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Glittering glacial lakes, endless pastures, waterfalls at every turn, quiet monastery towns, and scenic drives on some of the worst roads we’ve encountered on our travels made our trip to Sikkim an adventure we will never forget

Gurudongmar lake Sikkim
Gorgeous sights all around


The state of Sikkim, nestled in the North Eastern part of India, isn’t exactly on the tourist radar. But it should be. The state has so much to offer to visitors. You will fall short of words to describe its natural beauty. Towns such as Gangtok and Pelling have some gorgeous hotels and sights that ensure a memorable holiday.


But the lack of infrastructure, especially in areas such as North Sikkim, make the journey challenging. If that makes you apprehensive, skip North Sikkim and visit just Gangtok and Pelling on your trip to Sikkim or choose a trip to Ladakh, India instead (similar panoramas, better infrastructure). However if you’re an adventurer at heart, then here’s our itinerary that covers most of Sikkim for you:



  • Day 1: Fly to Bagdogra Airport and transfer to Gangtok
  • Days 2-3: Explore Gangtok and surroundings
  • Days 4-6: North Sikkim Tour: Visit Gurudongmar Lake, Lachen, Lachung
  • Day 6: Yumthang Valley and transfer back to Gangtok
  • Day 7: Transfer to Pelling
  • Days 8-9: Explore Pelling and surroundings
  • Day 10: Transfer to Bagdogra Airport and flight back home
North Sikkim tour in a rental cab
Can’t say no to those drives ๐Ÿ™‚




Expenditure (true of October 2017)ย on aย 10 day trip for a couple – INR 90,000 (ยฃ1000).ย Of course this sum varies depending on where you’re flying from or the kinds of hotels you’re choosing. Here’s the breakdown:ย 

  • Flights (New Delhi- Bagdogra) INR 12000 per person
  • North Sikkim Tour (2N/3D) including transfers, hotels, and permits INR 25000
  • Bagdogra Airport- Gangtok Private Transfer INR 3500
  • Gangktok 1 day cab rental for sightseeing INR 2500
  • Gangtok- Pelling Private Transfer INR 4000
  • Pelling 1 day cab rental for sightseeing INR INR 2500
  • Pelling-Bagdogra Airport private transfer in a big car (please do not opt for a small car with low clearance for this stretch, the road is horrendous) INR 4000
  • Hotels in Gangtok and Pelling – this depends on your preference but we’d suggest setting aside at least INR 4000 for a comfortable hotelย 
  • Miscellaneous meals, entry fee etc INR 6000



Self drive isn’t an option in Sikkim as there are no rental cars available. You could drive your own car from a neighbouring state but you will need multiple permits to visit various places of interest. Due to the presence of multiple taxi unions and requirements for permits, we suggest booking your transportation with a local tour agency that will sort out both cabs and permits for you

Irrespective of whether you choose a company recommended by us or your family/friends, make SURE (we cannot stress this enough) that you have written confirmation of the kind of transfers you have chosen (private/shared), the kind of car that will be provided to you (4×4, 2 wheel drive etc), and a list of inclusions (e.g. cost of permits, day trips etc) in order to prevent paying more at a later stage.

We booked ALL our transfers and North Sikkim tour with Galaxy Toursย (contact Tenzing)after reading several good reviews on Tripadvisor. They were prompt in their communication online which put us at ease. We chose private transfers all along and a 2N/3D North Sikkim Tour. There were a few minor hiccups in service once we got there but overall we would definitely recommend them.

Driving around in Sikkim in Xylo Innova
It’s best to rent a bigger and more comfortable car in Sikkim ๐Ÿ™‚





  • Day 1: Fly to Bagdogra Airport and transfer to Gangtok

On this day you will arrive at Bagdogra Airport. As you collect your luggage and exit the airport, expect a chaotic mass of taxi drivers, tourists, and travel agents. You can choose a taxi at the spot but we would suggest booking one in advance so:

  1. You know you are in reliable hands and have someone who can be held accountable should something go wrong
  2. You do not have to waste time finding a cab and bargaining on the spot.

