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Want to book a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica? You’ll find the best prices and offers here  🙂


Truly once-in-a-lifetime! They say you should only see Antarctica after you’ve seen everything else because nothing else will ever compare – that’s truly how beautiful it is!

The sights that await

But let me start by saying Antarctica is not just a trip that you plan like a honeymoon in Paris or even a road trip in Iceland. Firstly, visiting Antarctica is very expensive, which is why most people (including us!) plan this trip for years before finally taking the plunge and actually undertaking it. Secondly, you can expect extreme temperatures and the turbulent Drake Passage, which boasts of some of the choppiest waters in the world.

It takes approximately 2 days to cross Drake Passage and the turbulence can make even the most well-travelled people sea-sick or worse! So 4 days of this entire journey is spent in that state crossing Drake Passage from South America to Antarctica and back! These factors make Antarctica a location where a visit needs to be “earned” both literally and metaphorically.

Having said that, its remote location and incredible panoramas makes it a very SPECIAL place, unlike any other. Here we will tell you everything you need to know for planning a trip to Antarctica – The White Continent

Brace yourself for such dramatic visuals throughout the journey

Visa for Antarctica

You do not need a visa for Antarctica. However it is best to combine this visit with 1-2 countries in South America such as Chile or Argentina, for which you might need visas.

Currently Argentina issues evisas for Indian Passports holders with a valid US or Schengen visa (The eVisa costs $200 at the time of writing and is much more expensive than applying at the consulate, but definitely comes with a LOT of convenience) and Chile doesn’t need a visa if you have a valid US visa. However these rules keep changing, so it’s best to check for updates before booking anything.

Flights for Antarctica

Most polar expeditions and cruises for Antarctica start in Ushuaia, Argentina. For this, it is best to fly from your home town into Santiago (Chile) or Buenos Aires (Argentina). And then onto Ushuaia, Argentina

If you are flying from US or UK or Europe, you can opt for direct flights to Santiago (Chile). If you are flying from one of the bigger cities in India, the shortest option is to take a flight with a short stop over in Europe. We took an Air France flight (Delhi-Paris-Santiago) for our trip. It involved a long stopover in Paris but this was the most convenient connection for us.

If you’re flying from anywhere in Asia or Australia, we suggest keeping a few days to explore Santiago, before flying onto Ushuaia, Argentina. This will help you work off the jet lag and regulate your sleep cycle before you board your polar expedition. Because you don’t want to be constantly tired on your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica 🙂

Looking forward 🙂

Budgeting for your trip to Antarctica & tips on choosing the right expedition for you

It is easy to estimate an approximate budget for your trip to Antarctica as everything from accommodation to all meals are usually included in the cost of polar expeditions. This is one of the most expensive trips in the world as flights alone cost $3000 or more and most polar expeditions start at $10000+ per person.

However instead of going in for a cheaper expedition, I would personally suggest waiting a few years and saving for a better polar cruise. Not just us, but most people we met on this trip (ages ranging from 25-75) had opted for this option due to 2 reasons.

Firstly, larger ships might be slightly cheaper but they are more polluting and also unable to go to some of the most scenic places in Antarctica due to their size and make (more on this below). Secondly, when the temperatures are extreme outside, you will appreciate luxuries on board a more expensive polar expedition such as heated rooms, gyms, hot showers, relaxing spas, and plenty of fresh healthy food. For these reasons, we booked our Antarctica Odyssey on Ponant’s Le Commandent Charcot. Another great option is also Ponant’s L’Austral which ticks a lot of these boxes and tends to be more affordable than Le Commandent Charcot

But no matter how your book your trip, make sure you have a clear list of ALL inclusions before you pay for your polar expedition. Try to get a package that includes everything from meals and accommodation to expeditions and even airport transfers as costs can really add up while paying separately.

