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Living it up in London

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The big one! Stand down: not the rubber appendage tucked up your sleeve , ready to plant on the defenceless condemned man – we’re actually talking about a stag do in the capital.

London has it all for the best man in search of the top experiences for his unsuspecting stag. From the down and dirty to the most urbane of urban pursuits, here’s some great ideas for stag dos in London.


Living it up in London

The public house, backbone of our nation. From trendy Shoreditch to St James’s Dukes Bar (said to be the birthplace of James Bond’s ‘shaken, not stirred’ line) via seamy Soho, London has some of the best boozers of all hues. Try TimeOut’s definitive map of the top 100 bars and pubs so you’re able to stumble into a den of iniquity wherever your stag ramble takes you. For some of our favourite bars check out our list of offbeat bars in London. Callooh Callay is an Alice in Wonderland themed quirky bar, perfect for some drinks. Another place worth mentioning is Cellar Door, an underground Cabaret Bar. It’s very popular and can get quite cramped, so make sure you arrive early.


Offbeat London best bars
Cellar Door – one of our favourite bars in London (photo courtesy – Cellar Door)


When you are ready to move on, you’ll find some of the top clubs in the world, ready to showcase your increasingly erratic moves. South of the river, Superclub Ministry of Sound is a global brand, and will cater for most dance tastes. If you are a glamorous bunch, the Ibiza-inspired Pacha by Victoria Station could be your poison. And if you are really up for it, try Fabric in Clerkenwell. Just don’t forget your way back to the chill-out beds. You may need them.


Wet behind the ears? He might need an oil change…


But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Sure stag dos are a chance for you and your gaggle to let your hair down, but you’re also going to want to get a touch fruitier than usual.

Part of the best man’s job is to send the condemned on his merry way just a touch wiser than he was before the stag do. If you are worried that your stag is a bit wet behind the ears, then what better than to let him brush up on his lady-pleasing skills? After all, you wouldn’t want him disappointing anyone on the wedding night, would you? Hop over to View London to find that perfect lesson which will help the groom get ready for the days that lie ahead.

And if the groom feels that he does not need any lessons, then why not head to a stand-up comedy gig in London to laugh all the tension and anxiety (if any) off before the big day. London hosts some of the world’s finest comedy events with some of the world’s best comedians. Imagine a group of friends out after a few drinks listening to Lee Evans crack his jokes – sounds like a plan !


Offbeat London - Top 5 Alternative Things To Do In London
Living it up in London by night


Top hole, sir

If you think your stag might be a little too classy for this approach – well, la-di-dah – then you might want to take things a little uptown.

If so, pop on your best plus-fours for a spot of golf.  Urban Golf, that is. Tee off at the Kensington National for a mash-up between old and new. Golfing simulators and giant HD screens promise to bring the real course experience to life – while the rest of the party kicks back on richly-appointed Chesterfields for the subverted 19th hold vibe.

For something a little more exhilarating, try a speedboat jaunt on the Thames. Before you light the city up, see it from the point of view of the lifeblood that courses through London.

Just remember: you’re probably better off doing this before you hit any of the pubs…



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