Whether you book a cab right there or book one in advance, a private transfer to Gangtok should cost between INR 3000 and INR 3500. This cost goes down significantly if you choose a shared transfer. The road from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok is one of the few decent roads in Sikkim, so expect a comfortable journey with a few bumps along the way.


Accommodation in Gangtok

There is no dearth of accommodation to suit all budgets in Gangtok. We chose to stay in a luxurious boutique hotel that boasts of a history like no other. Elgin Nor Khill used to the Royal Guesthouse of the King of Sikkim. It has now been refurbished into a hotel but it’s grandeur remains intact. The lobby is bedecked with artifacts and artwork that reflects the rich culture of Sikkim. You could choose a room in the older, more traditionally-furnished wing or the modern wing that boasts of clean cuts and contemporary furnishings. We were greeted with cherry liquor and huge smiles at check in and this continued for the length of the stay – the staff at Elgin Nor Khill well and truly stands out. We really enjoyed our stay here!

Do beware – the hotel is located right next to the iconic Paljor Football Stadium, perfect if you enjoy the sport but a bit of a nuisance if you don’t as the sound of matches, practices floats through the windows.

suite in Elgin Nork Hill Gangtok Sikkim
Beautiful room at Elgin Nork Hill Gangtok


  • Days 2-3: Explore Gangtok and surroundings

Gangtokย is the largest town in Sikkim and the perfect place to explore the sites and sounds of East Sikkim. The bustling town is also home to some amazing eateries. Spend your days in Gangtok sampling local food, sipping on a cup of local black tea as you watch the locals go about their lives, and visiting impressive sites in the area.ย  Here are a couple of places we’d recommend in Gangtok

  • Go for an aimless stroll on MG Road. Pick up some souvenirs or just sample some local foods such as momos (steamed dumplings) andย thukpa (a hearty noodle soup)
  • If you’re looking for scrumptious momos (steamed dumplings) try Taste of Tibet and the iconic Momo Roll Corner located up a flight of stairs. Both these hole-in-the-wall eateries are situated on the busy MG Road. Here there are momo shops by the dozen and we tried a fair few, but these are the two we liked best. Visit for a super affordable snack/meal on the go.
  • If you’re looking for a more comfortable place to while some time away, then visit Bibliothรฉque cafรฉ or the cafรฉ at Bookman’s B&B for breakfast or brunch.
  • Spend an afternoon at The Tibetology Museum to acquaint yourself with Buddhism and learn more about the fascinating monasteries in the area. Combine it with a visit to Rumtek Monastery.
  • If you’re not visiting North Sikkim, then we would recommend renting a car for a day (see the budgeting section for approximate prices) and visiting some sites in the area including the glittering Tsomgo/Changu Lake and Tashi View Point. However if you ARE visiting North Sikkim, then you can skip these sites because you will be lots of waterfalls, glacial lakes, and panoramic view points there.
Walking around and having momos in Gangtok MG Road
Walking around in Gangtok


  • Days 4: North Sikkim Tour: Drive from Gangtok to Lachen

Let the fun (and back aches ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) begin!! For the next 3 days, you will be spending over 12 hours a day in your rental car on roads that aren’t worthy of being called roads, so make sure you’ve stocked up on snacks, some music, and optimism!

An early wake-up call followed by an arduous but scenic drive 8 hour drive will bring you to Lachen. Lachen is a small village, which is the perfect place to break the journey between Gangtok and Gurudongmar Lake.ย  The drive to Lachen is laden by nature’s marvels – stop for photographs with waterfalls, marvel at meandering brooks, or just sip on a cup of tea at a small eatery that offers stunning views of the Himalayas. Roads in North Sikkim are in bad shape, so the drive is bound to leave you exhausted. Rest well because you have a long and exciting day ahead of you.

Lachen village drive in North Sikkim
Expect such gorgeous sights ๐Ÿ™‚


Accommodation and meals in Lachen:

Basic accommodation and meals are included in the price of the North Sikkim Tour we mentioned in the budgeting section (INR 25000/ยฃ300). But do beware that this accommodation is as basic as it gets – think home-stays, unpredictable electricity, questionable bedding, and tiny rooms. However the hosts are hospitable and always willing to provide hot water or an extra blanket should you need it.

