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If you like big events then in 2015 your travel card currency of choice could be the Euro, or the Dollar – of either the American, Australian or New Zealand variety. Places like Arizona, Melbourne and Milan look like they will be the places to be next year…


Anyone who has ever paid so much as a passing interest in American Football should put attending a Super Bowl on their bucket list – there’s no sporting final like it on earth. Besides the top quality gridiron action there are the legendary half time performances and all manner of all-American celebrations throughout the day. After a chilly east coast showdown in 2014, Super Bowl XLIX will take place in the more temperate climate of Arizona – at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale to be precise. Will the reigning champions Seattle Seahawks be there on 1st February to defend the title? Time will tell.


Superbowl (Image - Wikipedia)
Superbowl (Image – Wikipedia)


To some people American Football just isn’t cricket… so what is? Well… cricket of course. Australia and New Zealand take on co-hosting duties for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, and there certainly worse places to spend February and March. England, Scotland and Ireland are all scheduled to play matches in both countries – this includes an England v Scotland fixture at Christchurch on 23rd February, and both teams playing both co-hosts. The two teams who make it to the final will meet at Melbourne Cricket Ground on 29th March.


Food is the theme of Expo 2015


Moving away from the world of sport, albeit to a city that loves its sport, we come to Expo 2015 in Milan. So what exactly is Expo 2015? It is essentially a large public exhibition that showcases countries and cultures from around the world. The Milan Expo will be the first since 2010, when Shanghai hosted, and around 143 nations are scheduled to take part. The Expos are not simply about showing off – each adopts a social them of some sort, and in Milan the focus will largely be on the right to healthy, secure and sufficient food for all of the world’s inhabitants. But there will be plenty of spectacles to marvel at, not least the unique pavilions that each country will be building and the impressive fountain in the Lake Arena.


Wherever you choose travel in 2015 – maybe to one of these events, maybe even to all of them – take the fuss out of international currency with a travel money card.


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