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A dazzling paradise garlanded with frangipanis, sugarcane fields swaying in the sun, the palm-scented ocean, and golden sunsets every single day


Bula Vinaka is the phrase that greets you when you first land in Fiji!!


It literally translates to ‘a warm hello’ and boy do Fijians live up to their promise! Huge smiles and guitarists welcome guests at the airport – that is only expected from a tropical paradise where sarongs are the national dress! We work on Fiji time – slow and easyyyyy, the guards at the airport tell us. We’re exhausted from the flight but feel buoyed by the music and smiles despite the long queues at the airport!
Little did we know that this exact uplifting energy and the constant feeling of warm blue water enveloping us would lull us into living on Fiji time for the next fortnight!! The pace of life is slower in this Republic of 333 islands and happiness seems to be the motto. Fiji truly soothes the soul.


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Highlights of a visit to Fiji

  • Majestic sunsets
  • Bluest of blue waters and some of the best secluded beaches in the world
  • The world’s best snorkelling and diving spots.
  • A chance to interact with locals and explore the bustling markets of one of the most far-flung archipelagos of the world


Couple on secluded beach in Fiji
Have you ever seen beaches like this?


The colour of the water around the Fiji Islands is everything!
The colour of the water around the Fiji Islands is everything!


So many smiles – visiting a local school in Fiji


sunset in Outrigger Resort Viti Levu Fiji
Glorious sunsets every single day!!


night skies in Fiji
Palm trees and hundreds of stars – night skies in Fiji


Paradise 🙂


Getting There

Fiji is a short and reasonable flight away from most cities in Australia and New Zealand. We combined it with our road trip in New Zealand. You will fly into the city of Nadi on Viti Levu, the largest island of the Fijian archipelago.We paid £160 for a one-way flight from Sydney to Nadi and £200 for the flight from Nadi to Auckland. A holiday in the Fiji Islands makes for the perfect honeymoon or romantic getaway but it’s great for families too. We saw loads of young kids and parents everywhere 🙂


Itinerary for Fiji

We sampled a whole lot of experiences in Fiji as we were there for almost 2 weeks but we feel one week is perfect to explore Fiji. We suggest staying in Viti Levu, the largest island, for 2-3 days and taking a 3-4 day long cruise around little Fijian Islands to explore deserted beaches, little villages, and some of the prettiest snorkelling and diving spots in the entire world.


Ideal for a romantic getaway. Dinners in Fiji islands look a bit like..
Ideal for a romantic getaway. Dinners in Fiji islands look a bit like..


Fiji itinerary crystal clear water
Those sparkling waters – enough to tempt anyone to put Fiji on their bucket list!


Accommodation in Viti Levu, Fiji

We loved our stay at Outrigger Resorts in Maldives, so we chose to stay with Outrigger Resorts in Fiji as well. The sprawling resort with over 200 rooms is situated right on the beach and is perfect for both families and couples. Try to opt for the beach facing bure (bungalow), that comes with a hammock. Guests are served canapés and champagne in their bungalow every evening and moorish post-dinner nibbles and liqueur with turndown service every night – nom 🙂


The hotel’s Bebe spa does complete justice to the idyllic beachside location of Outrigger Fiji. It is perched on a hill overlooking the entire resort. We sampled their signature couples treatment. It kicked off with an indulgent scrub using the in-house coconut and sugar polish. A traditional Fijian bobo massage with coconut oil followed. We wrapped up with a milk bath accompanied by champagne, strawberries & chocolates – mmm so relaxing.


We found the breakfast buffet at the hotel a bit lacklustre and rushed. However we loved Ivi Restaurant at Outrigger Fiji. It’s one of the best fine dining restaurants in Fiji and has won numerous accolades. We started the meal with their signature Fijian kokoda (marinated mahi mahi fillet combined with diced onions, cucumber, tomatoes, spices, and coconut milk) and BBQ King Prawns. The sumptuous entrées were followed by a light amuse bouche. The tangy lemon and lime sorbet was perfect to cleanse the palate between courses. For main course, Vid had the signature rack of lamb rubbed with Fijian spices while I had their poached red snapper on a bed of curry made from coconut cream, crab meat, and sweet potatoes. It was served with Fijian Cassava chips – nom! It was one of our favourite meals in Fiji. We’d definitely recommend dropping by Ivi Restaurant for a special meal even if you’re staying elsewhere on the island.