If you enjoy comfortable accommodation, then we’d suggest opting for a North Sikkim Tour that includes just a cab and a driver and booking accommodation yourself. In this case, you could stay at the slightly more upscale Apple Orchard Resort in Lachen. The hotel was closed at the time we visited but we heard great things about it.


Day 5: Visit Gurudongmar Lake and sleep in Lachung

You will need to leave your hotel by 3 am for the long and exciting drive to Gurudongmar Lake, one of the highest and most remote lakes in the world. The journey takes about 5 hours each way from Lachen. You will be off-roading for the majority of this time as a lot of the ‘roads’ in the area are just gravel and pebbles. Having said that, the mountain views around you will hypnotize you into oblivion. As you near Gurudongmar Lake, bright blue skies and crisp mountain air will beckon you into submission. Before you know it, you will be staring at a glistening water body, surrounded by mountains and glaciers. This is it- you are here!


At 18000 feet there’s little you can do other than stopping and staring at nature’s wonders. But do click a photograph or two to preserve the moment for posterity. Gurudongmar Lake is spellbinding and the definite highlight of a trip to Sikkim. Due to the lack of oxygen at such high altitudes you should only stay here for 30 minutes or so. This is followed by another long and gorgeous drive to Lachung, where you will stay for the night.

Couple at Gurudongmar lake in Sikkim
The two of us at Gurudongmar Lake ๐Ÿ™‚


Couple at Guudongmar Lake North Sikkim
If you’re feeling fine, make sure to go down to the lake shore ๐Ÿ™‚


Accommodation and meals in Lachung:

Basic accommodation and meals are included in the price of the North Sikkim Tour we mentioned in the budgeting section (INR 25000/ยฃ300). Lachung is bigger than Lachen and consequently more developed. The hotel included in the tour is an extremely basic hotel – ok for a stop over for the night but nothing else!

If you enjoy comfortable accommodation, then opt North Sikkim Tour that includes just a cab and a driver and booking accommodation yourself. In this case, you could stay at stay at the Yarlam Resort in Lachung. The hotel provides gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains and it’s easy to spend a couple of nights in the lap of nature here. However do beware that connectivity is a problem in the area, so you might not want to stay longer than necessary.



  • Day 6: Yumthang Valley, Zero Point, and transfer back to Gangtok

The third and last day of your North Sikkim tour will take you to lots of interesting sites. Yumthang Valley is particularly resplendent during the month of April when it is covered with purple flowers. At other times of the year, it offers some stunning panoramas. Continue onto Zero Point, if the idea of seeing snow fascinates you. You could give this a pass during summer months but this place can be gorgeous and dramatic during winter months (if you’re lucky and the road leading to it isn’t snowed under!). On your way back to Gangtok, stop and stare at the dozens of waterfalls along the way.


The one we specially enjoyed was Bhim Nala Falls (also known as the Amitabh Bachan Falls) – we opted out of visiting Nathula Pass and consequently escaped the hordes of day trippers that stop by these falls at the exact same time of the day. We were the only ones around and had a great time. The roads of North Sikkim continued to be the worst we’ve ever encountered on our travels. Needless to say, we arrived in Gangtok feeling sore and exhausted! But there’s nothing a hot bath and a hot meal can’t solve.

Amitabh Bachchan waterfalls in North Sikkim
What a majestic waterfall ๐Ÿ™‚



  • Day 7: Transfer to Pelling

In case you thought your tryst with the disastrous roads of Sikkim was over, you were mistaken. On this morning, we’d suggest getting up without an alarm clock and enjoying a languorous breakfast before setting out for monastery town of Pelling. The drive is bumpy but once you get to Pelling, you will be stunned at how peaceful it is. Spend the next 3 days relaxing, exploring monasteries, and chasing waterfalls around Pelling.