Our home for 2 weeks – Le Commandant Charcot

Responsible travel in Antarctica

The cost factor and remoteness make Antarctica hard to get to. But that can be a good thing for its fragile ecosystem. Before we go onto the details of our trip, I wanted to share the sheer importance of responsible travel in Antarctica. Of course, travelling responsibly is important everywhere in the world, but it is especially important in remote Polar regions.

We had the fortune of being on a Polar Odyssey that had a lot of scientists, naturalists, and researchers amongst the passengers and crew. They told us that while tourism is the continent is often dismissed, the profits help fund a lot of important research work and preservation efforts in Antarctica.

And the right kind of travellers, focussed on responsible tourism & conservation management can truly make a difference. IAATO regulations are very strict in Antarctica and rightly so. They make sure wildlife is preserved and allow travellers to enjoy responsibly. This means only small groups of visitors can see penguin colonies etc at a time now. Make sure you follow these protocols when you are informed about them. Due to this & many other reasons many recent studies, including reports of Lynch and LaRue, found the global population of Adelie penguins has actually increased in the past few years.

So without further ado, here are a few things to keep in mind whenever you plan a trip to Antarctica, straight from the experts we spoke to

  • Never keep anything (clothes, shoes, bags) on the ground when you’re outside in Antarctica. Leave nothing, take nothing
  • Carry reusable water bottles when you go ashore for expeditions
  • Boots have to be disinfected every time you leave and come back on board so you don’t carry traces to or from the continent
  • Always check the carbon emissions of the vessel you choose before booking – there are many green options available these days. In fact the reason we had so many scientists and researchers on board is because we were on Le Commandent Charcot which is a hybrid electric vessel, the first of its kind in the world, which has been designed to minimise the environmental impact of travel to the furthest latitudes. It is also an ice-class vessel, meaning it has the capability to visit many remote polar regions, where most cannot go, making it important for researchers
  • Make sure all your clothes are bio-decontaminated before going ashore for expeditions. Most packages these days have this facility but you should check ahead
  • As all of you know, we’ve organised various anti-littering drives as I really hate tourists littering beautiful places. But be extra careful about stray masks, shoe laces, sanitizer bottles etc and never leave any waste behind on land in Antarctica
  • Always listen to what the Naturalist guides have to say and don’t go near wildlife or disturb them in any way. This is their home & we are just visitors
  • Every expert we spoke to mentioned how every traveller to Antarctica becomes more conscious in their daily life after witnessing its fragile beauty firsthand. And now that we’ve seen it for ourselves, we can see why they say that. Make sure you carry the lessons you learn in Antarctica back to your home country too 🙂
Observe from a distance
Leave it as you found it!!

Our Polar Odyssey – inclusions, facilities, expeditions, and details

Now I wanted to touch upon all the details of the facilities and inclusions on our Polar Expedition so you have a clear idea of what to expect and what to check for before booking

Le Commandent Charcot is an extremely modern but intimate vessel. Every passenger is given personalised attention and I cannot say enough good things about the staff. Everyone from the housekeeping staff to the sommelier to the expedition guides to the Naturalists went above and beyond for every single guest on board.

Staterooms represent the understated French luxury Ponant is famous for! They are designed in neutral tones with comfortable beds and plush bathrooms, equipped with Diptyque toiletries as well as a Nespresso machine. But most of all they are truly well-equipped for a polar expedition – well heated, with large wardrobes, lots of strorage space for bulky woollens, and non-slip drawers for those choppy days at sea. Every stateroom has a private spacious balcony to enjoy the gorgeous vistas (believe us, you’ll be spending quite a lot of time here :)).