You can find more details about the hotel here.


An overview of Outrigger Beach Resort, Viti Levu, Fiji
An overview of Outrigger Beach Resort, Viti Levu, Fiji
Our beach facing bure at Outrigger Fiji one week itinerary fiji island
Our beach facing bure at Outrigger Fiji


Beach bure outrigger Fiji
Our gorgeous beach bure 🙂


hammock at outrigger fiji
Loungers outside our beach-side bure (bungalow) in fiji


girl at outrigger resort fiji
Hammock, champagne, book – SORTED 🙂


snorkelling at the beach at Outrigger Fiji
Vid off for a spot of snorkelling at the beach at Outrigger Fiji


Fijian kokoda one week itinerary
Signature Fijian kokoda – fish, lemon juice, and salad – SO good 🙂


Outrigger resort viti levu spa
We highly recommend the clifftop Bebo Spa if you’re ever in Fiji for indulgent treatments and gorgeous views


girl at spa at outrigger fiji
Milk bath, champagne, and strawberries overlooking this gorgeous landscape!


Day Trips from Viti Levu, Fiji

If you decide to stay in Viti Levu  for 2-3 days, then you’ll definitely want to explore the island a bit. There are a number of day trips available in the vicinity including zip-lining tours, day-long cruises to nearby islands, hikes, and walking tours. Make sure you go snorkelling as Viti Levu is known as the coral capital of the world.


We sampled a couple of day trips in Fiji but the one we loved the most was The Sigatoka River Safari. The exciting jet boat tour takes visitors to the real interiors and gives tourists a chance to experience the real Fiji. A long boat ride takes visitors to a series of village nestled within the countryside. Our tour took us to a tiny Fijian village called Nalebaleba village through a steep muddy track. Our guide Simon showed us around the village and made us meet the village elders before taking us to a local school. At the school we met so many kids and spent the entire afternoon laughing, dancing, and playing with them.


The other guests in our group loved the adventurous 360 degree turns engineered by our guide during our journey back on the river but I just couldn’t get the village kids’ happy faces out of my mind 🙂

Visiting a tiny Fijian village with SIgatoka River Safari
Visiting a tiny Fijian village with SIgatoka River Safari


Visiting a tiny Fijian village with SIgatoka River Safari
So many smiles – aah what a day 🙂


Fiji itinerary kids at sigatoka river safari
Vid goofing around with the kids – they loved his camera and wouldn’t let go 🙂


1 week itinerary fiji islands kids
Heart-melting cuteness right here!!


Sigatoka river safari village kids fiji itinerary
I still can’t get these faces out of my mind 🙂


A cruise exploring the Fiji Islands

Imagine yourself sitting on a deserted beach sipping water out of the green coconut you’ve picked off a tree. Wait, let me help you visualise it better. The scene will look something like this 🙂


girl on deserted beach in Fiji during one week trip
Secluded beaches on tiny islands in Fiji


The best way to experience a bunch of tiny Fijian islands and wake up to a new beach every day is to take a cruise around the Fiji islands. Cruise boats in Fiji are nothing like Mediterranean or Caribbean cruise ships. They’re much smaller so they can visit the tiniest of islands in the archipelago.


Sailing with Captain Cook was our first taste of boutique cruising and we rather liked the informal, intimate nature of the cruise – the smaller size of the vessel gives passengers a chance to make loads of friends on the boat. It’s possible to opt for a 3-4 day cruise of The Mamanuca Islands (pronounced Mamanutha), a collection of 20 gorgeous sand-fringed islands set amidst blue waters inside the Z barrier reef. This is where the movie Castaway was shot. Opting for a cruise to Mamanuca Islands means stunning beaches, traditional Fijian villages, and gorgeous panoramas. You could also opt for a 3-4 day cruise of The Yasawa Islands. These have volcanic origins and boast of laid-back sandy beaches, glimmering waters, and hikes through lush forests and cliffs. Each short cruise offers the perfect introduction to Fijian culture : everything from village visits to school choirs, school visits to Lovo feasts, Meke dances to watersports is on the itinerary. The best part? Unlike other cruises, all excursions are included in the cost of the cruise itself.