Accommodation in Pellingย 

Saved the BEST for the last! We stumbled on a gorgeous property in Pelling and couldn’t believe it hasn’t made it to a ‘100 hotels you need to see before you die’ kind of listicle yet. The Elgin Mount Pandim is a luxurious experiential property which used to be the summer residence of the King of Sikkim.

Rooms are spacious and well-equipped and meals are scrumptious. But the highlight of a stay here is the outdoor spaces. The hotel building is surrounded by 8 acres of private farmland and overlooks some gorgeous Himalayan peaks including Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest peak of the world. It’s easy to spend hours sipping on a cup of coffee or nursing a cocktail and staring at the view. Every other guest we met at the hotel felt the same.

The hotel is located away from the hustle bustle of Pelling, right next to the secluded Pemayangtse monastery. We would definitely recommend a stay here if it suits your budget! You can find the best prices here.

Elgin Pelling room view to Kanchenjonga
Room overlooking some of the most beautiful mountain ranges


Evening tea overlooking Himalayas and Kanchenjonga at Elgin Pelling Hotel
Best evening tea spot ever?


  • Days 8-9: Explore Pelling and surroundings

A three day tour of North Sikkim is bound to leave you exhausted. So we would suggest taking Day 8 to relax and absorb the fresh mountain air. If you choose to stay atย The Elgin Mount Pandim you can hop over to the gorgeous Pemayangtse monastery next door or go bird watching in the complex. Take time to absorb the natural beauty of Sikkim and linger over meals – you deserve it!


On your last day in Sikkim, rent a cab to explore the area a bit. There are lots of waterfalls and monasteries in the area, so you could opt for a whole day trip. This is also a good time to see the Pemayangtse monastery if you haven’t seen it yet. Having seen so many waterfalls in Sikkim, we rented a car just for a few hours to go and see the iconic Kanchenjunga Falls and Rimbi Falls – you could do that too. Kanchenjunga Fallsย  are gorgeous, especially during monsoon months. But if you’re a keen photographer, we would suggest leaving your hotel early and reaching Kanchenjunga Falls before 8.30 am if you want to avoid the crowds.

Night sky at Pelling sikkim with a view of Mt. Kanchenjunga
Star trails over Mt. Kanchenjunga


Pemayangtse monastery monk Sikkim
Pemayangtse Monastery


Girl at Kanchenjunga waterfalls in West Sikkim near Pelling
Savi at Kachenjunga Waterfalls


Spend your last evening in Sikkim relaxing and recounting adventures from the past 10 days.


  • Day 10: Transfer to Bagdogra Airport and flight back home

You might be well rested and fresh but the roads of Sikkim truly have the last laugh – the Pelling-Bagdogra road is one of the worst we encountered in Sikkim and that’s saying something. We suggest starting early and leaving aside at least 9 hours to cover this stretch of 140 kilometres. Gravel roads, potholes, squelchy soil – there’s nothing you won’t encounter here! We are by no means dissuading you, just providing a reality check ๐Ÿ™‚


So leave in time and relish the memories of Gurudongmar’s dancing waters, seductive waterfalls, panoramas that wouldn’t be out of place in a fairytale, and the cutest and friendliest locals as you board your flight back home.


Local kids in Sikkim
How adorable ๐Ÿ™‚


200 thoughts on “Everything you need to know to plan an EPIC trip to Sikkim

  1. Sikkim is surely one of the most beautiful yet underrated places in India.You should also visit east Sikkim. I went to Zuluk, Lungthung ,Nathang Valley,Elephant Lake, Nathu La, Changu Lake and Baba Mandir. It was truly breathtaking. Also, visit in February or March as you can also play with snow then.??

      1. hi Savi Vid, beautifully captured and written. Wanted to know if end December good time to visit Sikkim, are things closed and cant be visited.

        1. Did you get any details on it if good to go in Dec end ? I’m planning to go there on Dec end by self drive and not sure if it’s good to self drive and any permission issues. Any suggestions, please reply back.

