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7 Island Getaways with pros and cons – choose one that is right for YOU

Posted by on 17 Jan, 2018 in Asia, Australia, Beaches, Canary Islands, Ecuador, Europe, Everything, Featured, Fiji, Honeymoons, Indonesia, inspiration, inspirations, Maldives, Mediterranean, Oceania, Road Trip, Seychelles, Spain, Wheres | 6 comments

It’s easy to get swept up with visions of idyllic beaches and dreamy...

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Travel and Photography Essentials: What’s in our Travel Bag – 2017 Edition

Posted by on 16 Jan, 2018 in Everything, Featured, Savi-Vid-Bruised-Passports | 0 comments

We get quizzed about the contents of our camera bag and our tech gear dozens...

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A leisurely getaway at Grand Hyatt Goa

Posted by on 14 Jan, 2018 in Asia, India, Where To Stay | 0 comments

A sprawling resort, popular with both business and leisure travellers, Grand...

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5 Offbeat Things To Do In Goa, India

Posted by on 12 Jan, 2018 in India, Wheres | 2 comments

There was a time when Goa had a peak season and a low season. There was a time...

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Bruised Passports’ 2017 – A Year In Travel (And Life!)

Posted by on 11 Jan, 2018 in Everything, Featured, Wheres | 50 comments

Every year, when I sit down to pen my this photo essay of our adventures, I...

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5 Tips for Hunting & Photographing The Northern Lights

Posted by on 1 Jan, 2018 in Canada, Europe, Everything, Featured, finland, Iceland, North America, Wheres | 9 comments

What is the best time to see the Northern Lights? When should I plan a...

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10 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations (one for every kind of traveller)!

Posted by on 17 Dec, 2017 in Everything, Featured, Wheres | 20 comments

Let me count the ways in which I love thee Luxury traveller or backpacker,...

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Decide THAT perfect destination for your next trip + Win two KLM tickets

Posted by on 12 Dec, 2017 in Everything | 8 comments

  Every single day we pin down a gorgeous photo of someplace we’ve...

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Everything you need to know to plan an EPIC trip to Sikkim

Posted by on 8 Nov, 2017 in Asia, Everything, Featured, India, Road Trip | 33 comments

Glittering glacial lakes, endless pastures, waterfalls at every turn, quiet...

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Bruised Passports: How we plan a trip from start to finish

Posted by on 7 Nov, 2017 in Everything, Savi-Vid-Bruised-Passports | 29 comments

This is that time of the year when we usually head out to Bali to work from...

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A roadtrip in Karnataka, India: Flower fields, Mysore, and Coorg

Posted by on 2 Nov, 2017 in Asia, Coffee, Everything, Featured, India | 14 comments

Tropical plantations punctuated with gold sunflower fields, modern highways...

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An Experiential Stay at The Fratelli Vineyards in Akluj, Maharashtra

Posted by on 30 Aug, 2017 in Everything, India, Where To Stay | 35 comments

Undulating vineyards, memorable sunsets, nuanced wines, and affordable...

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