We sampled both Captain Cook cruises and found it hard to pick a favourite. We loved Monuriki Island, where Tom Hanks’ Castaway was shot; Monu Island, an idyllic island with gorgeous views; the Blue Lagoon, and countless other tiny islands in the Fijian archipelago.

one week fiji itinerary yasawa islands
Our cruise ship docked at one of the Yasawa islands


Captain cook cruises port Fiji
It’s hard to pick favourites when every island looks a bit like this!!


girl on Captain cook cruises fiji
Best office ever eh?! 🙂


Witnessing a traditional Fijian Kava ceremony on Captain cook cruises fiji
Witnessing a traditional Fijian Kava ceremony at one of the cruise ports


It being Fiji, the Captain is relaxed and can be seen socialising with guests in a sarong (what else!). This is something that stood out during the length of our stay on Captain Cook’s boat – staff and service was truly exceptional. We ended up making friends with everyone from Pavol (the hospitality manager!) to Ben (the diving instructor!). We also loved listening to Poni, the ship’s crooner, belt out fantastic tunes during lunches and dinners. The pace of the cruise is extremely laid back and food is in keeping with this. The buffets are a spread of Fijian curries, salads, and fruits – adequate but not ostentatious. This isn’t the place to expect gourmet dining! However if you’re celebrating a special occasion, do opt for a romantic meal overlooking the gorgeous waters of the Fijian archipelago. Time it to coincide with the sunset! 🙂


But let me come to the pièce de résistance – Fiji’s absolutely sensational islands. Every day the boat docks in a new island. Guests can observe marine life from a glass-bottomed boat, enjoy Fiji’s crystalline waters, laze at hidden beaches, go snorkelling, swimming with dolphins, or scuba diving. We woke up to new and gorgeous panoramas every single day. One day we actually woke up to baby sharks swimming outside our cabin – well and truly fabulous!


captain cook cruise cabin fiji islands
There’s nothing better than waking up to new panoramas every day 🙂


Captain cook cruise fiji islands
We woke up to playful baby sharks swimming outside our cabin one day 🙂


A romantic dinner overlooking one of Fiji's legendary sunsets on board Captain Cook Cruises
A romantic dinner overlooking one of Fiji’s legendary sunsets on board Captain Cook Cruises


The ship's Captain Simon in a sarong, the national dress of Fiji - we love the laid-back rhythm of life in Fiji
The ship’s Captain Simon in a sarong, the national dress of Fiji – we love the laid-back rhythm of life in Fiji


Fiji has a rich cultural history and its worth acquainting oneself with customs and traditions of the islands. One of the most prominent rituals is the kava ceremony. Captain Cook’s Cruise provided multiple opportunities for sampling kava, a mildly intoxicating drink made from the root of the peppermint tree. An elaborate ceremony heralds the consumption of kava from a communal bowl or coconut shell (bilo) while all participants sit together in a circle.

Do make sure you participate in Meke, a celebration involving song and dance performed by Fijian villagers. If you enjoy acquainting yourself with local food, then a traditional Fijian Lovo feast is a must. The cruise gives you a chance to just that. Taste food that is made in a Lovo, an earth oven lined with heat-resistant stones. Food wrapped in banana leaves is placed on heated stones, placed in the pit, and covered with soil. Once cooked, it’s ready to be eaten. We tasted lots of meals and vegetables at the Lovo feast organised by Captain Cook but two dishes we loved were palusami (parcels of taro leaves saturated with coconut milk) and dalo (Taro).
This wasn’t all. Over the course of 7 days we saw school choirs perform, met villagers, swam and snorkelled, visited local schools, spent countless hours lying on dreamy beaches, and acquired a tan. When the crew members finally got together to sing the national farewell song – Isa Lei – for all the guests who had spent 7 days on board Captain Cook’s boat, I wasn’t the only one with watery eyes.
Fiji we’ll be back for those smiles 🙂

couple on captain cook cruise fiji
Cruise evenings 🙂


meal on captain cook cruise fiji
Meal with a view – yes please!!