          1. Hey Ashish – wouldn’t suggest self driving in December. Would suggest renting a car with a driver from the area

  2. Hi guys, I have been following your site for 2 years and would have loved to show you around Gangtok. I missed out on stumbling on you. Roads- very bad however people are very good.

    1. Hey Bikash – hope our paths cross whenever we are in Sikkim next. You’re right – the roads are so bad but the people are great ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hey Savi and Vid,

    I have been a long time follower of your website and always enjoyed reading your experiences. Reading about your Sikkim trip reminded me of my trip which I took back in 2009 with exactly similar itinerary visiting Gurudongmar Lake, Pelling etc in that very order.

    Sikkim is absolutely breath-taking and back-breaking ๐Ÿ™‚

    Btw, Kanchenjunga is not the second highest peak of the world but the third highest. You missed K2 in the Karakoram range.


    1. Hey Nainy – December is a good time to visit Sikkim if you’re keen on witnessing snow but some of the lakes etc might be closed due to snowed under ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hi …..we want to visit Sikkim in June . Especially for gurudongmar. Can we expect clear blue skies in June?

      1. It all depends on the weather and blue skies are something you can never guarantee. That said, June is a great time to visit

        1. We are seniors in good shape. Need comfortable, but not luxury accommodations. We like to hike. Where in Sikkim would you suggest we go. We’ve been to Nepal and Bhutan. Great, but never saw Himalayas from the ground due to air pollution 24/7. Want to go back to see those peaks. But not if they are often covered in pollution. Are quality numbers in Sikkim pretty bad. Can’t get honest answer from anyone in travel biz. What do you recommend?

  4. Hi guy, that’s a lovely itenery… planning a trip with mom and dad in March/April
    Any special recommendations?

    1. Hey glad you enjoyed Sikkim – we were there during the peak of monsoon, so not much snow but plenty of greenery ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Hey! Lovely pictures. We are planning a four day trip to Sikkim in July. As you also went during peak monsoon, please suggest us some nice off beat places we can cover in the short vacation. Thanks!

        1. Hello you will find all our favourite places for a trip in Sikkim, including offbeat suggestions, in the article above!

  5. This sounds like a real afventure! The nitty-grittiness of this particular trip just shows what well-rounded travelers you guys are ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks for the love Adele – we always love hearing from you and really appreciate the time and effort you spend leaving such lovely comments for us ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hey Harkita – it can get quite cold in January but other than that, it’s a great time to visit Sikkim ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey Guys,
    Brilliant work! Curious question- Are there are visa restrictions to visiting parts of Northern Sikkim (Gurudongmar, Yumthang, Lachen) for non-Indians? We visited Sikkim late 2016 and pretty much most areas to outside of Gangtok & Namchi were a strict no-no unless paperwork was available well in advance- In fact our trip to Tsomgo lake had to be canceled for the same reason.

    Keep them posts coming

  7. Hello savi you said Roads are bad but can you tell me are they safe? Means if we compare with Rohtang pass road (Manali).

  8. Hi, Love you both. Me and my husband follow you and love your post.
    We are planning to visit sikkim in june. I wanted to know whether we have to take any special permission letter or something like that from government or office? All those permit and transfer work is done on spot or something else need to be done.
    God bless you.

    1. Hey Nihan – You do need some permits, but all the transfer and permit work is done by the travel agents as mentioned in the article above.

  9. We are planning a Family trip to Sikkim in June first week. Plz share your contact details to get a customized itrnerary from you.

  10. Hey!

    I plan to visit in June? What kind of weather to expect and is it a good time to visit Sikkim? Its our first anniversary and I wanted to do something different.

    1. Hey June is a good time to visit Sikkim. Roads are open and accessible and the temperatures range from warm to mild depending on which part of the state you’re in!

  11. Hi Savi and Vid,

    I am in love with your blog. Planning to visit Sikkim this september.
    Do you recommend it during September? Will we have snow during that time?

    Divya Bharadwaj

    1. Hey Divya – thanks a ton. September doesn’t see much snow. However you might find snow if you head to North Sikkim. It is hard to give exact answers as the conditions vary from year to year!

