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The skies are gradually turning blue, swimwear is making an appearance in stores, and the only advertisements one sees are those of summer holidays or summer fashion. It’s safe to say that The Great British Spring is finally here. We wander-lusters love holidaying all year round but there is something really special about a Summer Holiday.

It seems we’re not alone. A recent report found that despite the sluggish economy, more and more Britons aim to take their dream holiday or go travelling in 2014. So we thought we would share our favourite tips and tricks for finding and panning the best holiday at the cheapest rates.


what to pack for mauritius summer fashion 2
Summer Fashion


#1 Start planning early

You’re bound to find a better bargain if you start planning your holiday early. Choose from a variety of destinations (We love Mauritius and Spain for summer holidays!) and make sure you peruse a number of price-comparison websites before finally booking a holiday. Try to choose deals which do not require an upfront payment. This gives you more time to save up.


packing for the beach mauritius 4
Mauritius is a perfect destination for your summer holiday

If you are unable to book months in advance, make sure to check for deals six weeks in advance. It is during that time period that airlines start discounting seats that are yet to be sold.


#2 Check out your credit score before booking

This is a no brainer. Apply carefully and diligently if you need credit for your holiday. Ensure that your credit report is up to date and accurate. If you DO use a credit card to finance your holiday, make sure you staying within the agreed credit limit. Once that is done, make your repayments on time. Pay off as much as you can every month so that you have a commendable credit score. If you want, you can get excellent finance deals to suit your circumstances and manage your credit score over at Experian CreditExpert.


#3 Be flexible

A bit of flexibility can help you nab the best bargains. Try to avoid flying on weekends because flights can be expensive. Apparently Tuesday is the best day to travel.


If you’re flexible about the month of your holiday, then avoid travelling during peak season (July/August). Going during off-peak season allows you to get a cheaper deal on your holiday. In addition to this, you will save a lot of money while you are holidaying as well. This is because most shops, hotels and restaurants tend to charge less during off-peak season. This can have an immense impact on your budget.


things to do in mauritius - water sports
Kite Surfing


 #4 Make sure you’re using the right card

This is something that we’ve learnt over years of travelling as frequently as we do. Loads of credit cards can charge up to 3% per transaction when used abroad. Make sure you choose a card that is suitable for making purchases in foreign countries. Try looking for one that offers 0% foreign purchase fees. Once you get such a card, make sure you pay the bill completely when it arrives.

Do let your lender know that you are going abroad. It is easy for them to become suspicious of extravagant purchases at Duty Free shops if they haven’t been warned in advance.


 #5 Think outside the box

The definitions of travel and budget travel keep changing. Don’t be apprehensive about taking the train in Europe or staying in a hostel. Most hostels these days are as clean and comfortable as small B&Bs and 3 star hotels. Opt for a quiet hostel or self-catering apartments because they tend to be family friendly.

Discount codes are all the rage these days. Make sure you scour voucher websites before booking a holiday. Use any vouchers you find to save yourself a handy wad of cash.


Spain Road Trip Itinerary
Be smart when travelling – apartments can save you a ton of money


That’s it. Follow these 5 li’l guidelines and check out this helpful source to make sure you have the holiday of your lifetime wherever you go 🙂



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