couple on captain cook cruises fiji
Most days I treat Vid well. On others however…. 😉


girl wearing Fijian sarong and shell-necklace for a cultural evening on board the captain cook cruise ship
Fijian sarong and shell-necklace for a cultural evening on board the cruise ship 🙂


Captain cook cruise port stop fiji
Playing with li’l kids and villages at one of the islands


Flying Back from Fiji Islands

We checked out of our cruise ship after breakfast but we had a late night flight. We were a bit flummoxed about how we would while away 12 hours, luggage and all. It was on a locals’ recommendation that we discovered the Essence of Fiji Rejuvenation Centre and Transit Lounge. It’s a really cool facility we’d love to see in other countries too. The lounge houses a cafe, a well-equipped gym, an excellent spa, and even a couple of hotel rooms for travellers with flights at odd hours. Of course, it’s close to the airport and there is a free-shuttle service available. Definitely something to keep in mind if you have a flight at an odd hour or have some time to while away before your flight back home 🙂

1 week itinerary fiji islands
The coolest transit lounge facility ever!


Fiji Fact File

  • The Fiji Islands are one of the most far-flung islands in the world. This makes them truly special.
  • A number of small Fijian Islands are home to exclusive luxury resorts, perfect for honeymooners.
  • Try to attend a traditional Kava Ceremony and sample a Lovo Feast in Fiji.
  • Spend 2-3 nights in Viti Levu before hopping onto a cruise.
  • Captain Cook Cruises offer a perfect introduction to Fijian culture : everything from village visits to school visits, Lovo feats to Meke dances, and snorkeling to diving is on the menu.
  • All excursions and meals are included in the cost of the cruise
  • Choose from a cruise to The Mamanuca Islands or The Yasawa Islands. We sampled both and met a lot of guests who chose to stay on the boat for 1 week and combine both cruise itineraries.
  • Make sure you go snorkelling and diving in Fiji.
  • Carry stationery for local schools. Most schools do not accept money but love getting stationery for the kids.


Sigatoka river safari fiji itinerary
These adorable faces- this is what we’ll remember of Fiji 🙂


girl on deserted beach in Fiji during one week trip
And these deserted beaches, with palm trees, and THOSE waters


Love cruises as much as we do? Read all our cruise experiences here!

It’s easy to combine a trip to the Fiji Islands with a Road Trip in New Zealand




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    1. Yay – that’s our mission accomplished then Ashima. We really enjoyed our time in Fiji SO much 🙂

  1. Wow this is an amazing post! Loved every bit of it! 😀 oh and how the pic with the caption “Our cruise ship docked at one of the Yasawa islands” clicked? Was it with a drone?

      1. Hey Harshavardhan,

        Thanks! Glad you like the post 🙂

        I clicked this photo from the top of a mountain we had hiked one fine morning 🙂


  2. Stunning photos – makes me want to head straight back there. I would have loved to have spent a bit more time exploring the different parts of Fiji. There are so many islands that I feel as though I only saw one corner. We spent 10 days on the Yasawa Islands, which was very backpacker-orientated (though fantastic once we got away from the big resorts and started staying in smaller family-run places, often with the whole place almost to ourselves). A bit like you, I just couldn’t get over the colour of the water! Such a jaw-dropping shade of turquoise!

    1. Sounds amazing Katie -Fiji is so stunning, even more you when one has the entire place to oneself! I had no idea the Yasawas had that many hotels on them – which islands were you on? 🙂

    2. Thats silly. Youre not correct. Two weeks is very little time to explore. You didnt get off the islands to explore it seems like.

      1. Hey Ivy – each to their own I guess.

        We spend entire months at the destinations we visit but a lot of our readers are urban professionals who only get a few weeks off every year. We feel a week is enough for them to get a taster of Fiji and all it has to offer because it allows them to explore Viti Levu, Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.

