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This is Part 1 of our 5 part series on planning the ultimate road trip to Leh Ladakh in India. We will cover every aspect – itinerary, accommodation, packing, driving – of planning an unforgettable Ladakh road trip:

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As we make our way to Ladakh, lush meadows, Chinar forests, and apple orchards give way to barren landscapes illuminated by the glimmering sun. Monks are everywhere and monasteries dot the landscape – that’s when you know you’ve arrived in one of the most spectacular places on Earth!!


A road trip to Ladakh is no small feat- it is well and truly the stuff of dreams. Ladakh’s soundlessness, its cobalt blue skies, bright rainbows, and glistening lakes are pure magic.  This road trip boasts of iconic landmarks such as the highest motorable road in the world (Khardung La);  some of the highest mountain passes in the world such as Zoji La and Tanglang La; splendid scenic drives in remote regions, and some little known gems such as the kaleidoscopic More Plains, Lamayuru, and the hypnotic Gata Loops. It is truly a road trip like no other!!


Pangong Lake on road trip to Ladakh
Those skies, that water, those mountains – it’s hard to believe the beauty of Ladakh!


Khardung La snow Ladakh road trip
Panoramas blanketed by snow – a road trip to Ladakh is like no other road trip in the world!


Ladakh road trip drive
We LOVE road trips and this road trip to Ladakh was all sorts of special 🙂


Ladakh road trip
It got us super excited 🙂


Before the fun stuff and a day-by-day itinerary of our roadtrip to Ladakh, here’s a quick look at the logistics:



Here’s an overview of the route we followed over the course of 3 weeks. We drove from Delhi to Ladakh via Gulmarg. We drove back from Leh City to Delhi via Manali.

The route we followed for our kashmir road trip 🙂



This self-drive road trip is only for experienced drivers who are comfortable driving in India and  skilled at driving in the hills. There are dubious roads, bumpy stretches, and unpaved mountain passes by the dozen (all details in the daily breakdown below). Having said that, if you enjoy driving and are fond of road trips, it truly doesn’t get better than this. Look at these panoramas and those crystal clear skies. Don’t forget to read our article on 10 Things to keep in mind while planning a road trip to Leh and Ladakh before embarking on this road trip.


traffic jam khardung la
Gorgeous panoramas, bad roads, steep hillside drives, and traffic jams go hand in hand on a road trip to Ladakh 😉



Try to stick to bottled/filtered water while you are in India. Stock up on water and also on non-perishable snacks including dried fruits, nuts, and cookies before the road trip. However there is no need to go overboard as hot food is plentiful, cheap, and easily available in India.

There are hundreds of dhabas (shacks) along the way, most of which cater well to vegetarian and vegan travellers. Expect to find paranthas (stuffed flatbreads) and sandwiches. As you begin to inch closer to Leh, you will start noticing a smattering of mok mok/momos (steamed dumplings), chowmein (an Indian take on traditional stir-fried noodles), and Maggi (Instant noodles) on menus. A meal at a roadside shack will rarely set you back by more than £5 (INR 500). There are also loads of mid-range and some truly exquisite restaurants in the bigger cities you’ll hit during this road trip. We’ve mentioned a couple of our favourites in the itinerary  below  🙂


Eating Maggi Noodles in Ladakh
Maggi Instant Noodles are a bit of a cult favourite in Ladakh – expect to find it at all street-side shacks in the area


lunch table in Nubra Valley Ladakh
A luxurious camping lunch – our lunch table in Nubra Valley – the stuff of dreams! 🙂



The cumulative expenses depend on the kinds of hotels and restaurants you choose to stay and dine. As with every other country we visit, we chose quaint lil B&Bs for the days when we had to be on the road all day and just needed a place to crash at night and luxury hotels for languorous days that had to be spent in the same city. Besides accommodation and food, expect to spend approximately £120 (INR 12000) on fuel and £40 (INR 4000) on tolls and road taxes if you’re driving a rental car. This sum is a bit lower if you’re driving your own car.