    1. It’s mentioned in the article above. Please see the “Getting Around In Sikkim” section of the article ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. “Love is in the air” ! It seems you both wear totally lost in the serene surroundings and lush green environment of Sikkim. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  13. Hey Guys ! Amazing Itinerary, described beautifully ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m also planning to visit Sikkim during X-Mas/NY’19 to witness snowfall and would like to try snow activities such as skiing/snowboarding in Lachung or Yumthang Valley. But not able to find any accurate information on that whether these activities are performed there or not, or is it right time to go there ? Also, will there be any problem due to winters ? like Closed roads or inaccessible places ?
    Can you enlighten me on this ?

    1. Hey Shubham – snowfall ranges from year to year. That’s why you couldn’t find accurate information. Yes a lot of roads leading to Gurudongmar etc tend to be inaccessible during that time. But this differs from year to year depending on how heavy the snowfall is!

  14. hi savi and vid.

    I am planning a small getaway from delhi to darjelling and sikkim in 1st week of december with my family. only constraint is time . we can have maximum 6N/7D trip . Could you please help us out in planning a itenery in which we can cover both the places .

    thank a ton.


  15. Hi Savi and Vid

    enjoyed reading your experiences about sikkim. We are planning to visit Sikkim from 15th Dec on 8 days & 7 nights tour.

    Wanted to check if we need book the Lachen/Lachung tour in advance or can we do booking after going to Gantok.
    We plan to leave for Lachen on Day 3 and back to Gantok on Day 5

    Also if you dont mind can you share the name of the travel agent

    1. Hey the travel agent is Galaxy Tours – check out the ‘GETTING AROUND IN SIKKIM: CABS AND ROADS’ section above for more details. We booked the entire North Sikkim Tour with them before reaching Sikkim ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Hi Savi & Vid,

    We have also planned for a 10 day trip to Sikkim. Going to follow the same itinerary. Thank you guys for making our planning simple ๐Ÿ™‚ .
    The view from the Elgin Mount Pelling hotel room looks so beautiful. Is the window behind the bed? Can you let me know which room did you go for?Thanks.

    1. Hey the window is usually to the side of the bed ๐Ÿ™‚ Forgotten the exact room number, should’ve noted it down. Damn! Send us photos from Sikkim when you go

    1. Hey Reena – you will have to check the snow and road conditions upon getting to Sikkim – most years you can visit Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim during winter months, but sometimes the roads leading to it are completely blocked!

  17. Hi savi,
    thanks for writing a very informative article about visiting Sikkim. It would be very nice if you also mention about Pakyong Airport which has be opened in Sikkim to serve the need of tourism. hope to read more article about Sikkim in future.

    thanks and regards

  18. Hey guys!
    Have been following you guys very dedicatedly! Love your posts!
    We have planned the exact ten day itenarary suggested by you guys In June mid. Hope it goes well! And yeah the Elgin Mount Pandim room looks gorgeous. Canโ€™t wait to get there !

    1. Hey Varsha,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but hope you had a great time in Sikkim ๐Ÿ™‚ Do update us about your experience

  19. Hello, loved your blog. We are doing a Sikkim trip in May. Instead of Pelling, would you suggest Kalimpong or Darjeeling. We are looking for great home stays in this area. We decided to exclude Pelling since it is too far from the airport. Please advise.

    1. Hey yeah Kalimpong/Darjeeling are good but VERY crowded especially in summer months but you’re right getting to Pelling is a NIGHTMARE ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. Excellent blog. very informative. Id like to add to this. While your excursion seems to be well planned and quite independent, many inexperienced tourists find themselves at the wrath of local taxi mafia. It would be good if you can throw some light on these nuances. There’s a chain of operators who operate on whatsapp. They will meet you outside the airport, and everything will be good as they wheel you away from the market and other players. Once they have got you to gangtok, you are stuck with them. They ruin your trip, dont turn up in time, provide awful vehicles and everything else that can go wrong. Plus, theyre also very creepy and you never know when they attack.They have common names like sikkimcabs, etc. after charging the ignorant tourist for a large part of the sum, they keep them on tenterhooks by extorting advances. then they cartelise so that you cannot engage anyone from the open market, leaving you no choice and slithering in the midst of your vacation. They have everyone involved so you cannot even complain to the police. This is especially the case for people operating out of siliguri. It is better to get services from people in gangtok than be stuck with someone who operates out of bengal. Sikkim is an amazing place to visit except for the local mafia of these cab services. I just thought its advisable for anyone planning a trip to keep this in mind.