  3. Truly a paradise. Can’t get enough of the pics. Keep posting more of Fiji on Instagram, it truly makes one’s day looking at all the nature’s breathtaking beauty 🙂
    Kudos on planning the best possible itinerary! (I’m guessing the credits should go to Savi? :))

  4. Hey Vid and Savi, I recently started following your page referred by my friend, and oh boy…what fanstastic pics, engaging posts, lovely chemistry and creative venture….you guys are real inspiration…keep rocking

    1. Hey Sasha – flights to Fiji cost us about £300 per head. Once there, good hotels cost approximately £100/head and cruises start at £700 🙂

  5. Wow the beach is looking fabulous i never that kind of beach where water and sky color match. I only seen when i search beach wallpaper, never imagine that we can found in real world too.

    1. Hey Rohit – Fiji is a stunning island paradise. I’ve never seen that colour of water before either 🙂

  6. I absolutely love your blogs and having been researching it to decide on where we (my fiance and me)would want to go for honeymoon….. If it isn’t too much to ask can you suggest few countries that would be great to visit in February!!! Some place other than Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand and Singapore…. And some place where average temp is 20 deg Celsius or more…. Looking to pick your brains!!!

    1. Hey Sneha – you could consider the Canary Islands in Spain, Phu Quoc, Vietnam or Marrakech, Morocco 🙂

    1. Thanks Ana 🙂 Fiji’s blue was definitely the bluest sea I’ve seen in my life. It’s one helluva place!

    1. Hey Abi – tell me about it. We didn’t want to leave those pristine blue waters behind even after spending 2 weeks in the area 🙂

    1. Thanks a ton Laalaa – visiting local schools in Fiji was definitely the highlight of our entire trip to the area 🙂 So much fun

    1. I think Fiji is really underrated amongst travellers in UK. It takes a while to get there, but it’s totally worth it 🙂

  7. this looks absolutely stunning!!!!!!! i’d love to go somewhere like fuji, just look at the water and the beach and the culture. having a serious case of wanderlust after this blog x

    1. Thanks Sam – I have to confess Fiji’s beaches are the prettiest I’ve ever seen – and I’ve travelled a fair bit 🙂

  8. Wow, what spectacular photos, it looks like paradise. The picture of the baby sharks is fantastic as well as those of the children. What an amazing time you must have had.

    1. Thanks Sarah – so happy to hear you enjoyed it. There are so many amazing things to do in Fiji, but we were really glad with the ones we finally chose 🙂

  9. My god!!! This place looks out of this world!! Amazing photos!!!! I’m so jealous! Shame that the breakfast buffet wasn’t that great but the place more than makes up for that!

  10. I am dying to visit somewhere like Fiji, but my partner and I have just bought a house so no travelling for me 🙁

    1. It is hard (and expensive) to get to Fiji from UK – that’s why we waited to combine it with our trip to Australia. Where did you finally go for your honeymoon? 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarahjane – Fiji exceeded all expectations we had of it. Truly a tropical paradise like no other 🙂

    1. Hey Justin,

      Thanks! Well, it depends on what you’re after. If you want pure luxury, Maldives is the one. If you want some local experiences mixed with luxury, then Fiji Islands are perfect 🙂

  11. Hello Savi & Vid,

    Great Post on Fiji! Me and my finance’ are planning to go there next year in May and need some suggestions from you guys. We are planning to be there for 2 weeks, below is our sample itinerary:

    Date Place
    May 25th LA
    May 27th NADI (FIJI)
    May 28th NADI (FIJI)
    May 29th NADI (FIJI)
    May 30th Tokoriki
    May 31st Tokoriki
    June 1st Cruise
    June 2nd Cruise
    June 3rd Cruise
    June 4th Cruise
    June 5th
    June 6th
    June 7th
    June 8th
    June 9th Leave NADI (9:40pm) / Reach LAX 1:25 pm PT

    My questions are:
    – what do you suggest that we do from 5th-8th? Any island that we can visit?
    – Also, what’s the best and cheapest way to commute between islands?
    – 4-day cruise is good enough for us, we believe. Do you recommend cutting the trip short?
    – We want to book our flights via points and most of the reward sites don’t allow booking before 330 days of travel. We are getting LAX-NADI direct flights for around 850 USD, do you recommend waiting or buying them right now?