Car Rental

Try renting a 4X4 for your road trip to Ladakh – this isn’t essential but it makes the ride easier. It is easy to rent a car in most major cities in India. As most of you probably know, driving in India is like nowhere else in the world. Roads are chaotic and lane driving is but a myth. Taking these things into consideration, it’s best to rent a car from an Indian rental company. Such companies understand the nuances of the Indian market well.

There are a number of car-rental companies in India. Here are a couple of things we kept in mind while renting a self-drive car in India:

  • Make sure you opt for a company that provides unlimited mileage. A lot of companies offer a quote that includes limited mileage. Customers are charged an extortionate amount for every kilometre over the fixed mileage. This is never a good idea if you, like us, love taking detours and discovering offbeat gems along the way.

Keeping these things in mind, we rented a Scorpio from Myles Cars for our self-drive road trip and the experience was seamless. We opted for their personalised service, which included a pick up/drop off at our doorstep (something we’ve seen only in India 🙂 ). Our car was in great shape and didn’t give us trouble as we drove through varied terrains, bumpy roads, and mountain passes. We drove it much more than we anticipated but paid no additional cost (thanks to the unlimited mileage clause!)


Leh Ladakh roadtrip rental car
There ain’t nothing like a self-drive road trip!!


Ladakh road trip drive from Leh to Manali
Amazing panoramas on a road trip of Ladakh


Now that the logistics are out of the way, let’s head to the fun stuff. Here’s a day by day breakdown of a road trip to Ladakh:


Day 1: Driving from Delhi to Patnitop

The first day’s drive through bustling Indian towns and cities and plains is perfect to acquaint oneself with driving in India. The drive from Delhi to Patnitop, a small hill-station in Jammu and Kashmir is long. It can take about 16 hours (although Google says 10 ;-)), so you might consider breaking it if you don’t enjoy long days on the road. In any case, always take frequent breaks especially if you are the only one driving.


Start early – we left Delhi at 4.30 am. We took the following route: Delhi-Karnal-Ambala-Ludhiana-Jalandhar-Pathankot-Udhampur-Patnitop. This drive isn’t particularly scenic and there are frequent toll booths along the way. However the first 7-8 hours boast of great roads. Also, there are lots of service stations and public toilets along the way.


There is no shortage of restaurants. International chains – McDonald, KFC, Subway – seem to be extremely popular in the area. But if the weather’s conducive, we’d suggest taking a pitstop at a traditional Indian dhaba (shack) for some North Indian grub.


Top Tip:

Fight the impulse to follow your GPS blindly and try to stay on the highway as much as possible. For eg. our GPS took us through ‘shortcuts’ towards Gurdashpur and Binanagar. Instead of following the highway and driving towards Pathankot, we obeyed the GPS. This was the worst idea ever as roads were bad and in horrible condition. We ended up wasting 2 hours on an already long day!



Patnitop is a small hilltop town that makes for a perfect pitstop for the night. There are a few hotels and resorts in the area. We chose to spend the night at Vardaan Resorts because it was recommended by a couple of locals.  Rooms are clean but dated and food is fresh. The view however is enviable. Waking up to this view made us really excited about the panoramas that lay ahead.


Patnitop Leh Ladakh road trip India
View from our hotel at Patnitop after day #1 of our road trip


Patnitop Leh Ladakh road trip India
‘ello Kashmir, you beauty 🙂


Kashmir Leh Ladakh road trip India
Coniferous forests, rivers, and snow-capped peaks: Gorgeous scenery on entering Kashmir


Working on the go – so much more fun with these views 🙂


Day 2: Driving from Patnitop to Gulmarg

This is when the fun begins in real ernest. Almost as soon as you leave Patnitop, you will start spotting lush forests, meadows, glistening waterfalls, and blue skies. Apple farms start making an appearance and Kashmir’s sun-drenched panoramas put visitors in a good mood. At one point you’ll cross Jawahar tunnel and the moment you come out on the other side, you’ll be greeted to the first glimpse of the beautiful Kashmir valley.


The winding hilly drive from Patnitop to Gulmarg takes over 8 hours. Expect to make loads of stops along the way – rainbows play hide and seeks with red-cheeked kids in the countryside and Kashmir. Glowing and throbbing nature is at its best and most magical here in Kashmir.


