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Written by Savi, 15 Comments

If you’ve been reading Bruised Passports for a while, you have probably witnessed some serious swooning over Cruise Holidays. In fact one of our very first posts was on Cruises. We’re convinced Cruises provide the perfect break – stunning vistas, exotic destinations, scrumptious food, and rooms with perfect views. Seriously who can argue with a room that looks onto the ocean?

Budget Cruise Deals

Of course a holiday such as this comes at a price. Cruise holidays are notorious for being expensive, but that doesn’t have to be true. You should just know where to look. We highly recommend searching portals that offer budget cruise deals such as Travelzoo before you book your cruise.

In fact, we’re eyeing a couple of Mediterranean Cruises at the minute. Of course it would be blasphemous to fantasise about endless days of sunbathing and sampling culinary delights without sharing it with you. If we’re day-dreaming (read browsing cruise deals) at work, so should you 😉 So we thought we would put together a photo-essay of some of our favourite dishes we’ve had on cruise ships.

Cruises often get a bad rap for queues at buffet meals, but did you know that most cruise-ships offer elaborate 7 course sit-down dinners? Since the price of these meals is included in the cost of your cruise holiday, it’s the perfect way to unleash the gourmand in you and take your taste-buds on the trip of a lifetime.

Let’s begin by setting the stage for gourmet excellence. How about a bottle of wine and a bread-basket overflowing with freshly-baked granary rolls?


Budget Cruise Deals dining


Budget Cruise Deals


Is your tummy rumbling yet? It must be time for Hor d’oeuvres. Here are some of the starters we had 🙂

  • Grilled vegetable terrine with plum gelée and balsamic reduction

Budget Cruise Deals food

  • Seafood salad with fresh mango and bacon

Budget Cruise Deals food

  • Bresaola and goat’s cheese on a bed of lettuce

Budget Cruise Deals food

  • Semolina quiche

Budget Cruise Deals dining

  • Antipasti Platter – Prosciutto ham with mozzarella and crusty bread

Budget Cruise Deals dining dinner

  • Mediterranean mussel salad with a parsley glaze

Budget Cruise Deals dining starter

  •  Beef tartare with truffle and asparagus granola

Budget Cruise Deals dining 6



Starters over? It must be time for the Pasta Course

  • Spaghetti with clams in a white wine sauce (Before)

Budget Cruise Deals dining Pasta

  • Spaghetti with clams in a white wine sauce (After 😉 )

Budget Cruise Deals dining food



Phew! Onto the main-course

  • Sample menu

Budget Cruise Deals dining 5

  • Monkfish with parsley potatoes and vegetables

Budget Cruise Deals dining 10



The best part of the meal? The desserts of course 🙂

  • Traditional Sicilian Cassata 

Budget Cruise Deals dining

  • Chocolate semi-freddo with strawberry coulis

Budget Cruise Deals

  • Ricotta Cheesecake with raspberry coulis

Budget Cruise Deals



Finally- it’s time for the cheese course and some bubbles. Champagne and fromage – the perfect end to every meal?

Budget Cruise Deals dining menu


Budget Cruise Deals dining champagne


Budget Cruise Deals dining platter


Which is your favourite dish of the lot? Mine would have to be Beef Tartare while Savi’s is the Ricotta Cheesecake. Nom!


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15 thoughts on “Cruise Series: Fine Dining on a Budget

  1. My stomach is crumbling! Oh I so love the food presentation, how much more I would actually eat them all?! The cruise was so fab and is very fantastic! All the details about what trip you have been through is really great! Thanks a lot for sharing this. This is very fun! I love your photos!

  2. Hey really appreciate ur efforts to write all ur experiences in such manner.. They are of great help in guiding us to explore new places.. Me & husband have been to Bali, ubud was magical (it was wonderful experience) & last month we went to Dubai. On ur recommendation we went for dessert safari & spice & gold souk. Had Soo much. Thank you for putting it up Soo well..

    1. Thanks Jasleen , you just brightened up our day and brought joy to our hearts. We love it when readers travel to places after reading our posts and then get back to us. Big hugs to you!!

  3. I wanted to know is it possible to book our (holiday/ cruise) package on tavelzoo from India ??

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