    1. Hi Kartik,

      Your itinerary looks great and you could actually cut out the 3 days from the trip if you so wish. A 4 day cruise is enough 🙂

      As for the flights, to be honest it’s your decision to make. Flight prices are unpredictable and there is no right or wrong time to book. We usually book our flights 6-8 weeks before the travel date (95% of the times).

      Hope that helps. Have a great trip 🙂

  12. Hello Savi & Vid,

    Your pictures are just amazing!! Could you please recommend islands, beaches for my honeymoon in July.. We are looking for a peaceful destination? Fiji was one of our options, but found the flights taking approx 20 hours..I could not find any of your posts on Krabi..Can you please share your insights.. Thanks much!!

  13. your article brings back so many memories from my visit to Fiji! I went there last year and I left a piece of my heart there – the landscapes, the people, the food, everything was simply outstanding. I especially loved diving at the Great Astrolabe Reef , those corals were out of this world.
    Fiji is a little bit of paradise, and I am so happy you have done it justice through your writing. thank you!

  14. Hi Savi and Vid,

    This itinerary looks amazing! Me and my husband would like to visit NZ and Fiji at the end of this year. I had a quick question – summertime in NZ is also wet season and cyclone season in Fiji – when did you both travel to Fiji? Any ideas on how bad or how wet the weather actually gets during this time? It seems best to do NZ during the warmer summer months but ideally we don’t want it to be miserable and rainy for our entire stay in Fiji either. Would appreciate your help! Thanks so much! xx

    1. Hey Maneet,

      We combined our trips to New Zealand and Fiji. We were in Fiji end January and New Zealand right after. Although we did encounter some rainfall in Fiji but nothing to spoil our trip.

  15. Great post guys and amazing pictures! So much easier and better than going to a trip advisor! Had a couple of questions though..

    a. I was going through the Captain Cooks cruises website and they have a day cruise option as well. Which one do you think would be better – the day cruise or the 4 day one which you guys took?

    b. Me and my wife, we live in HK. How many days would you recommend to cover Fiji? We would need to knock out a couple of days for the flight to and fro from HK (its almost a 10 hour something flight from here). Will 7-8 days suffice?

    Thanks for the help and great blog again!

    1. Hey Rajiv,

      If you can, go for the 4 day cruise – in fact if you can, go for the week long one. It covers some amazing islands. 8 days should be great 🙂

      Have a great trip

      1. Thanks, and how about travelling within Viti Levu? Public transport? Visiting there, this December 🙂

          1. Hey Pratik – we did not get a SIM card in Fiji and relied on wifi. However you can easily purchase one at the airport or various shops in the city 🙂

  16. hey these are amazing pictures. At what time did you visit Fiji?
    I am planning to go there from end of May to June for about 4 weeks. Do you think it’s a good time to go?
    Or would you prefer other months?


    1. Hi Ben,

      We have been there twice now – once in Feb and once in June – June was absolutely fine so you shouldn’t face any issues.

  17. Hi Savi and Vid,

    I am planning my honeymoon in New Zealand & then to Fiji something like you guys travel. 10-12 days NZ & then 5-7 days Fiji from 12 Feb to month end first NZ & then Fiji.. I have 1 question as you guys travel during same time does Fiji have good weather? I read in some articles that it rains in Feb & there are chances of cyclone as well? Bcoz in Fiji we are planning to do good Scuba dive & snorkeling.. Please suggest if weather will be good in Fiji for these activities & to enjoy good time.
    Loved your NZ and Fiji itinerary..

    1. Hi Pratik,

      Thanks for your message. Yes it can rain a bit in Feb in Fiji but when we were there it was absolutely fine and we ended up snorkelling everyday 🙂

      Have a great trip and share photos with us

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