Top Tip

Make sure your fuel is topped up when you leave Patnitop as gas stations start getting scarce at this point.



You could choose a hotel in Srinagar or Gulmarg. We chose to stay in a slightly secluded spot in Gulmarg – The Khyber Himalayan Resort and Spa was recommended to us by a reader and we’re so glad we chose it for our stay in Gulmarg. It’s a magical property, nothing short of splendid. Decadent rooms overlook snow-capped peaks and coniferous forests. On sharing a photo on our Facebook page, we found out dozens of our readers have stayed there in the past and all of them gush about it – so glad we aren’t the only ones! 🙂

The first glimpse of Kashmir valley from "Titanic" view point :-)
The first glimpse of Kashmir valley from “Titanic” view point 🙂


Gulmar Kashmir sunset Leh Ladakh road trip India
Gulmarg, Kashmir – the land of extravagant beauty and unbelievable sunsets


Kashmir Leh Ladakh road trip India
The view from our room at The Khyber Himalayan Resort


Gulmarg Kashmir Khyber Himalayan Resort Bathroom
Getting ready took a while that day – couldn’t stop staring at those snow-capped peaks and coniferous forests right outside our bathroom!


Days 3-5: Gulmarg & surroundings

We spent 3 nights at The Khyber Himalayan Resort as we explored Gulmarg and its surroundings. It provided the perfect break from all that driving. Nature is extravagantly beautiful in this part of Kashmir.


You could just pick up your car, pack a picnic basket, and find an idyllic picnic spot just about anywhere. Alternatively you could go for a hike, one that’s as easy or strenuous as you want it to be, through Gulmarg’s magical woodlands. Don’t forget to hop on the Gulmarg Gondola, one of the highest operating cable cars in the world. The first level of the gondola ride is passable but the views of the Himalayas from the second level are splendid. Highly recommended. Tickets cost £16 (INR 1600). Go prepared for LONG queues 🙂


view at the top of Gulmarg Gondola Kashmir
The view at the top of Gulmarg Gondola is amazing 🙂


Breakfast with a view in Gulmarg, Kashmir
Breakfast with a view in Gulmarg, Kashmir 🙂


Gulmarg Kashmir swimming pool at Khyber Resort
Pool with a view- Gulmarg’s Chinar forests are mesmerising


Gulmarg kashmir woodlands on ladakh road trip
Walking around in Gulmarg’s flower laden woodlands


Day 6: Driving from Gulmarg to Kargil

Finally it was time to leave the serene environs of Gulmarg and head to faraway hills. The drive from Gulmarg to Leh cannot be covered in 1 day, so it’s best to cover it over 2-3 days. Kargil is the perfect pitstop if you decide to do this stretch over 2 days.


This drive is one of the most scenic drives so far. Expect glacier views at Sonmarg, little streams at Drass, herds, cheery shepherds, flocks of sheep, and seductive stretches of countryside. At Zoji La (Zojila Pass), one of the bottlenecks along the way, roads are dubious but stunning views abound. Snow-laden panoramas are everywhere to be seen so it’s hard to get annoyed at the bad roads or traffic jams.


Top Tip

Start early. The drive from Gulmarg to Kargil is just 250 kilometres long but it took us 12 hours because the mighty Zojila Pass is always jam-packed and the roads on this stretch are in bad shape. To add that, there was a protest in one of the villages on our way and the villagers had blocked all traffic for a couple of hours. Always stay prepared for things like these when driving in India 🙂



It being peak season we were unable to find any hotel in Kargil for the night. Finally, after over 2 hours of first pulling into Kargil, we found a dingy room at a local guesthouse. We were grateful for the beds at the end of a long day but we can’t recommend the place. I won’t get into the nitty-gritties but let’s just say we were very glad to get out of there next morning! 😉

Sonmarg Kashmir India valley
Aah! Sonmarg you beauty!


