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Written by Savi, 22 Comments


It’s autumn – time to play with snug cover-ups and opulent reds 🙂


It’s that time of the year in England. Sun-kissed days are already a distant memory. The hectic activity of summer months has given way to what I like to call The Annual Lull. For a couple of months, us Londoners, have London’s parks, museums, and palaces all to ourselves. Not too many tourists want to battle Europe’s unpredictable winter.


Dreary as it sounds, I love the European winter. The romance of overcast grey days coupled coupled with the excitement of snug oversized jumpers and hot chocolates is enough to get me through winter. Then there are the opulent colours – I love all the shades of charcoal, burgundy, and khaki that crop up at this time of the year 🙂


Bright flowy kimonos seem to be the norm in the summer but come winter everyone veers towards stifling coats and fitted dresses. What are free-spirited pixies to do? Sniff out a woollen kimono, what else? 🙂 This oversized grey kimono is perfect for the transitional weather. I wore it with a loose smock dress in a rich red colour and added a burgundy bag and an olive green beanie (mmmm- who else loves beanies as much as I do?)  to complete the outfit. I threw on the tribal coin necklace as an afterthought because it complements the bohemian print of the smock dress.


I can’t wait for winter now – chunky boots, floppy hats, oversized jumpers, and hot chocolates – bring it on 🙂


Outfit Details :-

Dress- Free People

Woollen Kimono and Coin Necklace – Primark

Beanie – Topshop

Bag – New Look (sold out, similar here)


winter bohemian fashion
Who says you can’t wear kimonos during Fall?


Autumn gorgeosity in London


Free people dress
An overload of prints and my favourite coin necklace


east london hipster fashion
The onset of winter screams for lazy days doesn’t it?


Free people dress bohemian kimono coin necklace
Ornate pattern, rich colours, and prints – I love layering for autumn


bohemian winter fashion free people
Autumn colours and then some 🙂


What are your Autumn/Winter staples? 🙂



Want to go all black for winter? Here’s my favourite black winter outfit 

We have loads of winter outfit ideas in our Ultimate Guide to Packing for the European Winter 


22 thoughts on “Moon Child – Autumn in London

  1. Cute beanie and cardigan. I have a similar necklace and I love it! Read your previous post on Hackney Wick, I haven’t gone back there since Olympics…need to go back asap!

  2. Lovely and cute outfits!! There is nip in the air in Delhi too… i always wanted to ask Savi, how do you manage to wear tights and still keep yourself warm ?? Aren’t tights supposed to be thin ?
    Kindly reply..

    1. Hey Ankita – I usually wear thick tights or woollen tights during winter. They’re much warmer than regular tights 🙂

  3. I love the European winter, basically for all the reasons you’ve outlines. Cute outfit…I could never carry it off, but I love it on you!

    1. Thanks a ton Leah. Why do I feel like you need to experience London’s winter this year – come visit us 🙂

  4. I also love the European winter. It’s cold and romantic 🙂 The beautiful architecture definitely goes well with the European winter, which is what makes it even more romantic 🙂 You look great by the way:) I see that you bought your kimono in Primark! My favourite shop in London 🙂

  5. Uber cute outfit!! I love winters.. Yet to witness the European winters, Considering I am shivering in the new Delhi cold I don’t think I would sustain the European ones!!

    1. Hey Rashmi – Europeans have a saying ‘There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes’. You’ll love the European winter if you pack your thermals and woollies when you visit 🙂

  6. Great outfit … as for winter in the UK, you should check out the highlands of Wales, the Lake District or Scotland … bet they look great dusted with snow!

    1. Thanks David. We love Wales and Scotland during winter but we’re yet to see The Lake District covered in snow – it must be quite a sight ! 🙂

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