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Written by Savi, 21 Comments

Last year, much before we started blogging, we discovered a gem of a cafe and roastery in Paris – the kind of place Vid would love to own one day. Of course without Bruised Passports, we left the cafe without any photos of their amazing coffee, only its decadent taste lingering on our tongues.

Naturally, Cafe Lomi was one of the first places we hit on our recent trip to Paris. Of course we had to document this gem for you. Pat on our back for being such conscientious bloggers what do you say? 😉

The bustling cafe was exactly like we remembered it. One look at their succinct menu and a whiff of the freshly-roasted beans reminded us why we fell in love with it. Their minimalistic, no-frills menu has a sexy air about it. Take a look:


Best coffee in Paris


This attitude is all pervasive at Cafe Lomi. We love the fact that they are passionate about opening up the world of Third Wave speciality coffee to the average consumer instead of limiting it to a select segment of people. In fact they have a number of workshops for beginners on a variety of topics – espresso making, brewing methods, extraction techniques – every weekend. This is the best place to learn the basics from Paul, the expert roaster at Cafe Lomi. Of course, the lessons are not purely theoretical – you get to taste and learn – can’t get better than that if you are getting serious about your coffee!

best coffee in Paris Cafe LomiPaul conducting an espresso-making workshop for beginners 

Then, of course, there is the coffee. At Lomi, they use carefully selected and expertly roasted Arabica beans to make the creamiest flat white that side of the Channel. Vid tried two of their espresso blends – one made from Columbian beans and the other from a blend of Brazilian, Ethiopian, and Salvadoran beans – both equally delicious yet different in taste and aromas.


Best coffee in ParisCafe Lomi’s Flat White 

Best Coffee in ParisCafe Lomi’s Filter Coffee


The owners, Frenchman Aleaume and Australian Paul, are welcoming and friendly. Aleaume’s wife, Maribel, who manages the cafe, is sweet to a fault. The three of them happened to be around the day we visited Cafe Lomi and showed us their roastery, which for Vid, was an outing in itself. This is probably the first cafe we have been to where the roastery, the lab, and the actual cafe are together. This definitely adds to the whole atmosphere and the quality of the coffee.


Best coffee in ParisCoffee Geeks Unite – Vid with Paul, Aleaume, and Maribel


Traditional French coffee is (in)famous for its over-roasted blends. Third Wave cafes such as Cafe Lomi are doing all Parisians a service (if you ask us!) by bringing perfectly-roasted coffee to their doorstep and they seem to know that. This definitely is the best coffee in Paris in our opinion!


Best Coffee in ParisTrue that!


Fact File:

  • Cafe Lomi is in the 18th arrondisement. You could easily combine this with your visit to Montmartre.
  • It is a 10 minute walk from the Marcadet Poissonniers Metro station
  • We love their filter coffee, espresso shots, and macchiatos
  • They conduct workshops for professional baristas during the week
  • Their weekend workshops, targetted at the average coffee enthusiast, are priced reasonably at €5. More information on their website



Are you a coffee lover or connoisseur? Want to read more about Vid’s love for Third Wave Coffee? Take a look at this post about our favourite cafe in London 🙂


If you want to plan your trip to Paris, check out our list of Paris Must Dos.

While in Paris, the best way to explore the city is The Paris Pass (use code JULY6 for 10% discount on 6-day passes and 6% on 3 and 4 day passes).

21 thoughts on “Cafe Lomi -The Best Coffee in Paris

  1. Hi Savi and Vid
    I happened to stumble upon your blog through a friend . Needless to say I am hooked to the lovely pieces you post !!
    I have been writing about my travels for quite sometime now but haven’t had the courage to post it online 🙂
    I am moving to Dublin in the fall and wanted to ask have you guys been there ? If so I would love to get some tips !!!!
    Thanks !

    1. Sharadha thanks a ton for writing to us. We haven’t been to Dublin yet, but we will be posting a string of entries about Northern Ireland soon. We hope you continue to enjoy reading Bruised Passports and start posting you travel pieces online too (do send us a link if you decide to publish them) 🙂

  2. This is the kind of place we would fall in love with too and would find hard to leave, even if we knew that time was running out to do anything else.

    1. Haha – my thoughts exactly Dale. I would rather visit Lomi that Paris’ traditional ‘attractions’. It’s usually the first place I visit when I’m in Paris 🙂

  3. I used to live in Paris and miss Cafe Lomi every day. It’s a bit of a hike to get to but amazing space and hands down the finest coffee in FRANCE. If you’re in Paris and like your cofffee, Lomi is a Must-visit.

  4. I’m a real coffee freak and I am so obsessed with different coffee presentations! This flower looks so lovely and this French c@fe seems so cozy! Hope to make it there soon!

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