    1. Hi Snehal,

      Thanks for that. It’s for that very same reason that we have shared details of the operator we went with and did not have any trouble at all. But I agree, a lot of hill stations in India are currently facing this problem.

  21. Hey which are the best months to travel to sikkim to avoid rains, is june end advisable for the same ?
    Or winter months are preferable ?

    1. I believe June should be good. Not so sure about Winter as some roads might be snowed under?

      We went in October and the weather was great!

  22. North East holidays is awesome and you have added valuable information for the keen visitors to experience this amazing place.Pictures are so beautiful, thanks for sharing this awesome post with us.

  23. Hey hi
    Firstly this blog has tons of valuable information. i had read several other blogs for Sikkim but by far yours was most informative and well connected. I am planning to visit Sikkim in first 2 weeks of December this year. I intend to do Gangtok, North Sikkim and Darjeeling. What is your take , will the weather be suitable for visiting all the places in north Sikkim .???

    Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Yavnika,

      Well, can’t really comment on weather – it’s unpredictable isn’t it? From what we have heard, December should be great to visit North Sikkim BUT it all depends on the vagaries of the weather. We’d suggest confirming this with a local tour operator. We went to Sikkim in October and loved the weather at that time

  24. Hi,

    Went through your blog. Well explained. Beautiful pics. I truly congratulate you in doing an awesome job in promoting Sikkim as a new tourist destination to the world.
    Thank a lot

  25. We are planning to visit Sikkim, Gangtok and Darjeeling in Last week of October. Is it preferable during this month? is it a good season to visit there with family

  26. Hi,

    I just loved the photo in Gurudongmer Lake. I become nostalgic. It reminded me the trip of my life with my love. I have been to so many places, read lots of articles but it is one of the best because of all the images you shared. I am feeling lot more romantic. Infact I am unable to express it in words.

  27. You just perfectly described our Sikkim trip and all memories just flashed in front of my eyes. Just wanted to mention that people in Sikkim are the best. So honest, sweet, warm and kind. Polite as anything. They make you feel at home be it cab driver, hotel staff or police all are sweet. We did get stuck in the snow storm where the army helped us and prepared food for more than 1000 people. They gave us their beds and stood awake taking care of us whole night. the most annoying part was people who did not realise how much our army guys were sacrificing for us and kept demanding stuff and were not ready to adjust for even one night. I would rather have them frozen in minus degree outside.

