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Are you ready to step into a time-machine?

Ready? Let’s go

Imagine tip-toeing tentatively into theย ancient capital of Petra. Sandstone cliffs and crags surround the city on all sides.

The size of the cliffs is bound to overwhelm. Here’s a photo to give you an idea of what we’re talking about –


Petra planning your visit
Aah perspective – Notice the size of the people?


On entering, a long walk takes one through a jagged gorge, The Siq. Suddenly the narrow dusty passage-way gives way to a larger opening and one can see the facade of Petra’s most famous building, one that even made it to Indiana Jones -the Treasury. It is a jaw-dropping moment, if ever there was one!


Guide to Petra 9
The Treasury – first view


For once, a building lives up to the hype. The stark lines of the columns of the Treasury against the jagged peaks makes for a stunning visual, one that will remain with you for a long time.

Petra was once the capital of the The Nabateans, a tribe of Arabian nomads. In the first century AD, Petra was home to over 30,000 people. A massive earthquake destroyed the city and all that’s left today are compelling ruins of the buildings that once stood proud.

As one explores the tombs, dens, cave-houses, and canyons, the one thing that stands out is the colour of the rocks – they are pink, red, and mustard all at once.


Petra planning your visit 9
Overcrowded? ๐Ÿ˜‰
Petra planning your visit 4
The Urn Tomb

Fact File

  • Where to go – Fly into Amman Airport, Petra is about 250 kms away
  • Where to stay – Stay in Wadi Musa, a small town close to Petra. You can opt for hostels, mid-range hotels, or bedouin camps.
  • Planning your tripย – The Petra Archaeological Park is huge, so allow at least 2 days to explore it.
  • Expenses – There are a number of options starting at ยฃ44 for a day ticket and ยฃ48 for a 2 day ticket (as of September 2013)
  • What to carry – Carry snacks and water as there is only 1 kiosk in the area.
  • When to go – Avoid visited the site during summer (June – August) as it can get very hot.
  • What to do – There are a number of hiking opportunities in the area.
  • Make sure you spend some time exploring one of the world’s most dramatic stretches of desert in Wadi Rum


Petra’s grandeur is comparable only to the Wonders of the World such as the Pyramids of Egypt. Grandiose doesn’t even begin to describe it. Click on the photos below to discover, albeit virtually, the majestic ruins of Petra –


[nggallery id=9]


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21 thoughts on “Petra: The Lost City in the Heart of Jordan

  1. woww..what a view..dis place luks awsmmm..thank you guys for dis amazing post..d pics speaks a lot abt d place d way u hav describe..:)

  2. Great post, guys! I’d also suggest walking up to the far end of the city, up to the Monastery (Al Deir), especially when the park has just opened early in the morning; you’ll probably be the only one there, and you have great views over the mountains towards Israel.

    1. We walked up to the Monastery at midday and there were too many tourists around. I can only imagine how amazing it must be early in the morning. Thanks for the tip – will share it with our readers too ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have to be honest. Jordan is like my land version of Atlantis. It’s majestic. It’s beautiful. It’s like a hidden treasure found only by people who deserves it. Thanks for the photos and this blog. They’re really awesome!

    1. Yenny I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed reading it. You’re right, Jordan is really special. A lot of tourists visit the country each year, yet it continues to have a mysterious, hidden quality to it.

  4. Gorgeous photos: they really bring up the beauty of the place. About the Indian Jones crush: here in Venice I also say to friends who are visiting about a church where a scene was filmed. In the movie they go inside the church, but it’s a library in the film, and they look for clues about the graal, then they find a cross on the floor.

  5. Hi there Savi and Vid
    Petra is most certainly on my wishlist. However there are certain myths surrounding the stamping of passports and specific countries not allowing you entry if you have an Israeli stamp. I have tried doing some research on this aspect and cannot find any up to date information. What was your experience when it came to stamping your passports?
    Thanks so much for your time.
    Enjoy the States!

    1. Hey Harpreet – yes that’s true! We got our Israeli visa on an A4 sheet of paper to avoid future complications. When you do decide to visit Israel, you can request the consulate to issue your visa on a piece of paper instead of your passport ๐Ÿ™‚

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