In terms of dining options, there are two restaurants on board with menus designed by the iconic Michelin Starred Chef Alain Ducasse. There is one casual buffet-style restaurant and one restaurant for sit-down dinners. There is also:

  • An open air stall with international food options
  • 1 detox bar with a huge selection of smoothies and cold pressed juices
  • An observatory lounge with all-day drinks and snacks at tea time
  • Bar with light nibbles and music for sundowners
  • Complimentary 24 hour in-room dining

This diverse range of dining options ensures you will not be hungry at all, no matter what time of the day it is. Food is so fresh and cooked so well, that we truly enjoyed every meal – be it a simple pan-fried fish or a more elaborate truffle ravioli, the quality of the food will leave you impressed. There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options at every meal. And since this is a French ship, the desserts, breads, and cheeses truly steal the limelight.

Passing time indoors is easy. There is a scenic gym and a gorgeous spa which pampers guests with iconic Biologique Recharge facials and massages. There is an indoor pool and outdoor pool, which is heated using recycled energy from the ship. There are board games on board, live music, and also lots of lectures by naturalists, researchers, and scientists educating everyone about Antarctica and its wildlife. Upon reaching Antarctica, there are exciting expeditions each day, so time indoors is often limited to meals and entertainment.

Comfortable and luxurious staterooms
Views from balcony 🙂
Look at those views – who wouldn’t feel like exercising 😉
Dinner setting at the buffet restaurant
Nuna – the sit-down restaurant with amazing food and views
A spa session after a long polar hike – YES please 🙂
Plenty of beautiful lounging spaces throughout the ship
One place we visited every morning for our share of scrumptious detox smoothies 🙂
Ahem! you guys can only imagine how happy Vid was on seeing this every evening in the buffet restaurant 😉

Polar Expeditions & Excursions in Antarctica – what to expect

Antarctica is an unpredictable destination. This is why landings vary from day to day. The reason we had so many researchers and wildlife photographers on board with us is because Le Commandant Charcot is an ice-class vessel, meaning it can go to places most others can’t. This ensured we saw things we couldn’t even dream of, such as penguin colonies with more than 10,000 Emperor penguins, all under the supervision of experts of course.

Landings in Antarctica depend on the weather conditions and wind conditions, so it is hard to write down exactly what you will see on your trip to Antarctica here. But here are some things you can definitely expect:

  • Witnessing glaciers, ice sculptures, and floating ice bergs
  • Polar Hikes
  • Kayaking
  • Adélie, Chinstrap, and Emperor penguins in their natural habitat. The exact number of course will depend from day to day, but November and December are the best months to spot them
  • Seals in their natural habitat
  • Polar Birds in their natural habitat
  • Killer Whales in their natural habitat

Needless to say, each of these sights left us spellbound. All passengers get a super warm Parka and snug snow boots for excursions.

A polar hike on an overcast day where we…
…met the chinstrap penguins for the first time
Emperor Penguins – truly majestic
We were so fortunate to have witnessed a colony of more than 10,000 Emperor penguins
Mothers feeding their chicks. Adorable!!
Kayaking with a backdrop of majestic mountains – thrilling!
For most excursions we go out on these inflatable zodiacs – an experience in itself
We also saw a colony of Adelie Penguins
Unbelievable sights
Beautiful views while hiking
And you’ll witness the MOST amazing twilight scenes

Packing for your trip to Antarctica

Packing for a polar expeditions to Antarctica or any extreme winter destination can be daunting. If you are planning a polar expedition, make sure you read this packing guide for Antarctica & extreme winter holidays so you go well-prepared for your Polar Odyssey. It has everything you will need – from winter wear and tech gear to medicines and toileteries – that you will need to pack for Antarctica.

And that’s it – everything you need to plan a trip to Antarctica, with tips on budgeting, visas, flights, and actual excursions. We hope you come away from this polar expedition, having learnt many lessons that you can implement in your daily lives – we definitely did! As mentioned above, stay responsible, follow the experts’ guidance and enjoy yourself as much as you can.

17 thoughts on “How to plan a trip to Antarctica – EVERYTHING you need to know

  1. Was waiting for this really long. Thanks foe such a detailed one. Just wanted to check what you mean by Local Travel Agents who should give better rates than the official website

    thanks again !!

