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Once upon a time, we spent a very cold Easter in Prague. The grey skies and fog clouding Charles Bridge was enough to induce depression.

There is only one way of coping with such dreary weather (besides devouring endless cups of creamy hot chocolate) – pulling out the brights of course.  A bright red overcoat came to my rescue. I combined it with a blue bodycon skirt. I wanted to stick to the same colour palette, so I opted for a top in the exact same colour as the skirt. The polka dots lend a bit of interest to the outfit.

I kept the accessories neutral – a tan bag, brown boots, and a simple gold necklace. The black beret was an afterthought – after all, nobody likes the grumpiness that accompanies frozen ears. Even reminiscing about this day is enough to make me feel cold. Brrrr….

Skirt – New Look

Top – Oasis

Overcoat – Dorothy Perkins

Bag -Dorothy Perkins

Cap – H&M 

Scrabble Ring – Ebay ( I wore the same one here, but styled it differently)

Packing for Prague
Winter Brights
Packing for Prague 6
Winter Brights


Packing for Prague 4
Winter Brights


Packing for Prague 5
Winter Brights


Packing for Prague 8
Winter Brights


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14 thoughts on “Add A Dash Of Colour

  1. I definitely agree that brights help in lift up the mood in winters. I’ve bought a pale pink coat for this winter and I can’t wait to wear it!

  2. Love the bright and beautiful outfits you have on your trips. As a fellow Travel and Style blogger, I have to say the toughest part for me is trying to persuade my non-photographer boyfriend to take pictures of me while we travel. Am jealous you have a partner who doesn’t mind the snaps needed for a good pic =)

    1. Hehe, yes. Vid is the exact opposite. He loves taking photos, and there’s no stopping him when something tickles his fancy 😉

  3. Hey hi,
    Awesome pics. I will be going to Leh for an ice trek. Can you please suggest how can i glam up in rugged chilled weather while trekking.

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