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Written by Savi, 18 Comments

Since our Ultimate Guide to Packing for Conservative Countries and hotter climes was such a hit with you guys, I thought I would put together something similar on packing for the chilly European winter.


If you thought it was challenging to pack for conservative countries, wait till you start packing for the European winter. It can be potentially arduous to look half-decent while your body is weighed by dozens of woollens. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough of looking bedraggled during winter.


Swathing your body in black might be the easiest way to look put together during  winter, but it’s no fun 🙂 So without further ado, here are 1o items you could incorporate in your winter wardrobe this year. These items are essential if you are packing for the European winter or braving chilly weather in any other part of the world.


#1 A Pair of Bright Shorts

Shorts are perfect for layering with tights, and add a pop of colour while keeping you warm.


packing for the European winter
Bright Shorts


#2 Colour-pop socks

A lot of us gravitate towards blacks and greys during winter. Bright socks are the perfect way to brighten up an otherwise dull ensemble. Come winter, I love wearing bright socks with my summer sandals and wedges.

packing for the European winter
Colour-pop Socks


#3 Your Summer Clothes

Don’t pack your summer clothes away just because the weather’s turned. It’s such fun to pair summer neons with winter greys and blacks to lend a bit of colour to the proceedings. Here’s some inspiration –

packing for the European winter
Summer Neons for Winter


packing for the European winter
Summer Neons for Winter

You can find the details of this outfit in our post on Bratislava, Slovakia


#4 A Warm Hat

Cossacks, beanies, bobble-hats – the possibilities are endless. Choose a snuggly hat that reflects your individual style while keeping your head and ears warm.

packing for the European winter
The two of us – bobble kind of love 🙂


packing for the European winter
Cossacks are perfect for winter


#5 A Blanket, seriously!

When all else fails take your favourite shawl or fleecy throw and wrap it around yourself. Fasten it in place with a belt and voila, you have the warmest poncho ever!  That’s how you get snug as a bug in a rug 😉

packing for the European winter
Snug Poncho


#6 Prints

A relatively monochromatic colour-scheme gives you the freedom to play with prints. Florals, stripes, polka-dots – there is no dearth of options.

packing for the European winter
Go Print Crazy


 #7 Bright Tights

Bright tights are the perfect way to infuse some colour into bland winter outfits. Make sure you opt for thick tights instead of flimsy ones. I wore this pair to Greenwich Park on a frosty fall morning.

packing for the European winter
Bright Tights


#8 A Bright Coat

The best way to cope with dreary weather? Fish out your bright coat :-). Hop over to our post on packing for Prague for outfit details.

Bright Coat
A Bright Coat


#9 A Boyfriend Blazer

Blazers are perfect for Autumnal days when there is a slight nip in the air. I bought this one online at Zalando. I combined it with boots and tights to stay warm.

packing for the European winter
A Boyfriend Blazer


#10 Oversize knits and sweatshirts

There’s nothing better than a cozy, oversized jumper is there? It’s perfect for holidays where you will be walking or hiking a lot. I love rummaging the men’s section at stores or (better still) Vid’s wardrobe for snug knits 🙂

packing for the European winter
Oversize Knits


That’s it – your cheat guide to staying warm yet fashionable while dressing up for colder climes 🙂


I have tons of other ideas I would love to share with you. Leave me a comment if you would like to read Part II of this Guide to packing for the European winter 🙂



18 thoughts on “Packing for the European Winter

  1. Savi, you’re so stylish! I can’t imagine wearing shorts in winter…though I wouldn’t necessarily think to wear tights under them! I love the blanket idea, though!

  2. The ideas are so useful. In summers I don’t have to put my mind to dressing-up but winters are such a pain in the backside. You just took care of my winter wardrobe blues. yay! 🙂
    And needless to say, you look gorgeous in all the pictures.

    1. Thanks Shivangi 🙂 We have half a dozen posts on winter wear lined for December – keep your eyes peeled for ’em.

  3. Great winter outfit, but if you are planning on going to Poland I must warn you – it’s gonna be like -30C so even your cossacks are not gonna be enough for this freezing cold weather :).

  4. What destination have you been during the winter?
    I’m looking for a November European break. Any suggestions?

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