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Written by Savi, 29 Comments

Do you guys know about Malta? It is a tiny island nation, located close to Southern Italy. It might not be as popular as its neighbour Italy, but it has so much to offer. There are countless things to do in Malta but our favourites included its hidden coves, azure waters, fishing villages, age-old cities, and scrumptious food.


We spent a week driving around Malta. Its beaches are bluer than the textbook shade of blue and there is glistening greenery everywhere. The influence of Italian food is all pervasive, so there are mind-numbingly scrumptious pizzas and uber-fresh sea food offerings to be had. We even took the ferry to Gozo, a tiny island which is part of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Gozo is more rural than Malta and redefines tranquility. Our favourite part? The Azure Window – a natural arch made of limestone rock stretching out into the city. This spectacular monument has also appeared in Game of Thrones.


Scroll down for some of our favourite photos from Malta and Gozo and try spotting the Azure Window. Isn’t it magnificent?


things to do in malta Mdina
Mdina (pronounced Im-dina) is Malta’s old capital – its alleys are a treasure trove for photographers


things to do in malta Mdina
The alleys of Mdina are bound to take you back in time.


things to do in malta Mdina
There is a gorgeous surprise lurking at every corner


things to do in Malta
And vintage cars too


things to do in malta Valletta
Malta’s capital, Valletta, is a UNESCO Heritage Site


things to do in Malta valletta
The Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta offer an amazing view of the Grand Harbour


things to do in Malta
Valetta is absolutely magical at night too


things to do in Malta
A roadtrip to Malta is full of views such as this – turquoise beaches and palm trees swaying in the wind


things to do in Malta
If you aren’t comfortable driving, you can always use public transport – start with these cute buses 🙂


things to do in Malta
Or a horse-drawn carriage perhaps?


things to do in Malta
Don’t leave the island without exploring its famed cathedrals


things to do in Malta
Visiting war-time shelters


things to do in Malta
Or absorbing panoramas such as this one


things to do in Malta Marsaxlokk
Visiting the fishing village of Marsaxlokk was the highlight of our road trip to Malta


things to do in Malta marsaxlokk
Colourful boats abound and there are no skyscrapers in sight


things to do in Malta
But the best part about a visit to Marsaxlokk is the food – scrumptious Italian delicacies and fresh sea-food can be found on every menu


things to do in Malta
If you’re too full to move, you can always spend hours gazing at intricate Maltese architecture


things to do in Malta
Or drive to the Dingli and unwind at the edge of the famed Dingli Cliffs, which look onto the Mediterranean Sea. Can you spot Vid?


things to do in Malta
The only thing that’s left is to take a ferry to the tiny island of Gozo


things to do in Malta
And climb atop the Azure Window – aah bliss!




  • Malta is a short flight away from London. A number of budget airlines, including Easy Jet and Ryan Air, fly to Malta. Fares start at £60/per person
  • we highly recommend renting a car (surprise surprise ;-)). We rented through Alamo and picked up our car from the airport. Loved having the convenience of the car since public transport in Malta can be a little erratic. Car rental was £20/day for a small car.
  • The ferry crossing from Malta to Gozo takes 25 minutes and costs £4/per person and £10/car. Ferries run several times a day. More information on the schedule here. It can get busy in the morning so you might have to wait for a while, but taking the car to Gozo is totally worth it.
  • Malta’s cuisine is heavily influenced by Sicilian cuisine. Don’t leave the island without trying pizzas – nom! And for those who love their seafood, head to Marsaxlokk – sit by the sea and enjoy the scrumptious seafood whilst absorbing the vibrant sight of colourful fishing boats 🙂



Have we inspired you to book a flight to Malta? We sure hope so 🙂 For some gorgeous sights from Asia, Australia, and South America, check out these travel photos by Dan Moore !


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29 thoughts on “20 Photos That will make you want to visit Malta

  1. Malta’s really been popping up on my radar lately. I think it looks stunning and love the contrast of colours between the sanding earth and buildings to the bright blue sea and sky. It’s one of those places that I have never really thought much of until recently and now its almost top of my places to visiting in Europe list.

    1. I think Malta gets glossed over because of its geographical location. But it’s really gorgeous – blue beaches and mind-numbingly scrumptious food – who can complain? 🙂

  2. Stunning pictures. We are going there in a few days. Are the older buses like in your picture still around?

    1. Hey Sean,

      Thanks 🙂

      We went in 2010 so things must have changed – one of our friends who visited Malta recently mentioned that all those cute buses have been replaced by the British “bendy” buses. Apparently the Maltese are not so happy about those buses haha 😉

      Have a great time in Malta


  3. I really liked the pictures…these make me tempted to visit Malta…thanks guys…you are doing a great job!

    1. Thanks Saurabh – glad you enjoyed them. Malta is an amazing country – hope you make it there soon 🙂

  4. Lovely photos! And amazing country. All those colours and architecture, limestone and water make Malta an unforgettable experience. Will there be more posts about Malta on Bruised Passports? 🙂

    1. Hey Vita – we love Malta. We are working our way through posts on Iceland and South East Asia at the minute, but there will definitely be more posts on Malta after that. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions/queries, please feel free to email us. We’ll get back asap 🙂

  5. we are going there this August. really excited. do they have veg restaurants? And what abt water sports for my daughters aged 6 and 12.

    ur pics are really awesome
    keep roaming

    1. Thanks Shubha – have fun in Malta. You guys will get such gorgeous weather in August. I’m sorry I can’t tell you much about vegetarian restaurants but I’m pretty sure Malta will have a number of vegan and vegetarian eateries 🙂

  6. Hi Vid & Savi,

    Lovely pictures!

    Did you have a schengen visa or had to apply for a Schengen visa at Malta embassy?


  7. HI Savi and Vid,

    We are visiting Malta next week.Your blog is very helpful.

    Are Indians allowed to drive in Malta with our Indian license?Or do we need an International license?

    Any tips while booking car hires?


  8. hi ,
    Malta looks lovely! i wanted to ask about an ideal itinerary. i mean how many days would be enough ?

  9. Hi Guys, I was just researching Malta and wanted to get your opinion on what will be the best place to base ourself when visiting the country. Many Thanks.

    1. Hey Nidhi – Malta is all pretty accessibly. If you’re travelling as a couple we’d suggest taking up an Air BnB in one of the little villages by the coast. There are tons
      If you’re going for a short time and in a group, then we’d suggest a nice hotel in a lively area like Mellieha Bay or Valletta

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