Gorgeous panoramas abound and we couldn’t help stopping the car every 10 minutes to click photographs 🙂


Snow while driving from Srinagar to Leh Ladakh in India
Spot the herd? It must be magic 🙂


Drass vilage while driving to Leh Ladakh
Rainbow, stream, thunderous skies – Drass village is pretty!


Car while Driving to Ladakh
We stopped by a few local schools and had an amazing time


Packing for a road trip to Leh and Ladakh India-5
But all is forgiven because of panoramas like this one here 🙂


Day 7: Driving from Kargil to Leh City

The military presence in this area can’t be glazed over. You will spot soldiers everywhere – this is because of the volatile political situation in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Scenery wise, this stretch of road is spectacular! In fact, it is so scenic you will want to stop every 5 minutes especially as you inch closer to Leh. As we made our way to Ladakh, we could see lush meadows, and Chinar forests giving way to barren landscapes illuminated by the glimmering sun. Monks could be seen everywhere and monastries dotted the landscape as far as the eye could see – that’s when we knew we had arrived in Leh!!

Some of the places that are worth stopping on the way are Lamayuru village (mid-way between Kargil and Leh), Alchi, and the famous (and much hyped) magnetic hill.


Top Tip

Start early with lots of time on hand and stop to absorb the scenery every 20 minutes 🙂 Have lunch at Lamayuru to break your journey and enjoy the peaceful vibe at the monastery.



Leh City has loads of guesthouses and hotels to suit every budget. Choose one that gels with your travelling style – just make sure the hotel offers parking (as you will need to leave your rental car here while exploring Nubra Valley & Pangong Lake), rooms are heated, and it has oxygen supplies should you need them.

Since we had to spend quite a few days in Leh city, we chose the luxurious Chamba Camp Thiksey. It overlooks the gorgeous Thiksey Monastery, far from hustle-bustle of Leh City. Glamping is the only way to stay next to some of the most remote panoramas of the world in such luxury. We’ve been glamping in loads of places around the world but I’ll say this – nowhere has it been more decadent or scenic that in India. We loved waking up in our decadent tent at The Ultimate Travelling Camp, nestled amidst snow-capped mountains and spending languorous days absorbing Leh’s natural beauty, with cappuccino on call 🙂


Nearing Leh on a road trip of Ladakh
No more lush green forests 🙂


Girl on Road trip of Ladakh
The panoramas begin to change as one inches closer to Ladakh


Lamayuru Srinagar Leh drive
The tiny village of Lamayuru


Ladakh road trip scenic road
That road – we drove on that road!!


luxury camp in Leh City Ultimate Travelling Camp
A sneak peak at our tent at Chamba Camp Thiksey near Leh City


Ladakh road trip tent at chamba camp thiksey
Our decadent tent at twilight, the magic hour. Twinkling lanterns and snow capped peaks? Yes!!


Days 8-10: Explore Leh City and surroundings

There are loads of things to see in Leh City.

  • Explore Shanti Stupa, a Buddhist stupa located on a hilltop
  • The Old Town of Leh also makes for a fascinating self-guided walk – explore its crumbling houses, the buzy marketplace, and Leh Palace
  • Leh Palace offers great views of Leh City but for truly spectacular views of Leh City, head to the neighbouring Namgyal Tsemo Monastery
  • Outside the city, Thiksey Monastery and Hemis Monastery offer an insight into the Buddhist way of life. It’s easy to spend hours at each monastery – exploring rooms, marvelling at staircases, and talking to monks. Don’t miss the early morning call to prayer and prayer ceremony at Thiksey Monastery.


All these historical and cultural sites draw visitors. However here in Leh City, the landscape is the real draw – you could stop just about anywhere and be treated to a special view.


Top Tip

Take it easy on your first day in Leh City and give your body time to acclimatize to the altitude. If you’re on a road trip, chances are you will adjust pretty quickly because the ascent to such high altitudes has been gradual. However the difference in altitude might hit you harder if you’ve flown straight to Leh City. In any case, refrain from consuming spicy/heavy food or alcohol for the first couple of days. Have loads of water and keep yourself well hydrated.