  28. Our experience of visiting West and South Sikkim, Darjeeling
    Sikkim was our first trip to the Northeast. We went in December and the weather was fine, not very cold.
    Sikkim is a scenic place with rolling hills, blue mountains and leafy, misty woods. You come across the turquoise blue waters of River Rangit and Teestha (WB) almost everywhere. The people are simple, warm and friendly and instinctively smile at strangers. The Baiguney Club Mahindra resort where we stayed is also a beautiful place, on the right bank of River Rangit beyond which rises a mountain. Sikkim is all mountains and streams and valleys carpeted with wild flowers. Roads are very good and road-widening is going on at some places.
    The Sidkeong Tulku Bird Park at Gyalshing in West Sikkim district is another lovely place. Set in the most dense forest I have ever seen, it is a half an hour exhilarating walk through silver oaks and other trees that reach for the sky. Sun light hardly falls through the dense canopy. The walk leads to the ruins of ancient capital of Sikkim, Rabdentse, and the fort offers expansive views of the Kanchanjunga range. We visited the 17th century Sangchen Pemayangtse Monastery where ancient scrolls of Buddha’s teachings are kept.
    Pelling is a quiet holiday station. There is a skywalk which offers beautiful views of mountains. The periphery and outskirts of Darjeeling are very scenic but Darjeeling town is over-rated. The tea gardens are really lovely and refreshing. You can enjoy the views from cable car also. The cable cars are a bit scary but it was safe. Darjeeling hill station is congested and jammed with traffic. There is an army memorial at Darjeeling worth visiting. We took a 30-km drive from Darjeeling to Nepal border town of Pasupathinagar. The route via Ghoom, Sukhia Pokhari, and Simana is very scenic with pine forest slopes on both sides of the road. It is a beautiful and memorable drive. We went into Pasupathinagar inside Nepal which is a tax free zone. Although people claim that the goods are all original but cheap, I found most of the items to be clever duplicates. It is a good place to buy jackets though.
    There is a little town named Jorthung, 3 kms away from Baiguney.
    It has a well laid out market centre…good place to buy trinkets and souvenirs. Outside the Biguney Club Mahindra, about 100 metres away on the Nayabazar-Legship-Reshi Road, we discovered a little eating place lovingly named Baiguneyโ€™s Rasoi.
    It is a small joint run by two women, and their home-cooked food was delicious and hygienic. And the food is reasonably priced. You can have sumptuous breakfast of Aloo Parathas, Puri Sabzi or bread omelette there itself on neatly laid out tables with the sun streaming in over the mountain. They prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian lunch and dinner also if you inform in advance. There are lots of Oyos and other small hotels in Jorthang, Pelling, and Gyalshing. The Geyzing market was interesting with fresh fruits, and the Taatopani hot spring.
    We spent most of the time in West Sikkim and South Sikkim districts. We will do Gangtok and above next time.
    If you have a morning flight (between 9 am- 12 noon) from Bagdogra, it would be a good idea to start early from Gangtok, Baiguney or Jorthang as landslides can sometimes block the road. If you have a very early morning flight, better to return to Bagdogra the previous evening.

  29. Loved the pictures! Some say Sikkim is no less than a piece of heaven. In my opinion if you want to learn about the local lives of Sikkim while enjoying your trip, one of the best places to stay is in a homestay. But it depends on what you want, hotels are also best for many travelers.

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    Why did you go to Gangtok twice?

    1. Hey Shruti,

      Thanks for the love ๐Ÿ™‚

      That was because it’s easier to travel from Gangtok to North Sikkim. I believe even if you go from Pelling to North Sikkim, you will have to take a break in Gangtok ๐Ÿ™‚

      Hope that helps

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  33. Sikkim, India’s smallest state surrounded by beautiful snowy mountains and unique culture in the foothills of Kanchenchanga, the world’s third-highest peak, attracts a large number of tourists every year.

    1. Yes you can – would suggest getting RT-PCR test before leaving for Sikkim as a lot of airlines & local checkpoints ask for it ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Fabulous article and some great advice.. we’ve got the hotels booked for later this month already and had some of the listed sights on our itinerary and then stumbled upon this blog and still managed to takeaway some v useful inputs so thanks for the comprehensive info. Regarding the RT-PCR test though, is this required or ‘good to have’? The Elgin don’t need it but you mentioned checkpoints so I thought I’d check with you if this is indeed required.

        1. Hey yes that’s right – it is not required but good to have as there can be checkpoints which ask for reports sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Hey Abhishek – yes rain might mean your plans for exploring can get spoilt sometimes, but if you enjoy monsoon, then you would enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

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    We plan to travel in March 2021 and have around 7 to 8 days to travel. What is the best itinerary that you would suggest . Also wanted to know if Pelling is worth visiting or we can skip it. Please suggest

    1. Hi Ishita – would definitely recommend visiting Pelling if you have the time. It was one of the highlights of our trip ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Just FYI, I contacted Tenzing and he informed that they do not take bookings sans accommodation. Do you know any other taxi/tour operator?


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    Your attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of the journey was truly impressive. As a fellow blogger from Sikkim, I really appreciated your perspective on my home state.

    Your take on the culture, landscape, and people of Sikkim was both interesting and engaging. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future.

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