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Written by Savi, 18 Comments


Rome – the mere mention of one of my favourite cities in Europe brings to mind crumbling buildings, cobble-stoned alleys, handsome Italian men on retro vespas and days spent sampling gourmet cheeses and wines. Aah bliss!


Vid and I have been to Rome more times than we care to remember. We’ve spent countless hours staring at the Collosseum, running our fingers along Roman ruins, peeking into The Trevi Fountain, and listening to live music at The Spanish Steps. But it was my recent trip to Rome that made me fall head over heels in love with it. “What was different?”  I hear you mutter. Let me enlighten you.


I spent 3 days sampling the finest wines, gourmet cheeses (truffle pecorino anyone?), Italian biscuits warm out of the oven, pastas made from scratch, and Roman delicacies known only to locals with Eating Italy Food Tours. Their tours reaffirmed my love for Food Tours. I met fifth-generation cheese mongers, chatty fruit sellers, tried my hand at making pizza from scratch, tasted the yummiest salami known to mankind, and explored 2 of my favourite neighbourhoods in Rome – Trastevere (the hippest area in Rome) and Testaccio (a working class neighbourhood with the best food in Rome). Having experienced Rome like a local, I felt I truly ‘understood’ it for the first time.


Words  just won’t do justice to this intense culinary experience, so here’s a gallery of photos bound to make you salivate. Vid didn’t accompany me to Rome, so you will have to make do with humble iPhone clicks 🙂



[nggallery id=12]



Eating Italy Food Tours run  their Rome Tours 6 days a week. In my opinion, they are the perfect (and tastiest!) way to go off-the-beaten path in Rome. Don’t blame me if you spend your days dreaming about creamy cheeses or Tiramisu in edible chocolate cups after experiencing one of their tours 🙂


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I was a guest of Eating Italy Food Tours, but all opinions (hyperbolic or otherwise 😉 ) are entirely my own.

18 thoughts on “A Food Tour of Rome with Eating Italy Food Tours

  1. Is this rounded bread gluten free? WOW, I am amazed by the great variety of food. That makes me wanna go back to Pisa and have a huge pizza there!

    1. Hey Agness,

      Don’t think that bread was gluten free. Oh, we still haven’t been to Pisa but heard so much about the food there. Can’t wait to try that out 🙂

  2. Great post Savi! Its making me hungry. I have spent a few weeks in Italy sampling the delicious food but have vowed to go back for more especially to do a food tour and cooking classes.

  3. You two must start a travel show! this post was an amazing read, almost felt like I could picture everything you described. and anything hot out of the oven = Delish!! (except for stuff I make cos am a bad baker )

    1. Hmmmm….a travel show sounds like a good idea 😉 We’ll definitely pile on Kilos if all we did was made videos of food haha 🙂 That said, the food in Rome was so delicious that it’s worth being fat for !

  4. Ah Rome. It was during a hectic school trip that I visited this city. I guess I should give it another change. I will keep your advice about those two neighborhoods in mind. I also like to experience a city like a local. And I already spend my days dreaming of creamy cheeses and Tiramisu even before I did your recommend tour. So I should definitely try it. Oh yummie!

    1. Jesse,

      We were not big fans of Rome but this trip changed all of that. Visiting local and non-touristy neighbourhoods definitely makes you appreciate the city more 🙂

  5. Hi,
    Not sure if you guys will notice this , but i tried accessing this page from my phone and from my laptop , but the images dont load for this article.

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