Leh Ladakh road trip luxury tent The Ultimate Travelling Camp
The view from our tent near Leh city – make sure you take it easy & acclimatize to the altitude on your first day in Leh 🙂


Thiksey Monastery at sunset on road trip in Ladakh
Thiksey Monastery at sunset – magical!


Exploring Hemis Monastery near Leh City
Exploring Hemis Monastery near Leh City


The early-morning call to prayer at Thiksey Monastery


monk at the morning prayers at Thiksey Monastery Ladakh
The cutest 4 year old monk at the morning prayers at Thiksey Monastery


The view of Leh City from Namgyal Tsemo Monastery
The view of Leh City from Namgyal Tsemo Monastery


oldest living craftsmen in Leh
One of the oldest living craftsmen in Leh. His face tells so many stories – of Ladakh’s searing sun and hardships at remote altitudes, amongst other things.


Monks on a roadtrip in Ladakh
Li’l monks everywhere 🙂



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      1. Hi Savi/Vid,

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        1. Hey Shivani – if you choose nice accommodation Ladakh can make for a good honeymoon 🙂 If you want someplace warmer with nice honeymoon-friendly hotels you can also choose Kerala

  1. Such a awesome journey it look like .. I been there many a times but seems like life got refreshed after reading your words with awesome pictures … Much useful link .. In august I am Going again . Will Try all the places which U guys mentioned . Thanks 4 the post .

    1. Thanks a ton Harkaran – so glad you enjoyed our guide to driving in Ladakh 🙂 We’re not surprised you keep going back to Ladakh – Have fun in August & don’t forget to send us photos

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  3. I was 4 when I was left behind due to my acute asthma in 1986 by mom and Bro to joindad in Ladhak serving the Indian army.At this time this little gem wasn’t known to the world.But I grew up on stories from the valley and have been wanting to go there since I was 4. Last year after a lot of convincing my husband took me upto Srinagar, Sonamarg and Zozilla pass. I had to call dad then to salute him to serve the nation at the toughest battlefield and also assure him my asthma was doing just fine. I have been holding up Leh because I wanna drive up there and not fly so I acclimatise well.Your post is just what was needed. Thank You ?

    1. Hey Kamakshi – you’re welcome. As we mentioned, Savi’s bronchitis held up well in Ladakh. We’re sure you’ll be fine and would love it 🙂 Just make sure you book a hotel with oxygen supplies and don’t try to pack in too much in your schedule. Hugs from us

  4. Awesome blog, have been on two treks in Ladakh (personally count it among my favourite destinations, though obviously there is a lot of world left to explore) but your snaps are brilliant and a road trip looks like a pretty interesting prospect for a 3rd visit. Do visit the Tso Moriri if you ever go again. Long drive but personally thought it was way better than Pangong…

    1. Thanks Uday – you should definitely try driving to Ladakh. We’ll be back for Tso Moriri but thought we’d recommend it to our readers anyway – we heard SUCH great things about it 🙂

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    Leaving on 17th July, so excited.
    Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Hey Chinar – that’s awesome. You MUST send us photos when you visit Leh & Ladakh. We’d love to share them with our readers 🙂 Hope you found all the information you wanted – feel free to drop us an email if you need anything else

  9. finally , the itinerary is out. Covers all bases , but just wanted to ask for someone not going by car to leh , what all can be done using motorbikes and what will need a taxi? was planning to take taxi for Nubra valley and Pangong and Motorbike for Leh local??

    1. Hey Gaurav – you can refer to days 11-15 to see what we did but I think what you have in mind is great. In fact you can even cover Nubra and Pangong by bike but do be warned, the roads are really steep and in bad shape. However we did see a few bikers covering the route themselves 🙂

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    1. Thanks a million Prachi – It’s easy to get medical attention, especially in Leh City. You should make a short trip just to test the waters 🙂

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          1. Hey Vamshika – we went in July. In April some roads are still snowed under, so do check before going. Or you could fly to Leh City and you’ll explore it from there 🙂

    1. Hey Sam – we didn’t. We drove to Ladakh and back from Ladakh but rented a taxi to explore Ladakh while we were there. Please see days 11-15 for this!

