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We  would be millionaires by now If we had a penny for every time we got asked about our favourite place in the world. Usually a lot of umming and aahing ensues as we struggle to pick that perfect place. A tug of war between Croatia, South Africa and Spain follows suit, but we still haven’t been able to answer that question to our heart’s content. So we decided to do the next best thing – put a few of our favourite bloggers through the misery. We asked them where they would love to go with a One-Way ticket – A place where they would love to spend a considerable amount of time.


Here’s presenting Part I ofOn A One-Way Ticket To….. 


1) Audrey from That Backpacker chose Sapa, Vietnam


I enjoyed my entire month travelling the length of Vietnam, but if there is one place that sticks out in my mind, it’s Sapa. This little frontier town located in the hills of Northern Vietnam, is about as scenic as they come!

While the town itself may be a bit touristy, you can’t deny its charm when you see water buffaloes freely roaming the streets, pups looking to play along the road, or the fog rolling over the mountains. Once you’ve had your fill of Sapa, the best way to experience the area is by embarking on a trek that will take you through the surrounding hill tribes where you will have the option of doing a local home stay.

You really can’t go wrong travelling in Vietnam . The diversity of the landscapes is astonishing, so whether you want to experience the wetlands of the Mekong Delta, the emerald waters of Nha Trang, the jagged karsts that rise from the waters in Halong Bay, or the scenic hills of Sapa, you won’t be short of options.


Travel Blog Vietnam
Audrey in Sapa, Vietnam (Photo Credit: That Backpacker)

 Read  more about Audrey’s adventures over at That Backpacker.


2) Leah from Leah Travels chose New Zealand


I’m a traveler who likes change. One day I’m craving powder-soft sands and turquoise water, while the next, I desire alpine vistas covered in snow. I’m energized by the buzz of city life, but I also long for the stars and the sound of silence. The best place that I’ve found that offers this sort of diversity is New Zealand. It is simply the most beautiful place that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Tucked away between the South Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea, the North and South Islands of New Zealand offer one jaw-dropping sight after another. Glaciers, rainforests, fjords, deserts, volcanoes, sounds, forests, and plains cover the islands, which make the country a microcosm of the world’s landscapes. I figure that if I have to spend the rest of my life in just one place, it might as well be as a Kiwi in New Zealand.


Travel Blog New Zealand
Leah’s choice: New Zealand  (Photo Credit: Leah Travels)

Read more about Leah’s adventures over at Leah Travels.


3) Gary from Everything Everywhere chose The Yasawa Islands in Fiji


The Yasawa Islands in Fiji is the most affordable destination in the Pacific. Located near the international airport in Nadi, the islands can be reached by boat, which goes up and down the chain once per day. There are approximately 30 ‘resorts’ in the islands which are mostly run by local villages, which means your money stays in Fiji to help the locals. It also means you will get an extremely warm welcome from the locals. You can get a bungalow which sleeps 2 for as little as $50/night and that includes all 3 meals.


Yasawa Islands
The Yasawa Islands in Fiji  (Photo Credit: Everything Everywhere)

  Read more about Gary’s adventures over at Everything Everywhere.


4) Laura from Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish chose Brighton, U.K.


I’ve been visiting Brighton since I was a child. My Aunt and Uncle live there so it’s always been like a second home to me. However it’s only really in the last 5 years that I have started to truly appreciate all that Brighton has to offer and fallen deeply in love with it. As a healthy foodie Brighton is hard to beat. I adore the little vegetarian cafes, as well as the great coffee from Small Batch Coffee Company shops dotted around the town. The beach and pier are
always fun to visit. I love Brighton’s buildings too – yet another reason why I’d be more than happy with a one way ticket!


Travel Blog Brighton
James and Laura in Brighton, U.K.  (Photo Credit: Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish)

Read more about Laura’s foodie adventures over at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish.


