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We’ve spent many months living and working in Bali over the last couple of years. As a result our website is fast turning into an encyclopaedia for Bali. We always recommend renting a villa or apartment if you are travelling to Bali for over a week but that’s not always suitable, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion or you want a luxurious holiday where everything is catered for!

Handara golf club and resort gates in Bali
Oh HOW We Love Bali!!

So when Expedia asked us to suggest our favourite romantic hotels in Bali, we knew we had to pick the most luxurious finds in Bali – perfect if you’re celebrating a special occasion or you’re in Bali for your honeymoon. From intimate to spacious, Expedia offers great hotel options in Bali for all getaways.

Here are 5 of our favourite hotels in Bali. We’ve tried to include pros and cons in each case, so it’s easy for you to make an informed decision for your special romantic getaway in Bali.

1) The Kayon Resort in Ubud

Think of this little gem as a small luxury hotel. Tucked away in the highlands of Bali in Ubud, Kayon Resort offers spacious rooms, many of which come with their own bath tubs and private pools. If you book a honeymoon at Kayon Resort, make sure you have a special meal at their al-fresco restaurant, which overlooks a waterfall. This location elevates even the simplest of meals to another level altogether. Despite being located in the heart of nature, The Kayon Resort is close to Ubud’s centre, so you have lots of local restaurants and markets at your disposal. Ubud’s rice terraces and a number of waterfalls are in the vicinity as well.

The only con here is that rooms at The Kayon tend to get sold out in advance, so you need to plan your trip and make your bookings well in advance. Secondly the prices tend to inflate a lot around peak periods – if that is the case, we’d suggest looking for a similar, yet better priced, hotel in the vicinity instead of dishing out a crazy sum for your room at The Kayon Resort. Some alternatives include Desa Visesa (gorgeous villas with private pools and floating breakfasts) and Maya Ubud (stunning spa and great rooms, but the vibe is more family-friendly than romantic)

Couple dining by a private waterfall in Bali
Gorgeous alfresco setting by a waterfall

2) The Edge in Uluwatu

If you want a mix of nature and beaches, then Uluwatu is the ideal area for you. There are several luxurious hotels that provide stunning views, with the beach at a stone’s throw and The Edge is one of the very best in the area. I’m sure you’ve seen photographs of the fabulous pool, perched over a cliff, at The Edge In Bali. It’s a gorgeous hotel, with modern architecture and a view to boot. Rooms are spacious, well-equipped, and have everything you could possibly need for your holiday. The hotel is adorned in shades of white, which automatically induces a sense of calm. Service is truly exceptional at The Edge and you’ll be wowed by the staff.

Drawbacks? If you enjoy partying and nightlife, then do beware The Edge is quite far from it all. In addition to this, its insta-famous pool is rarely ever empty! Everywhere you go, you’ll find guests scrambling to take photographs. So while it is amazing for photographs, it’s a downer if you’re looking for a relaxed swim. If relaxing or swimming in the pool is a priority for you, make sure you choose a villa with a personal pool.

Right on the Edge (photo courtesy

3) The W Hotel in Seminyak

Personally Seminyak and Kuta are our least favourite areas in Bali. However if you want to stay right in the midst of all the action – nightlife, partying, shopping – then Seminyak would be a good bet for you! There are a number of luxury hotels that provide respite from the packed streets and rowdy bars in Seminyak. The W Hotel is one of the best in the area. Excellent amenities and a large variety of dining and relaxing areas makes The W Hotel ideal for a honeymoon. It manages to provide a rare mix of easy accessibility and complete privacy, thanks to its spacious and gorgeous villas.

Cons? It’s quite a large hotel, so if you enjoy smaller and intimate properties, then The W Hotel is not for you. In addition to this, it tends to get really overcrowded and overpriced, especially during holidays and peak periods. If this is the case, we’d suggest looking for another hotel in the vicinity that provides better value for money. Two other luxurious hotels in the area that we would recommend are Ziva Boutique Hotel (intimate and perfect for couples) and Hotel Indigo (large hotel with excellent amenities).

The W Bali – right at the beach in Seminyak (photo:

4) The Mulia Suites in Nusa Dua

No list of best hotels in Bali would be complete without a mention of The Mulia Suites. If you want a thoroughly extravagant holiday (price no bar!), then this is for you. It is located in Nusa Dua, so you’re close to everything from shops and restaurants to bars and spas. But let me tell you, you will not feel like leaving The Mulia Suites for anything at all. This all-suite hotel is seductive, to say the very least. Its 111 rooms are spacious and equipped with everything you could possibly need. You will also have a butler on call. This carries onto most other aspects of the hotel, so you can expect indulgent luxury and excellent service everywhere you go at The Mulia Suites.

Do be careful not to book a room at The Mulia Resort, the sprawling counter part of The Mulia Suites as it lacks the intimate boutique feel that makes The Mulia Suites ideal for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. Drawbacks? We’ve seen better butler service at comparable resorts around the world. Also despite being the more intimate counterpart of The Mulia Resort, the hotel lacks that Indonesian character which makes boutique properties in Bali so special.

Mulia Resorts: Perfect if you’re after a super indulgent and luxurious honeymoon (photo courtesy

5) Wapa Di Ume Sidemen

This little gem is one of my favourite finds in Bali. If you want to go offbeat and are truly craving a peaceful honeymoon, then Wapa Di Ume in Sidemen is ideal for you. The gorgeous hotel is located in one of the quietest part of Bali. Rooms are spacious and overlook the highlands of Bali – you will wake up to paddy fields, mountains and chirping birds each day. The restaurant serves scrumptious grub. Wapa Di Ume Sidemen also has one of the most stunning spas in Bali – their massages aren’t my favourite but they do a great flower bath.

Their hit-n-miss massages bring me to the only other con of this hotel. Because Sidemen is one of the quietest areas of Bali, you’ll struggle to find local restaurants, bars, or markets here. So Wapa Di Ume isn’t for you if you like some hustle bustle during evenings but it is ideal if you want a true escape in the lap of Mother Nature.

Pool with view at Wapa Di Ume Sidement
We spent most of our time here 🙂 Look at that view

You can find this hotel on Expedia.

If you’re headed to Bali anytime soon, you must read our guide to Bali.

15 thoughts on “5 Best Luxury Hotels In Bali For Your Honeymoon(with pros and cons!)

  1. Try the ulin villas in seminyak.. amazing location.. even better service & a beautiful villa.. lacks a view though..

  2. Can you help with a iinerary to any place close to Bangkok – 3 nights. What’s good place to go. We have done Koh Samui, Phuket, phipi

  3. your hotels are very expensive , some good hotels with avg. price for bali both place kuta n ubud..? also is it good to travel in last week of august..?

    1. As the title suggests these are luxury hotels for honeymoons. Read our articles on Bali and you’ll find several affordable options, although we suggest renting an AirBNB in Bali ?

  4. Hey you could try going to Vietnam – you’ll love it 🙂 You’ll find a detailed itinerary on our website

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