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    Btw, you guys look amazing in all of the pics!

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    1. Hey Anu – thanks a million 🙂 Sure I’ll definitely pen a post on that. I have a few huge HDDs (couple of TBs each) to store RAW files and I use Lightroom to edit photographs

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    1. Hehe Anna – driving in India is a different ballgame altogether but it’s definitely doable and a lot of fun. Would love to hear from you after you attempt a roadtrip to Ladakh – have a feeling you’ll love it 🙂

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    1. Hey Steven – Walking from Lamayaru to Darcha sounds like one incredible adventure. Love the sound of it. You should definitely re-visit Ladakh – you’ll be surprised at just how much things have changed 🙂

      1. I just checked the route – been trying to match my old photos to Google maps! We walked quite a bit further, over the Shingo La (I remember that) into Himachal Pradesh and we must have hit the road at Keylong. It appears many of the gompas are still only accessible by foot – Photoskar, Lingshed, Lingshot, and some others. There is now a new gravel road up to Phuktal north off the Manali road. Did you get up there? That is a truly incredible and memorable place, thousands of years old. I also remember as it was an easy 40 mile river valley walk from Padum, so on a road trip could be done from Padum in a couple of days. Lamayaru to Padum was about 2 weeks of daily mountain climbs – still walking only.

      1. Hi,
        I really wanted to know about the weather there in May.We are planning in last week of May this year.there will three kids in the group. TIA

        1. May is a great time but sometimes the snow hasn’t melted and many roads are not open. So check for updates before leaving

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    1. Hey Rohith,

      thanks a lot for your message. Hope you guys had a great road trip to Leh Ladakh – do share photos with us if you get a chance 🙂

  20. Hey there !
    Every time I surf thru, I’m in awe of you both.
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    Secondly, what time of the year does it opens for civilians, which month onwards


    1. Hi Sripat,

      Yes your itinerary will be doing justice to the beauty of Leh Ladakh. Costs will vary as you’ll have to hire a cab from Srinagar to Leh to Manali/Delhi. We rented a car and drove from Delhi back to Delhi. You will be taking flights. So it’s difficult for us to tell you the estimated cost for your trip 🙂

      It usually opens May onwards but that varies year on year so best to check that closer to your trip

  21. Hi Guys . We are planning to do a road trip from Delhi to Leh , but i am hearing all scary stories that a rental Car ( yellow/black board) should be avoided as the locals don’t let u pass after a certain point ? Is this true ? Most of the folks are advising us to take flight to Leh . What do you suggest?

    1. Hey you can only drive till your hotel in Leh in a rental car. Beyond that, (say for Nubra / Pangong etc.) you have to take a local taxi. Nothing to worry about. Taking a flight to Leh is also not a bad idea – to be honest Delhi – Patnitop drive was quite bleh and I’d rather skip that. That said, Kargil – Leh and Leh – Jispa are some of the most stunning drives so if you fly to Leh and back you’ll be missing those 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂

      I believe it’s best to take a doctor’s advice on that as many people suffer from altitude sickness in Leh and it might not be good for kids

  22. Hi
    Your post is great.. Its detailed and covers all the bases.. I have read and heard that self-driven cars from Myles and the like are not allowed beyond a point in ladakh as the local car hires do not allow you to use ur rented vehicle. I am planning for a similar trip in July by renting a car from one of these app based rental services. Need your input on this. Should I go for it or look out for other options?

    1. Hey Aditya,

      Yes, you’ll only be allowed to take the car to Leh. For Khardung-La, Nubra, Pangong lake etc., you will have to hire a local car.

  23. Hi we are planning to visit leh ladakh during aug.. wanted your suggestion on where should we stay- at nubra valley or at diskit because i’ve heard all monastriea are closer to diskit but dunes are closer to nubra.. bit of confused over there. Also, have been reading articles about altitude sickness at leh. I’ve never felt any such sickness before while travelling to hill stations..should I be worried this time?

