • Little touches like bedtime stories and chocolates, 24 hour butler service,jasmine-scented toiletries, bespoke meals, and Ladakh’s monasteries glimmering in the afternoon sun make a stay at The Ultimate Travelling Camp truly special
  •  Packages start at £1500/person. More information on their website



luxury camping chamba camp thiksey
Our tent at Chamba Camp Thiksey by night 🙂


The ultimate travelling camp ladakh
Sweet dreams are made of these 😉



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We were guests of Cox and Kings at TUTC. We are 2 extremely opinionated ninjas, so all opinions (good, bad, and hyperbolic) are our own. Read our Disclosure Policy for further information.

42 thoughts on “Luxury Camping at The Ultimate Travelling Camp, Ladakh

    1. Thanks Shilpa – just goes to prove a vacation in India can be as decadent and scenic as anywhere else in the world 🙂

    1. Hey Rachel – that was my exact reaction. The lunch was a wee surprise arranged by the staff at the glamping site and I just didn’t want it to end!

  1. I haven’t been camping for so long and my husband is not a fan, but I think with this luxury experience under the stars I may be able to persuade him :))

    1. He’ll definitely love glamping Lubka – I’m not a big fan of camping either but can definitely get on board with this kinda camping 😉

    1. Thanks Claire – I think all of us need to keep reminding ourselves of that in this crazy fast-paced world 🙂

    1. Hey Rhian – I’m exactly the same. I’ve been glamping tonsb ut Chamba Camp Thiksey might have changed my view of luxury camping forever as well 😉

    1. Thanks a million – we loved our stay at The Ultimate Travelling Camp. Those lanterns were everything 🙂

    1. Driving to Ladakh is a truly special experience Rachel and our stay at The Ultimate Travelling Camp was the cherry on top Rachel. Hope you make it there sometime 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton – isn’t it stunning? We loved our time at The Ultimate Travelling Camp, Leh so much, just didn’t want to leave 🙂

  2. Hi savi,
    M planning a girls trip to ladakh via Srinagar. So vl it be safe to hire a rental cab from srinagar to leh or should we opt for jksrtc deluxe volvo?

    1. Hey Erica,

      Rental cab should be fine and safe, but it’d be best to check the conditions closer to your trip. The advantage of having a rental cab will be that you can stop when you want and also take detours along the way if you so wish.

      Have a great trip!

  3. Hi, have you out up an itinerary on Leg Ladakh yet ? I can’t find it on the website. Please help.
    Found other very useful articles and some truly magical photos though. You guys are goals!!!

    1. Funny you say that – it’s in the first section of this article 🙂 All the links you’ll need – hope you find them useful 🙂

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