    1. Hey Arka – yes that’s right. Companies like Ponant have various travel agents in India. Let us know if you need any details or phone numbers- will try to help if we can ?

      1. Hi Savi, firstly, a big hug for making travelling seem less daunting by putting all the details out here. Me and my fiancé started travelling to different countries last year and you guys have been our biggest inspiration to do so. About this trip, could you please provide more details about the travel agent to contact them? Thanks in advance <3

        1. Hey Keerthana – our personal travel agent isn’t comfortable with his number being online! However we do have some good news!
          We were recently appointed Ponant’s ambassadadors in Asia Pacific. So the first thing we had to do is make sure our readers benefit from this alliance. So now you can email with your query 🙂 And quote the code BPVIP_PONANT – a travel agent will get back to you on your number and also provide you with some add-ons such as €250 per person that are exclusive to Bruised Passports readers only ????
          You can compare with others in the markets before booking, but we have made sure this will give you the best possible value 🙂 I hope this will help you plan the most memorable holiday ever

        1. Hey Sarita – we have great news! We were recently appointed Ponant’s ambassadadors in Asia Pac.
          So the first thing we had to do is make sure our readers benefit from this alliance. So now you can email with your query. Just use the code BPVIP_PONANT – a travel agent will get back to you on your number and also provide you with some add-ons such as €250 per person that are exclusive to Bruised Passports readers only 🙂
          You can compare with others in the markets before booking, but we have made sure this will give you the best possible value. Have fun on your cruise

    2. Hi Arka – Ponant has various local agents in every area (depending on where you stay) 🙂
      Also wanted to tell you – We were recently appointed Ponant’s ambassadadors in Asia Pacific 🙂
      So the first thing we had to do is make sure our readers benefit from this alliance. So now you can also email with your query. Just use the code BPVIP_PONANT – a local travel agent will get back to you on your number and also provide you with some add-ons such as €250 per person that are exclusive to Bruised Passports readers only ???? Hope this helps

  2. This is such a helpful post. Probably the first time that I’m reading an Indian’s account of the trip. Bookmarking this for my future trip which would hopefully happen in a few years. Your pictures look so gorgeous 🙂

  3. I spoke to ms. Molly and requested for update on mail. Sadly nothing in 15 days.
    Please send details of cruise in November/December 2023

    1. Hey Rajendra – we have great news! We were recently appointed Ponant’s ambassadadors in Asia Pacific

      As a few others had the same complaint as you, we had to do is make sure our readers benefit from this alliance. So now you can email with your query. Just use the code BPVIP_PONANT in your email – a travel agent will get back to you on your number asap and will also provide you with some add-ons such as €250 per person that are exclusive to Bruised Passports readers only 🙂 Hope this helps

  4. Hi Savi and Vid
    Thanks so much for this. We booked our trip in Jun23 before you guys were appointed as ambassadors. Will it be possible for you to please help us get these benefits….we tried reaching out to the Ponant and Q/Experiences team but they weren’t helpful. Just feeling bad that we lost out on these benefits just because we planned and booked in advance 🙁

    We also need your help with a travel agent for Chile please- brilliant idea of combining this with Argentina. Also, do you recommend staying back in Ushuaia for the ‘End of the World’ train- or is it just a hype?

    1. Hey Smita – unfortunately this exclusive offer is available only to customers who book using Bruised Passports’ coupon at the time of booking the Antarctica Voyage. However as a thank you for being a Bruised Passports reader, we will definitely try our best to get you onboard credit vouchers to spend on Spa, shopping, or anything else of your choosing – will email you 🙂 Have the best voyage and enjoy yourselves

      1. Thank you both ???? will await your email. In the meanwhile, pls do also share your experiences for getting the yellow fever vaccination- not the most friendly process in Delhi, so your readers may benefit from this guidance. Love everything that you are, you do and you aspire to be❤️

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