5) Alexandra from Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler chose Panama, Central America


Just before Christmas I bought a one-way ticket to Central America so on the 30th January I am flying to Panama. Why Panama? I visited only Bocas del Toro islands there for a few days after 3 weeks in Costa Rica last year and the islands just took my breath away. So did 45-year-old Laura, the owner of Bocas Yoga who got me into yoga for the first time (I have been practicing yoga ever since!) Laura has the best female body I’ve ever seen and I just want to steal all her beauty and yoga tips this time to look even sexier when going Bocas sailing and snorkeling again 🙂

This year I am also planning on visiting new places in Panama and spending a couple of days with a friend of mine in Panama City, San Blas paradise islands, and hiking in the forest so it doesn’t look like I am just beach bumming in Panama.


Travel Blog Panama
Alexandra at the Bocas Del Toro Islands, Panama  (Photo Credit: Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler)

 Read more about Alexandra’s crazy adventures over at Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler.


6) Nick and Dariece from Goats on the Road chose Koh Phangan, Thailand


Ah, Koh Phangan! Just thinking about this gorgeous island in the Gulf of Thailand makes me smile.

We spent one glorious month on Koh Phangan in 2011 and loved it. We stayed in a beautiful bungalow built on a lush, green mountain overlooking the sea. In the mornings we’d wake up and do yoga on our massive balcony, have a cup of coffee and some breakfast while enjoying the view. We talk about this wonderful place in our Guide to Backpacking Thailand.

During the day we would rent a motorbike to explore the island, play paddleball on the pure white sands, go fishing with the locals, and eat at our favourite little restaurants. The evenings were spent devouring fresh seafood at beach BBQ’s, having a sundowner cocktail, and playing night time volleyball!

For us, Koh Phangan felt like a home away from home when we were travelling. It has gorgeous scenery, friendly people, delicious food and lots of activities. For these reasons, we’d take a one-way ticket back there any day!


Travel Blog Thailand
Nick and Dariece in Koh Phangan Thailand  (Photo Credit: Goats On The Road)

 Follow the adventures of Nick and Dariece over at Goats On The Road.


Where would you go on a one way ticket? Tell us in the comments below 🙂



25 thoughts on “On A One-Way Ticket To…..

  1. GREAT post, guys! Always an interesting question to answer. So many beautiful places to go… *sigh*. That New Zealand shot is breathtaking!! I’d go there! 😀

  2. Really liked this post- tough question to answer a one way ticket to anywhere- really don’t know where we’d go Central Asia, South America or maybe Morocco and work our way south!

  3. Wow, you didn’t ask me but you’re putting me on the spot too. Haha. But if we had a one-way ticket anywhere in the world.. we’d probably still choose our home country, the Philippines. We have 7,107 islands and we’ve lived here all our lives yet we still haven’t explored all of them!

  4. Thank you for including me in such great company. Since visiting New Zealand I’ve never had to hesitate when asking my favorite destination: New Zealand for a country and Paris for a city. There’s still lots to see in the world, thus there is a chance this will change, but I doubt it. 🙂

  5. What a fun collaboration, guys! I can definitely get on board with Nick and Dariece’s recommendation. Right now, I think I’d say Berlin…in the summer! Since my partner and I are planning to (kinda) move there, it seems like the only honest answer I can give!

  6. I’ve got a fistful of one-way tickets starting in April! ….TRAIN Oloron, Pau, Paris, Cologne, Copenhagen, Stockholm, FERRY Helsinki, TRAIN St Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Ulaanbaatar, Beijing, Shanghai, PLANE Osaka, TRAIN Kobe, Hiroshima, Tokyo, PLANE Honolulu, San Francisco, CAR Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Flagstaff, Los Alamos, Amarillo, Oklahoma City, Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville, Washington, New York, Boston, PLANE Reykjavik, London, TRAIN Paris, Pau

  7. What a great roundup of fantasy spots! So many cool places to visit…but if we had to choose one for a one-way ticket we’d likely grab the ticket to Italy. One way would be okay because, with all that great food, we probably wouldn’t fit on the plane back home anyhow… 😉

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