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There is nothing quite like a veritable spread of scones, finger sandwiches, cakes, pastries, jam, and clotted cream. Aah- traditional English Afternoon Tea!! What happens when you step this up a notch? You get the goodness that is Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark. A chocolaty twist on traditional Afternoon Tea, this one is for serious chocoholics.


Of course that doesn’t mean the savoury bits are done away with. Oh no! On the contrary, The Landmark serves decadent finger sandwiches. The smoked salmon, classic cucumber, and egg sandwiches we were served were excellent but we fell in love with the chicken and tarragon sandwich. The crème fraîche lent the sandwich a silkiness that was interrupted only by flavourful sprigs of tarragon. We had seconds and (cheeky?) thirds and have even tried to replicate them since. Nom!


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel Sandwiches
Finger Sandwiches at the Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel
Excellent service is just the tip of the iceberg


After the sandwiches came the bit Vid had anxiously been waiting for – a platter of indulgently chocolaty treats. Wait till you hear what was on this platter.

  • Chocolate and peanut tarts with salted caramel
  • Chocolate ganache with milk chocolate, chantilly cream, and cononut nougat
  • Delicate chocolate and passion fruit pastries
  • Chocolate crème brûlée infused with chilli
  • Chocolate chip scones served with jam, lemon-curd, and Nutella


The scones were nothing out of the ordinary but the everything else was exceptional, to say the least. The sophisticated and decadent platter was an ode to the sacred food that is chocolate, one that needs to be tasted by all fervent chocoholics.


The ganache was rich and intense and the first bite of those tarts left us swooning – the combination of peanut butter with sticky salted caramel made them luxuriously velvety. But it was the chocolate-chilli crème brûlée that trumped all other offerings. I always find a hint of chilli in traditional chocolate-based desserts intoxicating but The Landmark’s delicate creation was downright seductive.


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel
Seriously, have you seen that platter of goodies?


Scones with nutella? Ooh yeah!!
Scones with nutella? Ooh yeah!!


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel
Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel


The teas accompanying the spread are perfect, but we wouldn’t expect any less from a hotel that has won multiple awards for its teas. There is an impressive selection of green, white, black, and flavoured teas. The highlight? Organic Rose Grey – traditional Earl Grey tea blended with organic rose petals. It’s like an explosion of a bouquet in your mouth – delicate, nuanced, and highly recommended.


If you’re in the mood to indulge, you must try their Caramel Tea – a fusion of black tea with tiny pieces of caramel and a hint of vanilla, it’s lip-smackingly good.


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel
Some of the teas on offer- take a minute to read those descriptions will ya? 🙂


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel
Our teas and treats


Hearing this might surprise you but we are yet to talk about the highlight of the afternoon –  The Landmark’s Winter Garden, where Afternoon Tea is served, is extremely special. Its distinctive ambience is heightened by an extremely high glass ceiling which is capable to making the dreariest day in London seem perfect. Look at those palm trees – they always transport us to our happy place 🙂


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel
The spectacular setting of Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel


Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel
The high ceiling makes the dreariest of days seem cheerful




  • Landmark is one of the most elegant 5* hotels in London and its award-winning Afternoon Tea is extremely special.
  • Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel makes for the perfect indulgent afternoon out. The experience costs £42/person.
  • If you’re not fond of chocolate, The Landmark Hotel also offers regular and champagne afternoon tea.
  • The Landmark Hotel has won several awards and accolades for its tea
  • More information on their website



Do you have a sweet tooth? Would you do anything for chocolate? Tell us in the comments below 🙂


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Chocolate Afternoon Tea c/o The Landmark Hotel

20 thoughts on “Chocolate Afternoon Tea at The Landmark Hotel, London

  1. Well dang. I’d been looking for an afternoon tea place to take my nephew on our trip to London this summer. I sent him this link and we now have reservations for the Chocolate tea in May. Woo Hoo!! Definitely looking forward to trying the caramel tea. Thanks for the reco!!

    1. Carrie !

      That is amazing. Glad to see that we are getting more people to indulge in all that chocolaty goodness 😉 You guys will definitely enjoy it. Let us know how it goes 🙂

    1. Hey Carly,

      This is as proper as it gets 🙂 The desserts and the sandwiches were amazing. We were apprehensive when we heard “Chocolate Afternoon Tea”, but it was definitely worth every penny.

    1. You should, Carmen. It was a new and exciting experience for us. After all, there was chocolate involved here 😉

  2. Scones with Nutella, I have died and gone to heaven! Combining two of my favourite things. There are so many great places in London for high tea and this certainly seems like one of them.

  3. This looks absolutely amazing! I definitely have a sweet tooth, so this is my idea of heaven. I did a chocolate walking tour of London and that was great fun. I think I’ll be trying this Afternoon Tea soon!

    1. Taylor,

      The chocolate walking tour of London sounds amazing 🙂 You should definitely try the afternoon tea at the Landmark Hotel London. It was quite an experience !

    1. Claire it was very delicious. We loved it so much that we are going back for the Chocolate afternoon tea at the Landmark London again in a few weeks. What can we say – we are such gluttons 😉

  4. OMG. That looks good. I have never tried Chocolate Afternoon Tea. This experience is now on my never ending to do list. The last time I was in London, was when I was eight years old. Maybe it’s time to go again. Now I have one more reason to go. 😀

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