    1. Hey one can never predict altitude sickness, so we can’t say anything. You’ll just have to wait and watch. As a precaution, do spend 1-2 days getting acclimatised to the altitude before starting to explore. We’d say Diksit is a better option 🙂

  24. Best time to visit Leh Ladakh would probably be like in mid-December and Jan starts it is one of the most charming places to see I have visited there for like 3 days and 4 nights, food is also delicious. thanks for the wonderful article.

  25. Thank you for your detailed report!

    Would you recommend doing this trip in July?
    We are a European couple who loves roadtrips and I have seen so many beautiful videos of this region but I don’t know if it’s not too dangerous to drive the roads?

    1. Hey there – would’nt recommend driving yourself if you haven’t driven extensively in India before this 🙂

  26. Hey Savi and Vid,

    Amazing Post and beautiful pictures!!!
    I was planning on visiting Leh-Ladakh end of June and this article is undoubtedly the best one I have come across. Could you please let me know when (which month) did you visit?

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  29. Hi
    We are family of 3. Myself, my husband and our 3 year old daughter. Could you pls tell me which is the best time of the year to visit Leh Ladakh. We plan to make a road trip.


    1. We went in May/June and it was great. You do have to check the road conditions though as they vary from year to year. July/August is better but also more crowded and risk of high rains.

  30. Hello Vid and Savy,

    Your article is awesome and the photos are just incredible, that’s the best pictures I’ve ever seen of Ladakh! I’m travelling to Ladakh next year with my girlfriend, I can’t wait to be there 🙂

    We are motivated to follow a similar itinerary as yours, renting a car from Delhi. However, we are wondering if this still possible. First because of the situation in Kashmir, could there be additional restrictions for foreigners? We are also unsure if it’s possible to drive a rental cat in Ladakh. On this website ( it says that tourists are not allowed to drive in Ladakh and that it is compulsory to have a driver. Is it true? Is there a difference between foreigners and Indian tourists when travelling in Ladakh? Where to find the official rules?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Damien from France

    1. Hi Damien,

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. In general, self-drive rental cars can be driven to get to Leh (capital), but you can’t drive rental cars to get to say Nubra valley, Pangong Tso, Tso Moriri etc. To get to these places you need to hire a local driver.

      Have you driven in India before this? It can be a very challenging experience for someone who has never driven in India. Also, as you pointed out, the current situation in Kashmir might not be favourable for a road trip via the Srinagar route.

      There is a difference between foreign tourists and Indian tourists when in Ladakh e.g. you will need to get additional permits to visit Nubra/Pangong/Tso Moriri. There was a website for issuing permits online but I just noticed (June 2020) it’s not issuing permits online (this might change as they must be revising rules etc. after the situation in Kashmir last year)

      Do keep us updated. It’d be interesting to see what you do. Any other questions, just mention them here.

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    & tips which will definitely help and encourage all the fellow travelers to plan it more efficiently. Leh Ladakh is one of my dream destinations . I am planning to visit there since long but due to this pandemic it has been delayed. Your article has again increased my passion and I am more excited to feel the breath taking beauty of Ladakh region with my own bare eyes. The Hotels and accommodation you have suggested will surely help me to plan my trip more efficiently. Thank you for sharing your experience and depth knowledge on the sector.

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  43. While reading your post I was virtually on a Ladakh trip. You explained each and everything day to day very beautifully. It is very informative, could you please explain the exact cost breakup of the rented car to and fro Delhi.

    1. Hello

      It was roughly around 3K per day (unlimited kms) and we had to pay the state road tax ourselves when crossing different states

  44. Hey Savi,
    The blog you shared has helped me to plan a trip with my friends, the images you have shared are so much tempting. Ladakh is a wonderful beauty. I am planning for a Ladakh Motorcycle Tours with friends, hope it turns out as planned.
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  46. Hey, loved reading the blog! Can you also tell which month you went? Or any suggestion on best time to visit Leh Ladakh?

    1. HEy we’ve been in both summer and winter and it’s beautiful. But if it’s your first time, we would suggest June-July

  47. Can you recommend a good driver for 19 June-6 July 2023 for me and my wife. I have detailed itinerary with hotels booked. Cannot find a driver with an email address, so that all intinerary can be sent and proce quoted.


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